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Aliomenti Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Aliomenti Saga Books

Preserving Hope (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Question of Will (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ascent of the Aliomenti (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Birth of the Alliance (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Preserving Will (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hunting Will (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stark Cataclysm (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Convergence (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Adam's Journey (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Aliomenti Saga series is a wonderful series of fantasy and science fiction stories. It is written by a renowned American writer named Alex Albrinck. The series consists of a total of 7 novels and 1 novella released between 2012 and 2014. Alex Albrinck has created the central character in this series in the role of Will Stark. Other essential characters mentioned in the books of this series include Elizabeth, Arthur, Fil Trask, Angel, etc. Alex has set the stories in a fictional community called Aliomenti. The debut book of this fantasy/science fiction series is entitled ‘A Question of Will’. It was released in 2012 as a Kindle book. This book opens by introducing Will Stark as a 35-year-old billionaire. He lives a happy life with his lovely wife and adorable son.

Will cherishes every aspect of his self-made life. The community loves him for showing philanthropic efforts. Will’s house is quite beautiful and is located inside a secure, private community that is designed to safeguard his family from the people who would cause them harm. The idyllic world of Will Stark is shattered when men from the Hunters group storm the community, despite the best efforts of the people, murder his wife and son, and burn down his house. As Will tries to save his family, he is captured, beaten, tortured, and left to die. During the brutal attack on Will and his family, the Hunters realize that they have attacked the wrong person. Will Stark survives the brutal attack somehow and finds himself in a battle that involves a secret society’ two factions.

Both the factions consist of members who learn how to develop superhuman abilities. In the battle, Will Stark discovers himself as the focal point. With the opportunity at hand, Will tries to learn the hidden secrets of the society and make those men pay heavily those who brought about the destruction of his family. Later, Will Stark realizes that his rapid development has brought him at loggerheads with his own people. As he tries to build a new life, he forced to make a critical decision. Now, he finds himself in a situation where he has to choose between using the new abilities to take revenge or risking everything to save the lives of the ones he holds dear.

The second installment of the Aliomenti Saga series is known as ‘Preservomg Hope’. It was also published in 2012 in the Kindle format. The primary characters of this novel include Elizabeth, Will Stark, and Arthur. Initially, it is mentioned that Will Stark is tasked with the mission of saving the life of a young lady named Elizabeth. But, he has no idea about who is threatening Elizabeth or why. The only thing Will knows is that he cannot fail in this mission or else, he will end up losing three most important persons in his life. To carry out the mission, he arrives in an unusual medieval village located deep inside a forest.

The residents of the village look uniquely healthy and prosperous. They are headed by a leader named Arthur, who believes that the supernatural powers long believes to be the realms of magic or myth are real. He thinks that those extraordinary abilities can be developed by using certain food items. So, he keeps enthralling the villagers in an attempt to empower and enrich himself. As Arthur has witnessed people displaying the extraordinary abilities with his own eyes in the past, he is quite firm in his belief. He wants all the villagers to develop the unique abilities as it will bring about the expansion of his power and prosperity of his village. But, neither Arthur nor the villagers have any idea about the concoctions that could be triggered by developing those abilities. So, they decide to test it on a young girl against her wish.

The test procedure threatens Elizabeth’s life and puts her life in danger. Will asks Elizabeth to escape with him, but she declines to go with him and informs him that she has her own mission to complete before leaving. Will Stark helps the village in increasing its prosperity by introducing centuries-old innovations. By doing so, he becomes popular among the villagers. Arthur becomes envious of Will’s popularity and decides to sabotage everything in his desperation to become powerful and take control of the village. He is even ready to sacrifice the life of his daughter in his desperate attempt. This novel is filled with adventure, action, high-tech machines, etc. It describes a new chapter in Will Stark’s life by taking him back to his roots.

Alex Albrinck is a noteworthy American writer of paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy stories. He hails from Ohio and has lived there all his life. Alex is happily married and has 3 beautiful children. When he is not busy with his writing prospects or looking after his kids, Alex is usually found following local collegiate and professional sports teams. When no other work keeps him busy, he sits down to solve the Rubik’s Cube to pass the time. The favorite pastime of author Alex Albrinck is reading and writing fiction. Alex made his debut with the 2012 novel called A Question of Will. This novel explores the themes of human potential, technological advancement, and the bonding of love that keeps families together. This book reached Amazon’s Top 100 Science Fiction books of the year in just a week after its release. Following the grand success of his first book, Alex Albrink came up with its sequels, all of which also achieved immense success.

Currently, Alex is at work on the next installment featuring the central character Will Stark. Alex says that he has been writing since his school days. The first short story written by him was for his school’s literary magazine. After this, he even tried his hand at creative writing while still at school. Thereafter, his interest in writing increased to a much greater extent and motivated him to choose a career in the field of writing. Alex Albrinck hopes that all his future novels also achieve worldwide success and win prestigious awards. He is quite hopeful of making it to the list of top writers one day.

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