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Alicia Anthony is a thriller, suspense, and mystery author best known for the “Blood Secrets” series of novels. She went to the School of Creative & Professional Writing of Spalding University for her MFA, Ohio State University for her bachelor’s and got her master’s in education from Ashland University. Alicia remembers writing for the longest time and asserts that her first writings were illegible scribbles she did on the back of tickets from her father’s logbook. Since she graduated from scribbling on old logbook tickets to a laptop, she also shifted to writing entertaining psychological suspense novels during the quiet hours of the morning when everybody is still asleep. While she intends to one day become a full-time author, she is a qualified elementary school Literacy Specialist. At her place of work, she hopes to pass on the passion for writing and books to her students. She is an award-winning novelist that is the winner of the Silver Quill Award and is also a two-time finalist for the Golden Heart Award. Alicia finds much of her inspiration from her exploration of the dusty and dark corners of the human experience. She currently makes her home in south-central Ohio alongside her husband, daughter and a range of farm animals and pets that include several wild raccoons. When she is not teaching or writing, she can be found traveling to new places.

The “Blood Secrets” series of novels was inspired by a trip Alicia Anthony took to her home to see her grandmother. Her father had experienced a remarkable decline due to dementia at a time when she was coming to grips with the death of her mother. Even worse was the fact that she never had the chance to meet and bond with her mother who she had only heard about. It was the perfect storm that left her wondering if she should put down her memories in written form. The idea of taking her memories and secrets to the grave is what inspired the series. She remembers sitting in the living room and starting to pen the manuscript for her debut novel “Inherent Truth.” At the start, she had called the story “The Girl in the Yellow Dress.” She found it a cathartic way to process the loss of two of the most important people in her life. She never expected it to be a thriller but something happened along the away thought the overarching ideas of lost loved ones and secrets that might someday be unearthed remained. Alicia also never planned to write a series when she was writing the debut but once things progressed, she found she had more story and characters than she originally thought. It was soon clear that she had to write a series and hence the “Blood Secrets” series was born.

Alicia’s journey to publication was not very easy until she decided to go independent. Starting out, she was adamant that she had to publish traditionally via a publishing house if she wanted to become a professional author. For several years, she kept sending queries and accumulated a lot of rejection letters though she kept entering into contests and being relatively successful. Eventually, she realized that there was a real market for her writing out there who read her works and enabled her to place well or win the contests she entered. She started taking classes, researching, and talking to authors that had taken alternative routes to publication. Many had published as Indie and had found considerable success and she thought why not her? Anthony was tired of waiting and believed she would give up if she waited any longer and hence took charge of her writing career. She published her debut novel “Inherent Truth” in 2020 and has never looked back since.

Alicia Anthony’s “Inherent Truth” is the story of a psychic girl named Liv. She is back home to attend her grandmother’s funeral. In her mind she can see a little girl and her grandmother asking for closure and help over something she still cannot decipher. Over several days, she has psychic visions of a girl killed by some unknown persons and she believes this was the reason she had to be sent away. Immediately upon her return, she is attacked while heading to her grandmother’s house. Ridge a local police office is interested in the case and with hormones raging and muscles flexing he introduces himself. He has present and past secrets and even though he gets into some raunchy moments with Liv, their relationship stagnates. Her mother is enraged when she learns that all the property including the house had been left to Liv. Several attacks happen and then Liv realizes that Ridge is part of a federal intelligence organization looking for second sighters. She is not so sure about his motives since there are several attempts at ensuring that she is nowhere near her hometown, which she thinks could be removing her from the line of fire or maybe something else. There is a lot of angst and confusion from Ridge and Liv who cannot decide if they should confide in each other or not.

“Inherent Lies” by Alicia Anthony opens to Liv Sullivan working with an Irish police officer named Michael. Liv is assisting in the resolution of several cold cases and in her free time spends a lot of time with the sister she had never had the opportunity to grow or spend time with as a child. The many visions of the dead she was seeing in the first outing are still common, and she now has many questions about Ridge, her missing love interest. She is missing him in some mysterious way she cannot explain and wonders why he went missing without explanation at a time when she needed him most. They have not spoken for months though she has found new friends in Michael, Ashlyn, and Herman who help with her psychic powers. When Ridge learns that her life is under threat, he immediately travels to her and tries to make amends hoping that he can convince her to move back with him to the US, where he can ensure her safety. She agrees to go back to the states but whether her safety is guaranteed is another matter.

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