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Publication Order of Alice Worth Books

Heart of Malice (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Fire (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Ice (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Stone (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Shadows (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Vengeance (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Lies (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of the Pack (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Alice Worth World Books

Alice Worth is the main character in Alice Worth series by American author of mystery, fantasy, and paranormal books Lisa Edmonds. The series features Alice Worth as the main character. She is a private investigator investigating cases related to supernatural occurrences alongside her ghost sidekick Malcolm. It’s to be noted that she assumes a new identity as Alice after escaping her grandfather’s who held her captive for more than 20 years and forced her to perform blood magic in order to make him the most feared and respected man in the East Coast. Lisa Edmonds began her series in 2017 when Heart of Malice was published. So far, more than four books have been published.

The Heart of Malice

The Heart of Malice is the first book in the Alice Worth series. The first time Murphy’s granddaughter killed a man was on his orders was when she was six years old. For twenty years now, she was a captive of an organized criminal gang and forced to use her magic to make Murphy the most powerful and respected man on the east coast. However, to escape the man’s cruelty, she fakes her death and begins a new life under a new identity as Alice Worth. She also embarks on a new career as a private investigator investigating cases revolving around supernatural, cases that see her walking in caution through the thin line between keeping her true identity a secret and atoning for the sins of her grandfather.

She is hired to investigate the sudden disappearance of the strange object of power. Alice requests the help of Malcolm, a ghost fleeing from a dark past as dark as her own. But it soon becomes clear that the missing object was stolen by a man with a hidden agenda and a dangerous secret. When her client is abducted, Alice must know the whereabouts of the mysterious object of power before a revengeful killer brings destruction to the city and kills thousands of people starting with Alice.

Heart of Malice, the first in Alice Worth series is a fantastic series debut novel by Lisa Edmonds, and she kicks off the series in an exceptional and unique style. It’s an urban fantasy series at its best, with humor, fast-paced action and magic bursting off each page from the very first chapter.

For about five years, Alice has been hiding from her grandfather Murphy, a powerful and evil gang leader. After escaping from horrible imprisonment, she fakes her death, assumes a new identity and also tries her very own best to stay off the radar of the Cabals and a Supernatural Agency while at the same time working as a Mage Private Investigator.

It’s revealed early in the book that Alice is a Mage of great power, but she remains scarred both mentally and physically by the horrors that she experienced at the hands of her grandfather in the East Coast, and her aura is highly tainted by the blood magic she was forced to perform. But all in all, Alice is a kick-ass private investigator, with a tough, take no prisoners attitude and a sassy mouth, but unfortunately, her trust issues always confine her to a lonely and isolated existence. But that’s until Malcolm, a ghost with some unusual gifts and a dark past because bound to her. When Alice is assigned on a case to find a missing magical object her client believes the object is missing from their library, she and her new partner, Malcolm embark on a journey of endless twists and turns. Their tough journey together leads them to a craze serial killer who plans to unleash destruction to humanity. Added to all these craziness is an alpha werewolf named Sean, who allows Alice to be the person she needs to be while reigning in his protective nature; as well as a canny vampire with a hidden agenda, and a SPEMA agent who tracks blood hints trails to her door.

From the first page, we learn that Alice is a young woman with a strong ability she wants to hide. What follows next is learning more about her and the reason she is keeping secrets and how she comes to meet her partner in crime. In addition, we also meet Charles, a manipulative vampire who wants Alice’s blood and her new client Natalie.

If you’re a big fan of the urban fantasy with its exciting storylines and imaginative world-building, then The Heart of Malice is a beautiful and perfect read. There is a lot to love about this novel, and it has something for everyone. There is plenty of action, some cool magic, romance, laughs, and some interesting secondary characters.

Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire is the second book in the Alice Worth series by Lisa Edmonds. Again we meet Alice Worth, a Mage private investigator, who’s had a rough month investigating the supernatural in the city.

She hasn’t had a decent sleep for weeks, and her relationship with the werewolf Sean Maclin is on the verge of destruction, a federal detective tracks her every move, and a vampire with seedy motives watches her every step. All these problems are enough to drive any woman insane.

But when Alice ghost sidekick is about to intervene on her behalf, Alice’s former employer Mark Dunlap comes knocking requesting her to find out the person who’s been kidnapping women on the streets. As the list of the missing women increases, the city’s wrath turns against all the vampires forcing the vampire court to enlist Alice and Mark to investigate and find those responsible. After their investigations reunited Alice with Sean, she is forced to confront hurting demons from her past as well as a real demon who wants to send her six feet under and the vampire determined to control her powers. But when tragedy strikes very close to home, and a friend’s life is put in danger, Alice is forced to go up against a mighty enemy in an explosive showdown that with leave both Alice and her city forever changed.

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