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Publication Order of Alien Abduction Books

Accidental Abduction (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Intentional Abduction (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dual Abduction (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercenary Abduction (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heroic Abduction (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Holiday Abduction (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reader Abduction (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reverse Abduction (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mate Abduction (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alien Abduction a must is read series of six books written by the New York Times and USA today bestselling Canadian author Eve Langlais. The series belongs to the science fiction romance genre and has become quite the favorite among science fiction and romance fans. Known for her sarcastic humor and twisted imagination, Eve’s series delivers a mix of the two genres in a way that keeps readers turning the pages. Her series provides an unbelievable out of the world experience; one of aliens of outstanding character and astounding ways.

The series kicks off with ‘Accidental Abduction’; a definite page turner as far as creativity and adventure are concerned. Released in 2011, it tells of the predicament of Megan who finds herself abducted by a space pirate and the overwhelming temptation to give him leeway to have his way with her. The story unfolds with Megan flopping around in the massive ocean after the attempted and failed murder by her boyfriend. The rage of the ocean is terrifying and the possibility of sinking is very much a reality with exhaustion making her frail attempts unyielding. It seems that her life is almost at its last stretch.

Then she sees it; a beaming bright light illuminating the dark night sky. The light is not the proverbial light seen before death but signified the beginning of a path Megan would hardly have foreseen. It marked the start of her rescue and accidental abduction by a space pirate.
Megan is eternally grateful for her life but more than the gratitude is her disbelief at the looks of her desirable captor. Even while he threatens to end her life or just sell her off to the highest bidder, Megan cannot stop gaping. She makes a profound promise to herself not to get herself entangled but her treacherous body has a mind of its own. In her most secrets thoughts, Megan can hardly help but pine for the touch of her wildly hot captor.

Tren happens to be the space pirate. He is a retired mercenary seeking to make the most of his life by thoroughly enjoying retirement. What he had not anticipated was just how boring a normal life would be. His hobby of acquiring rare items has served to keep him occupied somewhat helping him to get by. Now, his peace of mind is threatened by this accidental abduction of a vivacious earthing. What’s more, the earthling bubbles endlessly thus makes peace and quiet a futility. Yet her smart mouth and feisty spirit gnaws at him with a mix of desire and irritability that threatens to destroy his sanity. His urges are twisted and all over the place. The choice remains his own; should he enjoy her desirable lush body or just wring her neck and get it over with?

His heart is decided but his determination is also his undoing and he is set on selling her to the highest bidder. That does not however stop him from seducing her for her charm and beauty is a force to reckon with. His heart and mind are at war and even with his formidable determination, he finds that he cannot let her go. Then disaster strikes when an enemy from his past tries to take her from him. Tren will go to unthinkable ends to get her back. Will he succeed or has he lost the woman he craves for good? This introductory rule opens fans up to a whole new world in a completely mind blowing manner as it ushers in the rest of the series.

The second release in the series was in 2011 still in form of ‘Intentional Abduction’. It narrates the amazing story of a girl focused on a quest to get pregnant. Aylia is this girl and to honor the traditions of her people, she must kidnap a strong and suitable male for the task. For a task that seemed easy at first, seducing the unwilling warrior turns out to be a daunting task. Her deceitful body betrays her and she all but melts at his touch with desire overwhelming her. Her plan backfires when the warrior flips the situation and abducts her stealing not just her desirous body but also her wanton heart. The only option to get either of those things back is to kill him making this a battle of will.

Jaro has been the scourge of the galaxy for a while and with that is not surprised with women craving his body. What he is surprised by is his attempted kidnap especially for his seed. He has to use all of his wits and willpower to fight the woman’s allure, for she is exquisitely beautiful. He succeeds and the captive has now turned out to be the captor. He quickly learns though that this battlefield is not one where knives, strength and fists rule. It is a different kind of battle where his manhood is the determinant of his success. He is keen to put his best game forward if not to spite this uncanny female but also to prove himself a man. Yet the pleasure is undeniable and the bond is stronger with each passing encounter.

Their story is set in the vastness of the extra terrestrial with brothels and wild places surrounding them. Will this willfully stubborn pair move past their pride and packed history to finally come together? Will the overturning roles of captive and captor be their story forever as they enjoy each other in torturous pleasure? A definite page turner, this second book is a must read. It maintains the allure of the first book yet escalating the adventure through a shift in characters and setting.

The rest of the Eve Langlais ‘Alien Abduction’ six book series follows this trend with each book escalating in mystery and adventure yet maintaining that true writing aroma of humor and creative genius that marks Eve’s books. It is definitely clear why readers cannot put these books down once they start on them. All the alien based romantic twists and turns are sure to capture any readers attention. Read as stand-alone or in order, this is definitely a killer series.

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