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Alison Stine is a published author who has written both novels and poetry. She is known for her novel Supervision, The Protectors, Trashlands (long listed for the 2022 Mark Twain American Voice in Literature Award), Road Out of Winter (winner of Philip K. Dick Award), and Dust.

Alison has also written a novella in addition to her novels and poetry. She has also composed plays and original musicals that have been put on at different regional and community theaters as well as Off-Broadway.

She has received a Literature Fellowship from the NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts, and a Ohio Arts Council grant. She also served as a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, a Ruth Lilly Fellow, and received a Studs Terkel Award for media and journalism.

Alison has also served as a freelance reporter writing for the New York Times. She formerly served at Salon as a staff culture writer. She has had her journalistic work be published in places such as 100 Days in Appalachia, The Atlantic, and the Washington Post.

She has also had her creative writing released in places such as Vogue, The Paris Review, VQR, and The Kenyon Review. She is a Climate Justice Senior Editor at NPQ and has a son who lives with her in Ohio.

Alison was born in Indiana in a rural area and grew up in Mansfield, Ohio. She spent the majority of her life as an adult in Appalachia in the southern area of Ohio. She says that this has really influenced not only what she writes but her life too. Ever since she was born, she has been partially deaf. She resides in Colorado.

She has been an academic for many years, serving at Gettysburg College as an Emerging Writer Lecturer. She has also taught at Grand Valley State University, Fordham University, Ohio University, and Denison University.

Alison also used to be a child actor. She has had her plays performed in many places, including the International Thespian Festival, the Cleveland Playhouse, and Off-Broadway for the Young Playwrights Inc. Urban Retreat.

She has written for several publications that include The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Santa Clara Review, Phoebe, Virginia Quarterly Review, Sycamore Review, Poetry, Prairie Schooner, and AGNI Online. She has also had magazines and journals publish her work including Swink, SmokeLong Quarterly, Tin House, Paris Review, and Antioch Review.

“On Poverty” is an essay written by the author that ended up going viral. Her novel Road Out of Winter is also praised as being a genre such as dystopian noir, thanks to its plot revolving around working-class women living in the rural areas of Ohio and contending with climate change in a landscape that is post-apocalyptic.

Stine received her PhD from Ohio University, her MFA in poetry from the University of Maryland, and her B.A. in English from Denison University.

Supervision is a 2015 novel from Alison Stine. When it comes to something new and unique to read, this book is sure to fit the bill! Pick up a copy if you want to read something a little more interesting this time around that you definitely have not encountered before.

Esmé knows that there is something wrong with her. She used to go to school in New York, but of course she has since been kicked out. She has been packaged off to reside with her grandmother, who lives in a tiny town in Appalachia.

Ez has not seen her grandmother for years, and she knows that something is wrong with her. So Ez decides that she is going to head out at the stroke of midnight, bringing a large black bag along with her.

She knows that something is off when it comes to the house that her grandmother owns and can’t shake it. The rundown mansion is filled with stray cats as well as grand stairs that don’t actually lead anywhere and beds that are capable of undoing themselves.

Ez also knows that there has to be something off with a place where a kid goes missing every single year and a whistle can be heard at night without a train ever arriving. She also thinks that there might be something off with the neighbor around her age in that he’s dead. Can she figure out what’s going on, or would the best course of action be to take off and never come back? Ez doesn’t know, but she’s going to make a choice soon and go with it. Will it be the right one? Read this book to find out!

The Protectors is another book from Alison Stine. This book was first released for readers to enjoy in 2016. If you’ve been wanting something new to try, give this story a whirl and see what you think!

Main character Devon Grace is 18 years old, and she was hoping that she and her father would be able to make a fresh start. The only thing is that apparently fate has other plans in store for them. Millicent, Ohio is a great Appalachian town that is not only poor but has been left behind by the world.

They think it would be just the place for two people like them to start over. He’s a former cop that left in disgrace and his daughter is an artist that doesn’t quite seem to fit in. It’s the best location for them to recover from the mistake that turned their lives upside down.

The only thing is that the young men in this town are going missing. This extends to the first love and sole confidant of Devon. She starts looking around to find out what’s going on, soon finding a drifter without a name as a possible lead. The graffiti artist is covering the town in his paintings, but is it art, vandalism, or something else entirely?

Devon knows that Millicent is being haunted by a darkness that is tough to shake. Now she has to become greater to take it on. But there are still questions left behind, like where the young men have gone, what the graffiti means, and what is threatening the town. Can Devon Grace rise to the occasion and be the protective force this place needs? Read this book to find out!

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