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Allie Brahms is a published American author. She also goes by the pen name of A.J. Sherwood.

The author herself says that she’s crazy, and that everyone that knows her can actually attest to this fact. She says that the form of her insanity can take place in the form of writing different books under different pen names. She loves to play Dungeons and Dragons and when she is not busy being in the middle of a campaign she can be found learning a language or taking in some Asian drama on television.

Allie lives in Michigan in a small town, which is perfect because she can go on to bother her niece and nephews. She invites fans to connect with her on Facebook. She believes in all things that have to do with good men, dragons, magic, happily ever afters, and dark chocolate.

Allie has cats and dogs and enjoys petting her cats and playing with her dogs. When she isn’t writing, she can be found trying new things out such as aerial yoga.

Her first book is the fictional novel Tie Me Knot. The book was first released in 2023. If you like something light and a lot of fun, this is the book to check out!

Kris has a unique job that not many people have, which is working at a ghost matchmaking agency. Things have not been going so well, as in the most recent week she has found a murdered ghost bride who is fairly angry, she has been adopted by Chinese hellhounds, and she has somehow woken up to find that she has been magically soul-bonded to Zhen, a handsome demon slayer.

While this is not the worst thing in the world, Kris doesn’t know what to do. She finds Zhen very handsome, but she doesn’t know what she did in order to make this happen and she doesn’t know how to change it. The only thing that she can really do is to hope that nothing else happens to disrupt things and rock the boat, but the odds of that happening aren’t great.

Kris didn’t want this to happen, but now it has. Such are the risks when you take a job working at a ghost matchmaking agency, supposedly. She doesn’t want anything more to happen to make things any weirder, because she’s already got more than she can handle on her plate when it comes to being soul-bonded to Zhen.

Again, there are worse things to happen in the world, but Kris doesn’t know what to do with this. They’re not just bonded, they’re magically bonded. This is the type of situation where she all of a sudden has herself an instantaneous husband by her side and no idea how this came to be.

Kris’s head is spinning with everything that’s happening. She doesn’t know how this happened at all. Maybe it was her fault for feeding the Chinese hellhounds and that’s why that happened, but what is all of this going on with Zhen?

This employee is also about to find out that she can actually communicate with Zhen. This is a great thing, since they’ve got to take on some bad guys that come their way. Kris is about to find out personally that being able to see ghosts is not the dream that she thought it would be. Will she able to adjust to this new situation and keep her job? What will happen with her bonding marriage with Zhen? Kris is about to find out. Find out too by picking up a copy of this book for yourself!

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