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Love in the Time of Serial Killers (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
With Love, from Cold World (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Art of Catching Feelings (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Alicia Thompson

Alicia Thompson is an esteemed American author well-known for her crowning achievements in the realm of romance literature. Her stories have repeatedly demonstrated her remarkable ability to devise riveting narratives that hold readers enthralled from start to finish.

Moreover, Thompson’s knack for creating captivating characters and protagonists sets her writing apart from the rest. A product of her imaginative prowess, these well-fleshed out characters add depth and dimension to her narratives, making her stories all the more compelling.

With a writing style that leans toward the entertaining, Thompson expertly guides her readers through the intricate networks of her romantic universes. Immersed in her words, fans find themselves on a joyful journey, full of excitement and wonder at every turn. By combining elements of wit with the mystical allure of romance, Thompson leaves a strong impression on her audience. Her sparkling stories are a testament to her outstanding talent in blending humor, heartache, and joy into a seamless narrative fabric.

In the world of romance literature, Alicia Thompson is celebrated for her consummate skill in crafting engaging tales. Each novel penned by her springs from a deep well of creativity, displaying her rich repertoire of engaging storytelling. These stories have the power to move the heart, tease the mind, and stir the soul—leaving readers wanting more.

Her talent for painting riveting narratives, creating memorable characters, and keeping her readers entertained make her an undisputed champion in the American romance writing sphere.

She possesses the unique ability to intertwine compelling characters with absorbing stories, a skill that not only illuminates her narratives but also leaves a mark on her readers. Her fictional world is a divine mix of interesting personalities and situations, presented in a way that’s refreshing and original to break away from the stereotypes.

Thompson’s talent for weaving enthralling stories and creating strong characters likely originates from her keen understanding of human emotions in different circumstances. Her penned characters aren’t just characters in a story; they resonate with the readers, often holding up a mirror to their own experiences, thoughts, and feelings. This heartening connection makes her stories relatable and enjoyable at the same time.

It’s indeed Thompson’s fresh and unique way of telling a story by balancing the character growth and the narrative that’s making her stand out in American romance literature. Her work breathes a new life into romance storytelling, giving readers a refreshing perspective to enjoy. Her craft is evident in the way she ingeniously molds her characters into the story fabric, bringing out novel tones in well-trodden themes.

Thompson’s work consistently exhibits a distinct voice, a voice that readers associate with quality fiction. It says volumes about her strength as a writer, one whose stories and characters settle comfortably in the readers’ hearts and minds.

Early and Personal Life

Alicia Thompson, an acclaimed American romance novelist, hails from the sunny state of Florida where she lives with her husband and two children. She is not just an author, but also an avid reader, which has significantly influenced her writing. The close-knit family environment and the coastal charm of Florida provide a peaceful setting that nurtures her creativity.

Being a passionate reader from an early age played a vital role in shaping Thompson’s literary journey. The books she read while growing up inspired her, providing a rich tapestry of ideas and themes she now initiates in her writing. This immersion in diverse narratives sparked a love for writing, leading her to create her enthralling stories.

As a writer, Thompson has grown enormously, constantly drawing inspiration from her surroundings, her life experiences, and the books she reads. Overcoming many obstacles, she would eventually become the well-known writer she is today.

Currently Thompson stands as a shining beacon in the romance writing world, her novels a testament to her growth and unveiled talent.

Writing Career

Alicia Thompson’s journey as a novelist began with her debut novel in 2022, ‘Love in the Time of Serial Killers.’ The romantic literature piece was well-received, marking the successful initiation of Thompson’s career in the writing world.

In 2023, Thompson continued her streak of enthralling readers with another novel, ‘With Love, From Cold World.’ This shows that she keeps on creating appealing narratives that enchant her readers.

Her writing journey is still in progress, and literary enthusiasts look forward to more of her romance novels.

Love in the Time of Serial Killers

‘Love in the Time of Serial Killers,’ a contemporary romance novel by Alicia Thompson, was published on August 16, 2022. Jove Books would put this engaging read into the hands of the reading public. This marked a significant milestone in Thompson’s writing career.

Phoebe Walsh is a PhD candidate with a deep love for true crime, finds it challenging to balance her fascination with the macabre and her need for romantic connection. Amidst working on her dissertation and handling familial responsibilities in the home she grew up in Florida, Phoebe grapples with complex emotions surrounding her absent father.

Her new neighbor, Sam Dennings, stirs suspicion in her, with his odd night-owl activities triggering her true crime instincts. Phoebe soon discovers, however, that Sam isn’t a serial killer but a genuinely kind man who has the potential to break through her emotional defenses.

‘Love in the Time of Serial Killers’ is a gripping contemporary romance that blends mystery with relatable characters successfully. Alicia Thompson masterfully balances suspense and romance, keeping readers on their toes.

The book’s compelling characters and engaging plot will captivate anyone seeking a unique love story. It is truly an unmissable read.

With Love, from Cold World

The contemporary romance ‘With Love, from Cold World’ is a creation of Alicia Thompson, published on August 1, 2023. Berkley played a vital role in launching this novel into the literary world. This publication enriches Thompson’s literary contributions even more.

Lauren Fox, the diligent bookkeeper for Cold World, an offbeat tourist attraction in humid Orlando, Florida, finds her orderly life disrupted by her co-worker, lively and charismatic Asa Williamson. When tasked by their boss to devise revenue-boosting strategies, Asa’s playful approach clashes with Lauren’s structured mindset, intensifying their rivalry.

Unaware initially of the severity of their task, they soon learn to combine their polarized perspectives to ensure Cold World’s survival. As they work cooperatively, they discover an unforeseen romantic warmth blossoming amidst their icy pursuits.

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