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If I Die Tonight (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Look Back (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Collective (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faint of Heart (2025)Description / Buy at Amazon

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An American author of suspense and thriller novels, Alison Gaylin has been writing for a number of years now, with her engaging mysteries filled with psychological intrigue and her characters who resonate with her audience. Not only that, but she’s also attracted the eye of many critics, as she’s gained acclaim from both her peers and contemporaries, as well as garnering commercial success. Known for getting inside the mind of her characters, she really manages to flesh out their personalities, as they begin to feel fully three dimensional in the imagination of her readers, whilst almost coming to life in a sense.

Early and Personal Life

Born in the United States of America, the writer was born and raised in the country, as she fostered her passion for both reading and writing from an early age. With keen interest in the written word, she begun to formulate her ideas early on, constantly taking in inspiration from her surrounding environment. Over time she’d build upon this, creating her voice and style for which she’d become famous for later on in her adult career.

Educated at the Northwestern University, she worked upon gaining an academic underpinning for her work. This allowed her to further refine and hone her voice to be as an author, creating the idiosyncratic tone that she’d make all her own. It also gave her more material to work with, creating a basis to build her career on, whilst simultaneously giving her all the tools she’d require.

It was at the age of ten that she’d develop a love of true crime novels after reading the book ‘Helter Skelter’ chronicling the Manson murders. Believing it to simply be an account of The Beatles song, it drew her into a whole new world she previously didn’t even know existed. After this she submerged herself into the literary arena of the crime genre, although she’s not been constricted by this in the years to follow.

Still writing to this very day, she continues to create her unique brand of thriller and crime novels, getting into the minds of her characters. This is something her many readers have also come to appreciate over the years as well, with a worldwide audience having built around her work. With more novels to come out in the near future, it seems she won’t be stopping anytime soon, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first novel, ‘Hide Your Eyes’, in 2005, she was soon well on her way to becoming the publishing sensation that she currently is today. Combining romance and suspense, it worked as a combination of genres, which went about establishing her style on the literary scene. Brought out through the Signet publishing label, it also managed to set-up her ongoing Samantha Leiffer Mystery series.

That wasn’t the only franchise she’d set-up though, as she also saw success with her Simone Glass Mysteries, and her Brenna Spector series. Focusing largely on mystery and crime elements in her novels, she was able to create a take on the genres that would make them all her own. Not being labelled she has managed to produce something new that readers worldwide have all responded well too.

Nominated for a number of awards as well, she is not without critical acclaim either, garnering the respect of the critics, as well as the general public. Nominated for an Edgar award, along with the ITW Thriller, RT, and the Anthony awards to name but a few, she’s achieved a monumental amount of success. With the respect of both her peers and contemporaries, she’s become one to watch throughout the years, and a mainstay within the industry.

Speaking at a number of events regularly, she’s also become a firm fixture on the talk circuit, as she tours around the country. With a lot going on she continually manages to keep herself within the public eye as well as on the literary scene. All this has lead to her becoming one of the most prominent voices and authors to date, with a clear brand and recognisable style.

Still writing as well, she continues to publish material on a regular basis, as well as maintaining her many highly popular franchises. Brought out on a global scale, her work has been published internationally as well as nationally, with her books being translated into a number of different languages. This is something that should continue for many years to come, with plenty more books planned on the horizon.

Hide Your Eyes

Originally published in 2005, it was first brought out on the first of March, setting up the ongoing ‘Samantha Leiffer Mystery’ novels, which have been running for some time now. Establishing the franchise, it manages to set-up the leading characters, most notably being that of Samantha Leiffer herself, being the main protagonist who carries the novels through. It also works at creating a sense of ambiance and atmosphere, one which overshadows the forthcoming novels to follow, thus providing the readers a clear idea of what to expect.

With a whole host of grievances in her life, such as a boyfriend who seems to be permanently cheating with everyone and a narcisstic mother turned self-help guru, she really doesn’t need more. It’s only then that she sees two mysterious figures disposing of a chest into the icy waters of the Hudson River, and she can only surmise that what’s in there isn’t good. That’s when she decides to embark on the case whilst being aided by an attractive detective, all whilst being stalked by a mysterious and possibly deadly stranger. Will she be able to crack the case? Can she stay out of harm’s way? What will she do when asked to hide you eyes?
Stay With Me

Initially brought out in 2014 on the 24th of June through the Harper publishing label, this book was to mark the third title in the ongoing Brenna Spector series of novels. With the character and the narrative already well established, it continues in much the same vein as before, providing the readers with more of what they want, whilst also providing some new twists and turns along the way. It also provides a clear line of development from the earlier stories, giving a definite insight into Alison Gaylin’s progression as a writer.

With a highly detailed memory, Brenna Spector can recall anything with great detail and precision, although this doesn’t include any of her child-hood, which is where she draws a blank. Twenty-eight years ago her seventeen year old sister Clea went missing and this is something that’s plagued her throughout her adult life to the point of obsession. Affecting her relationship with her own teenage daughter Maya, she soon discovers her worst nightmare has come true, as Maya also goes missing. Where have they gone too? Why does this keep happening to her? What will happen when she asks those she loves to ‘stay with me’?

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