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Publication Order of John Barron/Nicholas Marten Books

The Exile (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Machiavelli Covenant (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hadrian Memorandum (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Day After Tomorrow (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Day of Confession (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

Allan Folsom was one of the New York Times bestselling author and a Hollywood screenwriter from America. He was born on December 9, 1941 in Orlando, Florida and died on May 16, 2014. Allan spent most of his growing years in Boston. Before going on to become a full time writer, he used to work as a cameraman, writer, editor, and producer for a film company in California. After that, he began writing scripts for television series and Hollywood movies. One of the famous script written by author Allan is of the movie called Hart to Hart. The writing career of Allan comprises of a total of 5 standalone novels published between the years 1994 and 2009. The debut novel written by him was titled ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. It went on to feature on the third spot in the list of the New York Times bestseller novels and sold more than 1.2 million printed copies all over the world.

The success of this novel helped author Allan to establish himself as one of the prominent authors of his time. Eventually, he went on to write a few other novels in his writing career. In addition to the standalone novels, author Allan has also written a series titled as ‘John Barron and Nicholas Marten’ series. This series consists of a total of 3 books published between the years 2004 and 2006. Allan Folsom used to live in Santa Barbara, California along with his family. He died due to a medical condition known as metastatic melanoma. The people around author Allan believed that he was very much influenced by the popular works of the prominent writers such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Dashiel Hammett, and Louis L’Armor.

The John Barron and Nicholas Marten series written by author Allan Folsom is comprised of a total of 3 books. It starts with the novel titled ‘The Exile’. This novel was published by the Forge Books publishing house in the year 2004 and introduced the main characters of John Barron and his sister named Rebecca. John is described as a young cop in the elite 5-2 squad of the LAPD. He gets baptized with fire and blood after he came across haunting villains whom he had never faced before in his life. Later in the novel, it is shown that he and his sister named Rebecca get trapped in a complex web of intrigue. As a result, they get swept across the continents and oceans and eventually end up in Russia. They seem to get played by a hit man in a shocking conspiracy, which threatens to bring the institutions of the powerful men all over the world. As the plot of the novel progresses, John comes to know that the conspiracy is many centuries old. He also comes to know that the sinister men will not stop at anything to see their dark conspiracy through, with a dream of toppling the governments, dethroning the dynasties, and catapulting a family to the top of the global power.

The next novel of the series was published under the title ‘The Hardrian Memorandum’. It was released by the Forge Books publishing house in the year 2004. Before the start of this novel, it was shown that John Barron was a top rated detective working for the Los Angeles Police Department. But, because of the shootout with his fellow detectives, he was forced to run for his life. He had to escape from the country that he loved very much and had to take up a new identity as Nicholas Marten. In order to put his previous violent behind, he becomes a landscape architect and lives in the northern region of England. Soon, he finds himself stuck in yet another global conspiracy in Spain after saving the life of the US President named John Henry Harris. After a little while, the president comes calling in his life once again. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Nicholas Marten is sent to Equatorial Guinea, a West African country in order to obtain information about the collusion between an oil company of the U.S., and the mercenaries sent to protect the workers. After arriving in Guinea, Marten finds himself stuck in a deadly civil war between a merciless dictator and the rebellious tribesmen of the country. Later, he comes across several clandestine photos possessed by the priest, which clearly show that the mercenaries are supplying arms to the army of the rebels.

But, the army troops of the rebels capture the priest before Marten could obtain the important photographs and as a result, he has to run away for his life. But, he seems determined to get the photographs and hand them over to the president. If they get in the hands of the wrong person and are made public, it will cause a worldwide firestorm of propaganda and protests. Nicholas Marten is getting chased by a number of men, including a former commando turned contract killer named Conor White, the president of the U.S. Oil Company named Sy Wirth, the dangerous and alluring board member of the oil company named Anne Tidrow, as well as a number of CIA operatives determined to stop Marten from completing his mission. Over the course of the plot of the novel, it is depicted that Marten gets shadowed inch by inch because of the murder, deceit, and suspense as his difficult journey makes him reach from Berlin to Portuguese Riviera and eventually to the mysterious city of Lisbon.

Nicholas Marten very well understands that the struggle for controlling the oil company is at stake and along with it the continuously moving thin line between the evil and good, politics and law, love and hate, etc. In the end, the difficult mission costs thousands of lives of innocent men in the name of a top secret business agreement called as The Hadrian Memorandum. This novel went on to become extremely successful just like the debut novel of this series. The success helped author Allan Folsom to add more name and fame to his writing career. He received a lot of motivation and encouragement for writing the other novels in his writing career. The critics, fellow writers, as well as the readers appreciated his dedicated efforts in writing down interesting novels. His unique style of writing was also praised by many scholars of this field.

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