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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Genesis Begins Again (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Children's Books

Jump at the Sun: The True Life Tale of Unstoppable Storycatcher Zora Neale Hurston (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shirley Chisholm Dared: The Story of the First Black Woman in Congress (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Talk (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Alicia D. Williams

The American author Alicia D. Williams is a writer who is fast rising in both stature and prominence, making a name for herself worldwide. This is dues to the uniqueness of her voice and her fresh approach to storytelling, creating a new and interesting style that hasn’t really been seen before. Speaking directly from the heart, she definitely knows what it is that her readers are looking for when it comes to her and her work. This runs true for many of her characters too, as they all seem entirely authentic, resonating on a personal and almost intimate level for the reader. Writing for younger readers, she creates personalities the feel wholly real too, whilst also drawing from her own background and growing up. It also manages to create realistic situations too, allowing them to come alive in the process, bringing a sense of immediacy and vitality with them.

In a relatively short amount of time, Williams has quickly made a name for herself that has gone on to become recognized internationally. This has allowed her to speak her mind on a number of different issues that are important to her, giving her voice a real sense of urgency. Creating stories that are entertaining too, she definitely knows how to keep the reader hooked, constantly wanting to turn the page for more. Taking this forwards, she is becoming more and more prolific day-by-day, with scores of readers from across the world flocking to her work. With her career and profile growing from strength-to-strength, this is something that will definitely continue for a long time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in America, the future novelist Alicia D. Williams was always a natural and gifted storyteller at heart. This would be something that she would continue throughout her life, taking inspiration from the world around her and putting it back into her work. Nurturing her art and her craft, she would build a brand that would come to be respected by many in the years to follow.

It would also be her upbringing as a black American that would come to shape her outlook and much of material to follow. Using her background to inspire her work, she would definitely have a lot to write about, allowing her to provide her own unique experience. It would also give her many characters a voice as well, allowing them to speak in a more authentic and realistic tone for the reader.

Working as a teacher, she also teaches both kindergarteners and middle schoolers, both of whom she also learns from. Not only that, but she is also a mother to a college student herself, whilst working in school residencies, where she is a Master Teaching Artist. Currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina, she is continues to both teach and write, all whilst increasing her profile both online and off, something she will continue for some time yet.

Writing Career

Looking to bring diversity into reading, Alicia D. Williams wants to talk about the POC perspective on American life. Making herself heard with her strong voice, she definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to putting her message forwards on the page. Inspirational with what she wants to say, it’s no wonder that so many have taken to her work, with readers from all across the world finding meaning in her stories. Maintaining a strong presence, she is planning more books for the future as well, especially after her first novel ‘Genesis Begins Again’ did so well upon release, marking her as a writer to definitely watch for the future.

Genesis Begins Again

Initially published in 2019 on the 15th of January, this would come out through the ‘S&S/Atheneum’ publishing outlet. This would also be the debut title in the career of Alicia D. Williams as a first time novelist, with the book also being a stand-alone novel. Not being a part of any series, it tells the story of young girl finding her place in the world, in what is essentially a self-contained coming-of-age Young Adult novel.

This is definitely very much a story that’s straight from Alicia D. Williams heart, as it’s clear that she’s put a lot of her own personal experience into it. From the characters to the premise itself, it really carries itself along well, bristling with a lively energy and sense of vibrancy that brings it to life off of the page. The main protagonist is someone that Williams also feels a definite fondness for, letting her speak for herself in her own words. With a clear ear for how young people really speak in a genuine authentic way, it manages to produce an effect that is clearly quite powerful, resonating loudly.

At the young age of just thirteen, Genesis must overcome the internalized racism ingrained into her as a POC looking for confidence in her own identity. With extra dark skin Genesis is given many names because of it, and many from her own family, who are also constantly being evicted due to the father’s gambling addiction. This time though, Genesis and her mother have to go and live with her grandmother, who is always arguing with her daughter over needing to leave her husband and go back to school. Now Genesis has been told her voice is something quite special by her choir teacher, but she doesn’t have the confidence to join the talent show when her father keeps putting her down, and she also feels shy over her skin color. Will she be able to overcome her lack of confidence? Can she make it to sing in the talent show? What happens when Genesis begins again?

Future Projects

There’s plenty more titles that are set to be released in the near future for Alicia D. Williams as an author whose profile is rising fast. One such title that she has planned is the book titled ‘Jump at the Sun’, which had set for release in the month of September, 2019. This will further her oeuvre, as she continues to grow in stature, creating a legacy that will be around for a long time to come.

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