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Alisa Lynn Valdés is an American journalist, film producer, and author.

Alisa was born in 1969 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her father worked at the University of Mexico as a sociology professor, now retired, and moved to the U.S. in the early sixties form Cuba. Her mother was the seventh generation of her family to live in New Mexico and has mixed heritage.

The author grew up in New Mexico but also lived for a short time in New Orleans and Scotland. Once she graduated from high school in Albuquerque, she went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, majoring in jazz performance with tenor saxophone.

It was while at Berklee that the author started penning freelance music reviews that would be published in The Boston Globe. When she graduated from the school in 1992, she worked at the Village Voice in an unpaid internship. She then returned to school to go to the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where she graduated with her master’s degree in 1994.

That same year, Alisa would become staff on The Boston Globe, writing for the Living/Arts section. She wrote an essay named “Daughter of Cuba” for The Boston Globe Magazine that would win the first place spot in the SUNMAG essay contest in 1998.

Alia would leave Boston behind for a new job in 1999, grabbing a job with the Los Angeles Times as a staff writer for their Calendar section. She has written many articles and they’ve appeared in many newspapers, and she has also written cover stories that have appeared in Redbook and Glamour.

The author continues to be a journalist, writing a parenting column on Mamiverse (a website), writing for NBC Latin with an opinion piece, writing travel for a London Newspaper and The Guardian, and also writing posts for the Books section of The Huffington Post.

The first novel from the author was bought by St. Martin’s Press, getting a $475,000 advance after a bidding war over the manuscript. The book received a lot of attention in the media and would also become a best-seller on the New York Times. It also was thought that the author could also become a sought-after author that would start book buying among Hispanic readers and make a new niche that was profitable.

The author has composed several novels in the course of her career and keeps going. Her book Playing with Boys came out in 2004 and she has kept writing ever since. Valdés has been named “The Godmother of Chica Lit” by Time in 2005 and was named as one of the top 25 most Influential Hispanics in America. She received a Latina Leadership Award in 2006 from the Hispanic Congressional Caucus and has been part of the Library of Congress’s National Book Festival. The author also would win a “Youth First” award from the Theatre of Hearts in Los Angeles in 2004.

The Dirty Girls Social Club garnered a lot of interest even before being published in 2003, and Columbia Pictures first optioned the film rights before they expired. Lifetime Television network started developing the book into a television series but did not leave development. An independent film attempt also never took off. Ann Lopez optioned it in 2009 and it was being developed by NBC, but the author did not like the script for the pilot and the pilot was ultimately not ordered by NBC. Perhaps influenced by this, the author made her own company Valdes Entertainment Enterprises to make The Dirty Girls Social Club into a movie with MarVista Entertainment. She has also produced the t.v. series The Deadbeat Hunter and the t.v. series Dirty Girls Dish with Alisa Valdés.

The Dirty Girls Social Club is the first book in the Dirty Girls series of novels by Alisa Lynn Valdés. The book first came out to read in 2003. If you want a fresh new read or are looking for something perfect for summer, check this book out!

Six friends have been together ever since they attended Boston University together nearly a decade before. They’ve now formed the Dirty Girls Social Club, an admiration and mutual support society that meets on a regular basis no matter what to eat and share about their own experiences with love and life.

Together they make up Las Sucias. These include Lauren, a local columnist writing for the paper but who has a boyfriend she thinks is cheating. Then there’s Sara, a mother and wife who has always wanted the life she has and received it, but it also comes with a price tag. Then there’s the artistic and idealistic Amber, who’s reaching out to her Mexican roots after a lifetime of growing up in the Valley and possibly landing a record deal.

The group also includes Elizabeth, a black Latina who works as a morning television anchor and is very private about her personal life, which may be the reason why the dates her friends send her on never seem to go anywhere. There’s also Rebecca, an organized woman who runs her Latina magazine Ella but doesn’t know how to spark her marriage back to life. Lastly, there’s the larger than life Usnavys, who wants to get the type of man that can keep her always in expensive shoes and may have her missing seeing true love right in front of her face.

This is the story of a group of friends who share in the ups and downs of life together. As long as they’ve got each other, they can make it through anything. Pick up a copy of this book to experience the friendship magic for yourself!

Dirty Girls On Top is the second book in the Dirty Girls series by Alisa Lynn Valdés. If you liked the first book, come back for some more saucy fun!

Lauren Fernandez is great at working for the Boston Gazette and could not be more on top of her game. She just doesn’t know how to get her diet under control or how to pick a guy out. Meanwhile, Usnavys is still going everywhere all over town in designer and looking for romance from anyone except Juan, her husband. She’s just over him staying home and letting someone else earn the living.

Lauren and Usnavys could be helped out by the other girls, but they’ve got their own stuff to deal with. Rebecca doesn’t think her marriage might give up the baby that she wants. Sara is the star of her cable television decorating show, but she can’t help being attracted to her ex. Meanwhile, Amber keeps taking on new names but it’s not helping her music, and Elizabeth is working her way through a relationship with a woman.

Can the girls start figuring things out while the clock is running down? They might not have all the time left that they want, but the girls know that love and sex are coming for them. Will they be ready? Read this book to find out!

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