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All-Day Breakfast Café Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of All-Day Breakfast Café Mystery Books

Scone Cold Killer (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Made to Order (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cold Brew Killing (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Waffle Lot of Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whole Latte Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mistletoe Cake Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Battered and Buried (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The All-Day Breakfast Café Mystery” series is a set of novels by Lena Gregory, a cozy mystery author from Long Island. The author was brought up on a small town that sits on the southern shore of Long Island. As a child, she loved to spend much of her time in the yard or beach with a book. In fact, she would often fit in any space she believed was peaceful enough to allow her to read her books. Even today, she is still a huge lover of books and will often be found with a book. However, her love for storytelling has now expanded as she writes her own characters and stories in her novels. Lena Gregory’s love for writing and interest in a career in authorship developed when she had her youngest child. He was a troublesome child that never slept through the night and she had to stay up with him. It was during these times that she started developing the ideas for her novels. Lena is now a freelance editor and full time author. She is also an active member of the Sisters in Crime Chapter.

Lena Gregory recently traded the gray, damp and cold winters of New York for the sunshine and warmth of central Florida. She now has all the time to write in the backyard of the home she lives in with her husband children and four canines. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found walking, spending time with family or reading.

“All-Day Breakfast Café Mystery” series tell the story of Gia Morelli who is devastated following the end of her marriage. She decides to leave New York to get away from her scammer husband that had stolen money from half of the millionaires on Long Island. She does not want to be around when they come for their money and hence she leaves with her friend and together they head to Central Florida. It takes a lot of guts as the small town is full of scary things such as giant spiders, bears and snakes. It is here that she opens the “All Day Breakfast Café.” She thought she was set having left her troubles in the Big Apple, but it seems like they had tailed her to Florida. Unlike many cozy mystery leads who are not afraid, she is afraid of almost everything and God knows she has reason to be. In addition to wild animals and insects, there is murder in the small town and she often gets down to business trying to resolve them since they almost always put her and her business in danger or her friends. She is helped by several quirky characters including Savannah her best friend. Savannah is always supportive and provides emotional support and even gets involved in the investigations when the going gets tough. There is Detective Hunter Quinn with whom the lead has romantic flirtations from time to time, her pet dog and Earl, a customer who soon becomes a dear friend.

“Stone Cold Killer” the first novel of the series introduces Gia Morelli, a woman who moves away from New York following a nasty divorce from her scammer husband. She moves to a small town in Florida where no one knows her, intending to start over. She trusts only Savannah, her best friend who believed she had nothing to do with her husband’s immoral ways and crimes. She had asked her to move down to a small town in Florida where she was setting up. Gia uses all her savings to open the “All-Day Breakfast Café” and hopes that everything would be fine once she starts operations. But things go bad right from day one as her hired cook turns out to be not as good as he claimed besides several errors and missteps here and there. But there is nothing that could be worse than walking to the back go dump the garbage and discovering her ex husband’s corpse lying on the dumpster. As the lead suspect in the murder, she needs to scramble fast and prove that she is innocent if she is not to lose everything.

“Murder Made to Order” the second of the series sees Gia Morelli still adapting to life in a small town in Florida. She runs the All Day Breakfast Café and is beginning to like the small town of Boggy Greek and its inhabitants. But she has been stressed in recent times as the local cop she has taken a liking to seems distant and weird. She has also been informed that the town council intends to shut her down due to a zoning conflict. While trying to figure out these issues, she goes for a walk and discovers a dead body in the woods. The dead woman happens to the town council president Marcia Steers who had made things very difficult for her. Moreover, the deputy sheriff she has been flirting with has been having a long term affair with the woman. She is now involved in a homicide investigation that involves corruption, lies and greed. She will not rest until she finds the man that committed the crime. But her investigations unearth more than she had hoped for. The town council members have all manner of secrets and she needs to resolve the murder fast to save her business and prevent another murder.

In “A Cold Brew Killing” the third novel of the series, Gia just became close to a flirtatious and fun bachelor named Trevor who is the owner of a popular ice cream parlor. The business is a few hundred meters from a café and hence they meet often. Trevor knows all the best spots for activities and local attractions. But then he bursts into her place of work his face all white and trembling like a leaf in the wind and she knows something is very wrong. He points in the general direction of his shop and then collapses. Gia runs to his shop and in the open freezer sees the sprawled out body of a stranger. But her friend’s troubles are just about to start as the police believe he killed the man especially in light of what they have discovered about his past. Gia does not believe Trevor is capable of murder and intends to clear him of the murder charge. She also needs to find the killer before someone else gets murdered.

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