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Publication Order of All Torn Up Books

All Torn Up Series
All Torn Up is a book series by American author Carian Cole whose mother inspired her reading and writing ambitions. Birthplace: New Jersey. Residence: New Hampshire. Her literary influences: Irish author Maeve Binchy, and American authors Mia Asher, LaVyrle Spencer, Tracey Garvis Graves, and CJ Roberts.
Carian, who once considered a veterinarian career, has been an executive assistant in the corporate sector. She is also graphic designer who designs her own merchandise, including clothing. She had been a self-publisher—since she was a first grader—in the run-up to debuting. Her genre is romance, and she is represented by the Brower Literary & Management.

Books in the All Torn Up Series
Carian’s October 2014 debut, Storm, is the first instalment in her renowned Ashes & Embers series whose offshoot, All Torn Up series, was previously titled Devil’s Wolves.
Torn is her first book in the All Torn Up series. Originally dated August 28, 2016; Torn’s main characters are Toren Grace and his long-time admirer Kenzi Valentine. Toren is a tattooed, lovable 32-year-old man who feels invisible among potential lovers. The former rock musician is now a mechanic. His pastime is lobbying against dogfights; he has a dog rescue center, called Devils Wolves—thus the previous series’ title. Also a biker, Toren’s father has since died, prompting him to take a fatherly role to his bereft family members. Toren has had an unsuccessful love affair with Sydni and another 12-year-long affair with Lisa.

Kenzi, who has a crisis identity, is an 18-year-old woman. Her absentee parents are renowned rock musicians: her mother is named Ember, while her father is called Asher. Kenzi’s bosom friend is Chloe.

Kenzi has been infatuated with Toren for the past thirteen years. Kenzi, then aged five, once proposed to Toren. She has since re-proposed. As the title Torn shows, both Kenzi and Toren are torn between their feelings for one another and their seemingly forbidden love.
The following are the downsides. Toren is not only about fifteen years her senior, but he is also her uncle figure; the man is a buddy of her father, whom they would not want to offend by revealing their affair. They are family friends. Toren used to babysit her during the absence of her teenage siblings—also renowned rock artists—thus making him more or less her one-time guardian. Moreover, Toren used to desire Kenzi’s mother Ember before Kenzi’s father Asher beat Toren to it.

The following are the upsides. She looks up to him. They are unrelated. Moreover, their feelings are mutual and the two have had romance. It is Kenzi’s first love affair. She also ended his years-long abstinence. Toren was Ember’s backup lover, while he is Kenzi’s one and only lover. Kenzi sees him as his source of happiness. However, her father, who disapproves of their relationship, starts opposing his advances on his daughter.

Originally dated June 24, 2017; Tied is the second book in the All Torn Up series. Tied’s protagonists are Holly Daniels, who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and her banished savior named Tyler Grace. Like in its prequel, the book’s female protagonist Holly Daniels has been in a dilemma since she aged five, following her abduction that would last eleven years. Holly’s hero Tyler, whom she had been fantasizing with—albeit anonymously— during her entire agonizing kidnapping, is a traumatized man and social outcast. The tattooed Tyler is a self-exiled and reclusive young man who is still reeling from both a motor accident and an assault whose physical and psychological impacts prompted the other town residents to shun him.

Incidentally, the unkempt Tyler is aged sixteen. Years previously, he was involved in a motorcycle collision, wherein he crashed into window panes. Worse still, he once attended a beach party, wherein someone flung him into a bonfire. Consequently, the two incidents not only left him scarred for life, but also affected his ability to speak. As such, the unappealing Tyler has a grating sound whenever he communicates.

Tyler is a loner who sought solace in a forest, wherein the sound of a dog whimpering directs him to where Holly and her dog are held in a pedophile’s hideout. The fearful and unhealthy Holly had access to fantasy books during her captivity, when she used to fantasize about a prince on her search and rescue mission. Luckily, Tyler rescues both Holly and the dog, strangling her hostile knife-wielding kidnapper in the process. He then reunites Holly with her ungrateful and less concerned parents who, rather than giving their child personalized homecare, admit her to a rehabilitation center instead.
When Holly finally recovers a year later, she—against people’s advice—goes looking for Tyler in the forest. Thus, the former captive reunites with her rescuer. The two kindred souls find a sense of belonging in each other.

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