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Allie Reynolds is a thriller, romance and suspense fiction author best known for her debut novel “Shiver.” The author was born and brought up in Lincoln, England before she moved to Australia in 2004.

Before she became a world beating author, she was a freestyle snowboarder. At some point, she spent five winters snowboarding in the mountains of Canada, France, Austria and Switzerland.

Over the years, she has held many jobs that have included French translator/teacher, bookshop assistant, nanny, primary school teacher and barmaid. In 2004, she left England for the Gold Coast and proceeded to teach English as a foreign language for more than ten years.

Allie transitioned into a full time author in 2018 after getting her start publishing short fiction in women’s magazines in South Africa, the UK, Sweden and Australia.

She published “Shiver” her debut novel, in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2021. The work was so popular that it would later be translated into more than a dozen languages.

Reynolds has said that she never intended to become a writer and in fact she lacks any formal training in creative writing or literature.

Still, even though she spent much of her life as a professional snowboarder, she loved to read as a child and this is evidenced by the fact that her first job as a fourteen year old was at a bookstore.

Over the years, she dabbled with writing as she journalled and penned several manuscripts that she never finished. Even though she had good grounding in language and grammar as a teacher of English for more than fifteen years, she never considered herself as a professional author.

Nonetheless, she remained persistent even as she shifted her focus to short stories that she published in a variety of magazines. Allie Reynolds finally managed to turn writing into a very lucrative venture that she was finally able to leave teaching and become a full time novelist.

Given that she had spent many of her formative years as a snowboarder, her first novel would have to include the sport and the thrilling scene of white mountains and the elite competitors that brave the mysteries and dangers.

Allie Reynolds got down to writing in 2018 after she collected all the ideas she had. One of her biggest weaknesses writing her debut was the plot which meant she needed to sit down and plan the plot. After a month of planning, numerous post it notes and several whiteboards she finally had the dual timeline for the novel.

Still, she had to spend a lot of time shuffling everything around trying to find the best order and determining how much information to give at each state. With a plot and structure outlined, she started writing and was done by the time the holidays of 2018 came by.

By early 2019, she began pitching and got the obligatory rejections and suggestions to revise and cut down her manuscript. After several reworkings, she resubmitted her work and in March she got an agent interested.

She would then spend about six weeks revising and working with her agent as she wrote more than a dozen new scenes and slashed bits and pieces. The hard work she did paid off and the novel eventually got into a 10 publisher auction in the United Kingdom. It was here that she finally was able to land a two book deal.

Reynolds was inspired to write her debut novel “Shiver” by a French glacier. Two decades ago, she was competing at halfpipe as a freestyle snowboarder. During this time, she spent more than five winters in the high mountains of Europe and the Americas.

It was in this white and very icy world, she found a perfect beautiful setting in which her thriller takes place. In her first winter, she lived at Chamonix the iconic French resort and from her window she had a perfect view of Mont Blanc.

Years later when she was conducting research on the area, she got the shock of her life. Apparently, more than 160 people had gone missing in the locale. The most plausible explanations were that they had been buried by avalanches or fell into crevasses.

Their bodies had then been trapped in snow and ice and would be preserved for years. She thought it would be interesting if such disappearances were the result of something more sinister.

Allie Reynold’s novel “Shiver” introduces Milla who decides to spend a few days catching up with old friends. They are reuniting in the French Alps which sounds great until one is stranded at a mountain top resort beset by severe snow storms with no staff to help out.

Moreover, it is going to be a tension filled reunion as a decade earlier, Saskia, one of their old friends, had gone missing and was never found again. Milla is hoping to spend some time with Brent, Curtis, Heather and Dale. The last time together they had been trying to work on their skills as they prepared for an elite competition.

But upon arriving at the La Rocher resort they feel that something is not right. Their icebreaker game feels weird immediately when they realize that their secrets are known by some other person.

They are getting suspicious, uncomfortable and the trust they had for each other is fading fast. The ghost of their long lost friend is also haunting their thoughts. Trapped at the resort, the tensions and suspicions rise even as the temperature rapidly falls.

“The Bay” by Allie Reynolds asserts that there is darkness inside everyone. But everyone that heads to the Bay, this darkness comes out particularly strongly. It has some very spectacular waves that people are always dying for.

The lead in the novel is Kenna who just arrived in Sydney intending to surprise her best friend only to learn that she intends to marry a guy she met a few days past. Mikki, her former best friend and Jack, her fiance, are heading away on a trip that Kenna tags along for the ride.

Sorrow Bay is a dangerous, wild and beautiful surfing spot that comes with beautiful waves. It is here that Kenna meets some mysterious characters that intend to keep their Bay paradise a secret.

Victor, Sky, Clemente and Ryan are in the Bay to get away from life’s troubles and to ride the waves. Kenna is soon drawn deep into their world experiencing the extremes as they chase the next thrill.

But it does seem that everyone in Sorrow Bay has secrets they are hiding.

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  1. Shirley Girdner: 2 years ago

    Found The Swell To be unique and interesting. I enjoyed the story very much. I did not like the ending at all. In fact it didn’t appear to be an ending. The book just stopped and left me frustrated. I guess I’m just used to some type of conclusion. Good writer. Poor ending.


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