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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Tiny Imperfections (With: Asha Youmans) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Meant to Meet You (With: Asha Youmans) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Better Half (With: Asha Youmans) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Moms Don't Have Time To(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alli Frank is an American author popularly known for her two novels, Never Meant to Meet You and Tiny Imperfections, written in collaboration with Asha Youmans. She spent her childhood in Yakima, WA, and was the only child in her family who taught her that hard work combined with resilience would transform her life. Before her writing career, Alli would climb some of the highest mountains with insane terrane. All these adventures were catered by her 20 years of education job in San Francisco and Seattle, where she switched from a crowded public high school to a high-end private school.

She has worked as a teacher, college counselor, curriculum leader, coach, private school co-founder, assistant head, de facto parent therapist, and pastor. She is a graduate of Stanford and Cornell Universities. When not reading, you will find her watching movies. She is a resident of the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband, their two daughters, and the cute mini-Berne doodle.

Tiny Imperfections
This is a story of a family relationship between a daughter, a mother, and a grandaunt. A genuine relationship surrounded by humor, emotions, and a good touch of self-discovery, romance, and self-growing vibes. It is a sweet, soft, fun, and entertaining story with relatable characters blistering storyline spanning three generations of communication problems.

We are introduced to Josie was once upon a time a famous, successful model. She is 39 and retired because she can’t compete with the beautiful young girls competing who are now twice as beautiful as she is. She gets a new job as director of the admission at one of the most popular private schools in San Francisco. What a perfect job tag for her beautiful and presentable appearance.

She’s back, strong, and thinks she will survive as her friend Gloria had advised her. Now she has a job and starts adapting to her new life of being an independent single mother, but her teenage girl does not share the same ideas as she had planned for her. Josie wanted her 17-year-old daughter to get a good college education and later acquire a decent job so she does not have to make the same mistake she did in her life.

Josie’s mother left her to stay with her aunt Viv when she was still young to live a career-oriented life. Now the only thing Josie wants is to be an excellent caring mom, but her daughter’s wishes to be a dancer and her intentions to join Juilliard Conservatory don’t sit right with her. The worst part is that Aunt Viv supports her granddaughter’s plans.

Josie thinks she would reconsider her sex hiatus plans as admission season gets underway after spotting two hot dads, but she soon finds they are both dad gays and wants one of them, whom she has dubbed “golden boy,” would change his play side. What a loss! But hold on a minute! When her aunt Viv suffers a heart attack, she rushes her to the hospital. Guess who earned all of those brownie points and saved her aunt’s life? Ty is indeed returned after a bit of absence.

Tiny Imperfection is an excellent book that will have you hooked from the first page to the last. The admission parts and those weird emails Josie gets from obnoxious crazy parents will make you laugh hard. This is a funny, soft, sweet, and entertaining read.

Never Meant to Meet You
Self-appointed problem solver for others’ problems When it comes to her perfect neighbor Noa Abrams, Marjette Lewis is unusually determined to stay on her part of the driveway. Marjette has a lot on her plate professionally as she prepares for a new kindergarten class and her first year of schooling without her closest friend Judy, serving as campus “Black-up.” At home, her son’s emergence into adulthood defies her hopes, and her annoying ex-husband persists in being a pain in her side.
Marjette is forced to deal with her neighbor and her own sorrow over losing the life she previously thought was guaranteed when tragedy strikes her street. An unexpected youngster shows up on the first day of school with an uncle who has all the class moms in an uproar. Marjette and Noa negotiate the rituals of loss together and find the fortitude to reinvent their lives—whether they intended to or not—through laughter, sorrow, and the gift of found family.

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