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Perfect Distraction (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home Sweet Mess (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Would You Rather (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Roommate Pact (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Allison Ashley
Allison Ashley is a coffee drinking, music loving mother of two that loves love stories. She is an oncology pharmacist and spends her days focused on helping patients through one of the toughest things that life can throw at them.

Her escape has always been books, especially books about laughter, happiness, and love, and it was inevitable that she would eventually write her own at some point. Allison promises to always write stories with intense connection, deep romance, and humor, but most of all, that coveted happy ever after.

Allison deals with writer’s block by taking a drive while listening to music. A good song is usually able to bring her that inspiration back.

“Perfect Distraction” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2020. Lauren Taylor is not thinking about love, particularly not with the impossibly attractive guy that she spilled coffee all over by accident. He is way out of her league and she has focused her energy on completing her oncology pharmacy residency. She has sworn off men that are too handsome for their own good, anyway.

Andrew Bishop cannot quit thinking about the gorgeous redheaded woman that crashed right into him and then vanished, even though he should have so much more on his mind. Like dealing with his Hodgkin Lymphoma diagnosis and completing his final year of law school. When Lauren and Andrew run into one another at the cancer center where he is getting treatment and she is working, they attempt to keep everything professional. They can be just friends, but nothing more.

But life has other plans sometimes.

“Home Sweet Mess” is the second stand alone novel and was released in 2021. Logan Davis (a charming NFL marketing manager) has got a major crush on his best friend’s sister. Despite the fact that pursuing her would be a Bad Idea, she makes him want to abandon casual dating.

Jeni Bishop (a sassy social worker) has lost all faith in love. She cannot stand Logan or the NFL team that he works for, however he cannot help but think he could help her scratch an itch.

Jeni’s brother and Logan’s closest friend gets diagnosed with cancer, they unexpectedly find themselves playing for the same team. With Logan being interested in a relationship and Jeni avoiding them ardently, they resist their growing attraction while their lives continue to intertwine in some unexpected ways. Can a man that has never once experienced love convince a woman that’s hardened by it that romance is not dead?

“Would You Rather” is the third stand alone novel and was released in 2022. Would you rather risk it all with a modern marriage of convenience or play it safe in the friend zone?

Mia and Noah have always been the best of friends, and their friendship is the most important thing to them. Life’s going great for Noah and he is currently up for this promotion in a job that he loves. However Mia’s life is currently on hold while she waits to get a kidney transplant. She is stuck in this dead end job and, never wanting to be a burden, has sworn all romance off. So when the opportunity of a lifetime comes to go back to school and chase her dream, it is particularly tough and painful to pass on. She cannot quit her job, or she will lose the medical insurance that she needs desperately.

Noah, in order to support her, suggests that they get married, but in name only, so that she can study on a full time basis and still keep her insurance. It is a risk to them both, with health, jobs, and hearts on the line, and they will have to convince nosy roommates and suspicious coworkers that they are the real deal. However if they can possibly let go of all the baggage that holds them back, they may just realize that they would much rather be together forever.

This is a warm, sparkling romance novel that reminds us all why the friends-to-lovers trope is a superior one. Allison skillfully delivers a chemistry charged and happy hug-of-a-book that is set against the backdrop of a real life struggle. The pining, yearning, and kissing swept readers off their feet, and they could not help but fall in love with Mia and Noah. Allison delivers all of the delicious anticipation of friends-to-lovers, plus all of the swoony yearning of a marriage of convenience. Mia and Noah have chemistry that sizzles, in a novel that is the perfect balance of feels and laughter.

“The Roommate Pact” is the fourth stand alone novel and was released in 2023. All of the fun, and none of the heartache; just as long as they stick to their agreement.

The proposition is a simple one: if ER nurse Claire Harper and Graham Scott (her firefighter roommate) are still single by the time they reach forty, they will take the plunge together, as friends with benefits. It might just be the wine, however Claire figures in the moment that the pact is a safe enough deal, especially considering that she has not had that much luck in love and he is not in a rush to settle down. Like at all. Besides there is no possible way that she could ever really fall for Graham and the guy’s thrill seeking ways. Not after what happened to her dad.

Right when things start heating up before the proposed deadline, Graham gets injured in this serious rock climbing accident, and he needs Claire’s help to heal. She will do whatever it takes to nurse him back to health. Even if it means moving into Graham’s bed and putting up with his little dog that hates her. However this no strings attached arrangement has taken a complicated turn, keeping “for now” from turning into “forever” is not quite as easy as they had planned on.

Allison gives her readers a deliciously sexy with undeniable heart, and is a friends-to-lovers tale that you cannot help but fall for. It gives you two leads that find that love does not always follow the rules.

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