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Tell Me I'm Worthless (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brainwyrms (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Doctor Who: Space Babies (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Peach Pit: Sixteen Stories of Unsavory Women(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Book of Queer Saints: Volume II(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alison Rumfitt is a published English author. She is also a semi-professional trans woman.

She wrote The T(y)ranny, a pamphlet that critically deconstructed Margaret Atwood’s work as told by a trans woman that is making her way through a misogynistic dystopia of her own. It was published in 2019 by Zarf Editions. She has had her work appear in many different publications and has had her poetry nominated in 2018 for the Rhysling Award twice.

Her first novel came out in 2021 and is titled Tell Me I’m Worthless. It is a horror movie. She also came out with the horror novel Brainwyrms in 2023.

Her writing has been often considered to be a part of “The New Gross” and her work has been compared to that of Daphne du Maurier, M.R. James, and Angela Carter. Her stories often explore English nature through its use of horror.

Alison is not only the author of fiction but also the author of some short stories and poetry, which have appeared in many different magazines that include TSOFT CARTEL, he Final Girls, datableed, and Glass: A Journal of Poetry.

She can be found on X formerly known as Twitter through her handle @hangsawoman and on Instagram using the handle The author says that she loves her friends!

Tell Me I’m Worthless was reviewed positively, as was her second novel Brainwyrms. The New York Times compared it to ‘”The Last of Us” dunked in the toilet bowl of […[ ‘Hogg’’.

Alison Rumfitt has also written a novelization of “Space Babies”, a Doctor Who episode. The book will be released in August of 2024, part of the Target collection, with an audiobook edition scheduled to come out the same day.

Tell Me I’m Worthless is Alison Rumfitt’s first fictional novel. Many have praised this book, such as Publishers Weekly, which called it ‘a triumph of transgressive queer horror’. Joe Hill, best-selling author called the story ‘brilliant’. It was named a Best Horror Book of the Year from Esquire and was a Most Anticipated Book of the Year from Past, Goodreads, Vulture, and CrimeReads. Booklist referred to it as ‘one of the strongest horror debuts in recent memory’. If that sounds good to you, check out this book!

This is a haunted house story that isn’t afraid to be dark, one that comes up with horrors from the real world and the supernatural alike through the view of a trans experience in modern times.

It was just three years previous that Alice decided that she was going to spend a night in an old abandoned house. Joining her were Hannah and Ila, her good friends. But things have all gone downhill ever since then.

Alice has gone into a horrible spiral, and her life has become truly haunted. She’s been making money by selling videos of herself, attending parties that she hates going to, and drinking until she goes to sleep. She hasn’t spoken to Hannah or Ila ever since they spent that night in the house together.

Alice has horrible memories of that night, but then Ila asks if she will go with them to the house once again. She wants to go far past the sign that says keep out and go over that terrible earth that so many teens have been to before. Despite her fears, Alice knows that she has to go.

Alice goes along with Ila to that same horrible house. Together the two must face down the horrors that went on there, but also will have to try and get over their differences so that they can try and get Hannah back. The House has decided that it is going to try and choose her as its own.

Funny, dark, cutting, intriguing and more, this is an important work of trans fiction that takes a closer look at what trauma can do to us and how fascism can lead to us destroying ourselves and others. Get a copy of your own to find out what the work of this artist is all about!

Brainwyrms is the second book to come out from author Alison Rumfitt. This was named Best Book of the Year by, and was called ‘smart, seething social horror’ by The New York Times Book Review. If you’re looking for something new to read, give this novel a try!

Frankie was not expecting her life to get blown up by a woman suffering from transphobia. But when she decides to literally do so by bombing the workplace Frankie is employed at, it has a ripple effect and Frankie’s life slowly starts to fall apart.

The media come to find out what happened and come down like vultures trying to get scraps. Meanwhile, Frankie does the best that she can to deal with the experience and all of the fallout. She turns to binge drinking, pushing away those who care about her, sleeping with strangers, and more. But then she makes Vanya’s acquaintance.

Vanya is mysterious in a way Frankie does not quite understand, a beautiful woman who is also terrifying. Once the two meet they hit it off, but when their relationship becomes more intense, so does the feeling Frankie has that Vanya might be hiding something.

The secrets that Vanya is holding could be the very thing that will cause their end. Once Frankie starts looking into things, she finds out about a sinister conspiracy that may go deeper in its roots than any other thing that she could have possibly imagined.

A truly intriguing story, check out the book that Library Journal called a ‘vulnerable triumph’ and Publishers Weekly called a ‘masterful sophomore horror outing’. A completely original work that will have readers just waiting for Alison Rumfitt’s next release!

If you have any interest in reading a powerful and riveting work, be sure to check out the sophomore novel from Alison Rumfitt by trying out Brainwyrms, great to give a try if you’re a fan of innovative fiction such as that by Chuck Palahniuk.

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