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Sometimes I Lie (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Know Who You Are (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
His & Hers (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rock Paper Scissors (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daisy Darker (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good Bad Girl (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Ugly (2025)Description / Buy at Amazon

A well known public face prior to becoming a highly acclaimed writer, the British novelist Alice Feeney was already extremely well regarded by the public thanks to her being a journalist at the BBC before she turned her hand to fiction, allowing her to ultimately extend her and her brand. This would see her turning to creating stories with suspense filled plots that were in much the same vein as titles like ‘The Girl on the Train’ and ‘Behind Closed Doors’. Conducting characters studies of sorts, she would draw her readers in to her intricately woven plots, providing an insight into the human psyche quite unlike any other, allowing her audience to find something of themselves in her stories. Providing mysteries, she would prove herself to be extremely adept at keeping her readers constantly guessing throughout, engaging her readers right until the very end, allowing them to feel as if they’re really there. She would also create a feeling of intimacy with her characters too, one that made the readers feel as if they could really relate to them and their plight. This would then make for some extremely compelling storytelling, which is something that she doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon, as there’s a lot more to come on into the the foreseeable future.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in the United Kingdom, Alice Feeney would always hold a strong passion for reading, writing and the written word, something which can clearly be seen reflected in her adult career as an author. Constantly honing and refining her skills as a writer, she would pursue this craft in one form or another throughout her life, whatever the medium would be. From the television to print, she would gain an understanding of telling stories for a mass-market, learning what people do and don’t want to hear.

Previously working for the British Broadcasting Corporation, she would work as both a reporter and a journalist, creating a public name and persona for herself. This along with being a News Editor, she would would also work as a producer the One O’clock News as well, allowing her work to be seen by a wide-ranging national and international audience. Now currently writing full-time, she lives with her husband in the countryside of Surrey, where she has settled down, continuing to put out work to this very day for an ever eager and ever growing audience.

Writing Career

It was in 2017 that she would release her first novel, it being titled ‘Sometimes I Lie’, which would later have ‘Sometimes I Kill’ which was given a set release of 2019. Whilst both weren’t part of any series as such, they would also both be connected thematically, if only by title and style, showing a clear development of the author as a whole. Telling stories in a gritty and realistic style is something that she would transfer over from her time spent working as a reporter for the BBC, as she would make them clearly engaging and exciting, creating a sense of pace quite unlike any other.

Taking her learning and experiences from her time spent at the BBC, she would go onto create an award winning first novel, that many would come to appreciate. Gaining both applause and acclaim from both the critics and the general public alike, she would alike, she would gain a lot of recognition in the following years. With more books set to follow, her writing career is growing from strength-to-strength, and will carry on for quite some time yet.

Sometimes I Lie

Brought out through the HQ publishing outlet, this would originally be released upon the 23rd of March in 2017 to much acclaim. Heralding the arrival of an exciting new writing talent it would set up the career of author to be Alice Feeney, showing exactly what it was that she had to offer. Whilst it would not really be a part of any particular series, it would allow her to set a style and tone that would entirely become her own in the intervening years to come.

Establishing themes of memory and where the truth lies within, it tackles some deep, serious and profound issues that face humanity. With the character of Amber Reynolds at the center of it all, it allows her to become the focus point for the narrative, with many of these ideas circulating around her and her predicament. Moving between the past and the present, it goes from the time before she has her accident, up to the time after she comes out of the coma and is found paralyzed upon her hospital bed unable to interact with those around her.

Starting out with the leading character of Amber Reynolds, it sees her waking up in hospital following a coma, but everyone around her isn’t aware of this as she can’t move or interact with them, only watch. Not quite able to remember what exactly happened to her, she has the creeping suspicion that it was her husband that had something to do with it. Moving between the past and the present, she starts to piece together what it was that happened to her, allowing her to discover what really happened before the accident. Who is to blame for what happened to her? Where is the truth between fact and fiction? What happens when she tells herself ‘sometimes I lie’?

Sometimes I Kill

Whilst this was given the set release date of the 24th of January in 2019, much would be made of this follow-up to the first title, as not much information would be given on it initially. Whether it would follow on from the first was left somewhat of a mystery, although the story itself would clearly be another mystery suspense novel in much the same vein as the first. Brought out through the HQ publishing label once again, it would become obvious that this was to be a logical progression from her first, allowing her to develop both her style and her tone, definitely marking her as a writer to watch in the following years to come.

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