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Publication Order of Allan Quatermain Books

By: H. Rider Haggard
King Solomon's Mines (1885)Description / Buy at Amazon
Allan Quatermain (1887)Description / Buy at Amazon
Allan's Wife (1887)Description / Buy at Amazon
Maiwa's Revenge (1888)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marie (1912)Description / Buy at Amazon
Child of Storm (1913)Description / Buy at Amazon
Holy Flower (1915)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ivory Child (1916)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finished (1917)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ancient Allan (1920)Description / Buy at Amazon
She and Allan (1921)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heu Heu (1924)Description / Buy at Amazon
Treasure of the Lake (1926)Description / Buy at Amazon
Allan Quatermain and the Ice Gods (1927)Description / Buy at Amazon
Allan's Wife, with Hunter Quatermain's Story (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tales of Allan Quatermain and Others (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Allan Quatermain Series by H. Rider Haggard is not your typical colonial period inspired series but a gripping tale that not only gives a vivid description of “typical” colonialism but also displays a highly unusual degree on sympathy for the native population often portraying them as heroic. The adventures in the series are not only heart stopping but also heart-warming and mind twisting.

Biography of Author

Sir Henry Rider Haggard more commonly known as H.Rider Haggard is a British writer that authored some wildly popular adventure novels. He was born on 22nd June 1856 in Norfolk. Regarded by his father as one who would not amount to much he was sent to grammar school whereas his elder brothers were sent to elite private schools. Upon failing the army entrance exam he was sent to London to prepare for the British Foreign Office entrance exam which he never sat for. After two years his father sent him to South Africa to take up an unpaid assistant position, where he came into full view of the colonial situation.

He returned to London in 1882 as a family man and published his first novel on the political situation of South Africa which was unsuccessful as well as a few others after that. He then struck gold with his first successful novel King Solomon’s Mines. He is success was on a roll with the publication of its sequel Allan Quatermain, followed by She and its sequel Ayesha. Securing him a firm seat on the scramble for Africa throne although some of his novels where set in other exotic locations. He also wrote on social reform and agriculture which were partially influenced by his time in Africa and what he observed in Europe.

Biography of Allan Quatermain

Allan Quatermain, unattractive with small and wiry features possesses only skill; marksmanship which no one can rival. This made his profession as a big game hunter inevitable; he was also an occasional trader. The English born hunter was an outdoorsman and preferred the favourable African climate to England’s which he referred to as unbearable. He thus chose to live out most of his life in Africa where he was raised . He was a firm supporter of colonialism but he also favoured the native people, who referred to him as Macumazahn which means “watcher by night” which gives a nod to his keen instincts and nocturnal habits.

Quatermain marries twice but both his wives die early on in the marriage. He entrusts his son Harry, a medical student with the printing of his memoirs, but he contracts and dies of small pox in a hospital where he worked. During this period had discovered a vast amount of wealth but he was discontent with living a life of luxury so he returned to Africa following his son’s death to once again seek out adventure. In his old age Quatermain hunting becomes pleasure- less as he was aware that his profession aided in the destruction of his wild free places in Africa, however he had no other skills he could use to meet his needs. The series including its sequels and prequels provides you with an unforgettable look into Quatermain’s life and adventures from the age of 18 to 68.

Early Books

King Solomon’s Mines

As a big game hunter Allan Quatermain came to be well versed with the African wilderness and how to navigate it. This is why an aristocrat Sir Henry and his friend Captain Good sought his help in finding Sir Henry’s brother who travelled to the unexplored north in search of the fabled King Solomon’s Mines. Allan possesses a map drawn in blood that purports the way to the mines that he has never taken seriously. He however agrees to lead the expedition for a share of the treasury or a stipend to his son should he perish during the journey. They journeyed through perilous mountains and scorching deserts and not only faced raging elephants but also a tribal war. Upon reaching the mines they faced their worst challenge yet; the ever so elusive and evil Gagaoola. The enthralling adventures of Quatermain were used as the basis for today’s Indiana Jones movies.

Allan Quatermain

This sequel to King Solomon’s mines find Quatermain the former adventurer and treasure hunter settled in a life of luxury and ease. While mourning the death of Harry his son, his discontent for the life of ease reaches its brim and he longs to go back to his wild and free Africa. He proceeds to persuade his friends Captain Good, Sir Henry and the Zulu Chief Umslopogass to accompany him in his expedition to East Africa into the Maasai’s territory. The adventure begins with a kidnapping and only escalates from there with the discovery of the lost white skinned war-like race known as Zu-Vendi. The tale spirals into the ultimate love story with unmatched acts of heroism riddled with treachery and jealousy.

Film and TV Adaptations

King Solomon’s mines was an extremely popular book in the English Victorian era but it popularity did not deem even decades after making Haggard’s decision to take 10% royalty for the book undoubtedly wise. There have been five film adaptations to the adventure novel in the same name which include;

King Solomon’s Mines (1937) – This is a British adventure film that was considered most faithful to the book.

King Solomon’s Mines (1950) – The American Technicolor adventure film ranked 3rd in the British box office while also being a big hit in France . The film was nominated for best picture with its crew taking home awards for best cinematography, colour and film editing.

King Solomon’s Treasure (1979) – A British-Canadian low budget film that was poorly rated with critics claiming the actors gave “embarrassingly bad performances” but the picture was “not bad at all”.

King Solomon’s Mines (1985) –This American adaptation took the light, comedic route deliberately mentioning and making Indian Jones a parody. It was filmed in Harare, Zimbabwe.

King Solomon’s Mines (2004) – This was a two part American miniseries that aired on the Hallmark Channel.

Allan Quatermain & The Lost City of Gold – This adventure comedy was released on 18th December 1986 in West Germany and 30th January 1987 in the USA was loosely based on Allan Quatermain and was a sequel to the 1985 production of King Solomon’s Mines.


This series is what some today would refer to as “an oldie but a goodie” with its timeless adventure and epic love connections that will leave you wanting more.

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