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Publication Order of Alice Quentin Books

Crossbones Yard (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Killing of Angels (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter Foundlings (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
River of Souls / The Girl in the River (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Symmetry (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fatal Harmony (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alice Quentin is the main character in a series of crime novels written by United Kingdom bestselling author Kate Rhodes. In the series, she is depicted as a psychologist based in London, United Kingdom. The author began the publication of Alice Quentin series in 2012 when Crossbones, the first novel in the series was published.

Crossbones Yard

This is the first book in Alice Quentin series by Kate Rhodes. The book introduces us to Alice Quentin a psychologist with touching family secrets, but she has a handsome boyfriend, a good job, and great coping skills, even when her job includes examining a convicted killer who is about to be released from the prison. Some of the highlights of her day include going a friendly and a long run around London when she stumbles upon a body at Crossbones Yard.

The dead woman’s wound are similar to the signature style of Marie Benson and Ray, who happened to torture and kill thirteen ladies before they were arrested and sent to prison. Five of the convicted killer’s victims were never found. That was half a decade ago, and the last thing that Miss Quentin wants to do is to enter the sleazy world of the Benson’s or anyone like them. However when the police requests for her help in creating a psychological profile of the new killer, she discovers that the murderer, the risk to her as well that of the persons she cares most about may closer than she imagined.

The first series installment novel is a brilliant read. Alice has had a traumatic childhood, and not surprisingly she now works as a psychologist helping other folks deal with their trauma. She is requested to become involved in assisting the cops after a murder of a young lady who bears the marks of two horrendous husband and wife serial killers who are both in prison now. Could there be a copycat killer? Miss Quentin is asked to assess.

The characters that Kate Rhodes has woven in this novel are interesting and well crafted. Alice Quentin is an active protagonist. She is capable of taking care of herself, she is strong, courageous, and an independent woman. She loves running, and through her jogging, you get to tour London streets, famous landmarks, and buildings. She is not scared, in that she runs even when women are being killed on the streets.

Then there is Lola, Alice’s housemate. Her zest for life and bouncy personality comes across genuinely in this novel.

This narrative had many familiar elements, reading you will notice that Benson’s case is greatly inspired by the Fred & Rosemary West case two famous British serial killers of the 90’s. However what brought this narrative to life was Alice story; she ends one relationship and starts another one with a police officer. She is highly concerned about her brother and mostly putting up with an actress friend. The first novel is a beautiful human story; it is evidently clear that the author Kate Rhodes understands her characters and some complex mental health issues. The psychology aspect was perfect, and her perspective is also apparent and unflinching.

A Killing of Angels

In the second novel of Alice Quentin series a man is waiting for a train home, the London underground is crowded, and he is suddenly pushed hard from behind and falls into the path of an oncoming train. It is first assumed that it was just a suicide or just a horrible action. However, the man survives, terribly mutilated for long enough to claim that he was pushed. However, in his pocket, a postcard and a reproducing painting of an angel and some white feathers are found.

Don Burns is tasked with the investigation. It is twelve months since the events that happened at Crossbones Yard, and his personal life has suffered, and also he has been transferred as well. He now works for a boss who does not get along pretty well and to an ambitious and resentful assistant who wanted his job. Don asks Alice, a psychologist to consult on the case. Even though Alice does not want to get involved in the case, she still owes Don a favor, and thus she cannot deny him her help.

Reading the novel, you will find that there are more murders and the link to these killings was evidently clear; all the victims were connected to Angel Bank, the most satisfactory and notorious bank in London. Alice can build a profile; she can use the help of a friend who once worked in Angel Bank and her new boyfriend who also had connections the bank. However, the killer seems to be uncatchable.

The narrative follows Miss Quentin as she works alongside the police, meeting and examining key figures as she carries out her duties as a psychologist; supporting her bipolar brother, dealing with the case of a troubled man who has become too much attached to her, dealing with her difficult mother and also being encouraged to be more social by her housemate Lola.

Alice is a beautiful and three dimension character. You will be pleased to see her character grow a little. The characterization of the people and the city of London is excellent. The story is full of red herring, twists, and turns that will keep you engaged to the last page.

The Winter Foundlings

In the third series installment, we meet Alice Quentin who has for long been anticipating to taking a break from her tiresome London life. This time she has sworn to stay from police work after her previous cases in which she helped the cops left her scarred. However, when she is given a rare opportunity to study treatment at Northwood high-security hospital in London, she is eager to get started.

Then moments later a girl is discovered dressed in white at the steps of Foundling Museum. It has been reported that four girls went missing in recent times in North London- and this is the third girl to be found dead, and the chances are that the fourth missing girl could be alive and Alice might be able to help.

These murders appear to be linked to Louis Kinsella, British most famous child killer who is now serving time behind bars. Could a copycat killer be on the loose? Alice will do anything to save a child even if it means starting a relationship with a ruthless murderer.

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