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Alice Borchardt was an American author of fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction books. She spent a childhood of storytelling with her sister, Anne Rice, who was a novelist as well. After a hospital where she worked faced staff reductions, Alice’s sister introduced her into the world of novel writing. She was in her mid 50’s when her debut novel Devoted was published. She went on to publish six more novels including Legends of the Wolves trilogy before passing on in 2007.

The Silver Wolf

The Silver Wolf, the debut book in The Legends of the Wolf series narrates a story of Regeane, a half Frankish and half Saxon lady. Regeane’s father was killed by Gisela, her mother after finding out that he had the power to change into different forms and could change into a wolf. Gisela is swayed by Gundabald, her brother that his husband might be one of the children belonging to the devil, and he has to be killed.

Gisela is thrilled to realize that her daughter did not inherit any of her father’s characteristics; however, as Regeane gets older, she gains the power of changing to a wolf. Regeane’s life becomes hard as her mother tries transforming her by forcing her to take a mixture of different ingredients. Gisela also prays for her not to change into a wolf, but her efforts are all futile.

After some time Gisela dies and Regeane is left in the hands of her uncle Gundabald and Hugo, Gundabald’s son. They treat her so harshly and keeps her locked in the room and gives her little amount of leftover food to eat and gives her tattered clothes to wear. Gundabald tells her that she will be married to a rich man in the mountains called Maeniel. Regeane becomes very afraid and escapes to seek comfort from the pope’s fiancé, Lucilla.
Lucilla discovers her secret and assures to provide safety as much as she can and makes sure that the pope does not learn about it. Eventually, Gundabald finds her and plans her marriage ceremony to the rich bridegroom so that he together with his son, can regain their wealth through the bride price to be paid by the husband to be.

Regeane is not willing to get married to that man, but her uncle forces her after threatening to tell the secrets to all the church members who might cut off the support and she is left with no other option but to comply.

Maeniel embarks on the journey to Rome to take her wife-to-be, and it is during this time when Regeane find some friends in her mission to defeat Gundabald’s plans. Her allies include some strong, reliable women, but unfortunately, Regeane discovers that she had mighty enemies than those of Gundabald leading to her defeat.

The silver wolf is set in Rome in the dark Ages, and the author makes it graphic and describes vividly the many tests, especially the torment and the diverse body functions. The story takes a different line of thoughts when most of the secondary characters take the stage but still make the story interesting. The author also incorporates some Roman politics and points out how some people in authority show their interest in the marriage of Regeane in the story making it more diverse.

The book is fast paced with lots of actions making the story more intense and fascinating. The story is full of many strong female characters since many of the people Regeane meets in her missions are women and Lucilla; one of the women is a fascinating and supportive character. The lovers of fantasy books will find this great and enjoyable book. The characters are interesting with Regeane with much strength and smart even though she is still young. Maeniel holds some secrets just like Regeane does, and you will end up liking him before the story ends. Although the two do not meet until near end of the book, the love, and affection that develops between them are worth the waiting. Alice Borchardt brings the reader to the time in the 8th century vividly showing how people used to live. She uses the right language and describes sensuously ho Regeane lives in shock after her mother passes on.

Night of the Wolf

Night of the Wolf is the second book in The Legends of the Wolf series where the main character is Maeniel who is also in the previous book, The Silver Wolf. In The Silver Wolf, the author narrates of a society where the werewolves live as human beings, and they are aware of what they are unlike this book were the wolfs don’t know what exactly they are.

Julius Cesar’s troop has deformed their resistance to Roman rule. Maeniel, a shape shifter, and gray wolf aftermath watch through his eyes with a lot of intelligence and curiosity, and he is not aware of his extraordinary duplicity. When Maeniel meets Imona, his heart fills with desire and feelings, which make him transform from a wolf to a human being. He falls in love with Imona, and while in her arms, he understands what it means to be in love. The knowledge that will change him completely, and when Imona disappears, Maeniel follows her stream. While finding the whereabouts of Imona, he is not aware that he is chased by a woman who has been sworn in to kill him.

The hunt of the woman and Maeniel who are now rivals commence later lead them to the gates of Rome, a place where their souls meet and never thought they would reach that point.

The setting of the book takes place at a time before The Silver Wolf when Julius Cesar is building the Roman Empire at a time when he stayed in Rome before his assassination. He is a hero, and the writer shows how the cultures in the Roman Empire are being destroyed by the armies. As the story unveils, it becomes more captivating, engaging, and fast-paced than its beginning. Maeniel is a strong wolf, but he also encounters some moments of cutesy, especially during his affair with Lady Enid.

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