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Publication Order of The Haunted Library Mysteries Books

Death Overdue (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Read and Gone (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Buried in the Stacks (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Checked Out for Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death on the Shelf (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dewey Decimated (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Overdue or Die (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Booked on Murder (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American author also known as Marilyn Levinson, Allison Brook has become a pseudonym for her to write cozy mysteries under, giving her a different and alternative voice to channel her and her many ideas through. This has also allowed her to create exciting and thrilling mystery novel titles that draw the reader in, keeping them captivated throughout. Following on in the veins of such greats as Agatha Christie, she knows her genre well, allowing it to really come to life on the page.

Early and Personal Life

Born in New York City in the United States, Marilyn Levinson would later go an become the writer also know as Allison Brook, a pen-name of hers. With a strong fondness for reading as well as writing from a very early age, she would always be taking in ideas from the world around her. Continually on the lookout for inspiration, she would also gain a keen fascination for mysteries and how they were crafted.

Attending Great Neck High-School in New York City and graduating in 1957, she went on to attend Syracuse University, which she graduated from in 1961. It was here that she would major in Spanish, as she focused on reading as much as she possibly could at all times. This would serve her well in the years to come, as she would manage to put it all back into her work, becoming a better writer in the process.

Going on to teach Spanish at high-school level, she would marry her husband a dentist as well, all the while continuing to show an interest in fiction. This would develop over the years and throughout her working life, as she continually kept coming back to it. Over time this would start to evolve, as the foundation of her first novel would begin to take root and slowly germinate.

With her career writing under the name of Allison Brook being relatively new in relation to the rest of her career, this is only just the beginning. Living in Holbrook in New York City, she continues to write, putting out work at an ever regular and consistent pace. This is expected to carry on for quite some time yet, as she continues writing and publishing, with plenty more to follow yet.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first book in 1985, she made her name with her debut novel ‘And Don’t Bring Jeremy’. Her first novel as Allison Brook was to be released in 2017 with the title ‘Death Overdue’, which was the first in her ongoing series of ‘Haunted Library Mystery’ novels. Creating a name for herself under a new pseudonym, this would slowly build up its own momentum, alongside her own name.

In regards to the ‘Haunted Library Mystery’ series of novels itself, Levinson manages to create a well rounded cozy mystery franchise. Using the name of Brooks she has also managed to unleash a side of herself that hasn’t really been seen prior to this. Taking a somewhat different direction, she has allowed the story arc to come alive, creating a strong set of characters, along with a well realized world.

Balancing her love of mysteries and romantic suspense over the years, she has worked at navigating between the two different genres. Combining them to great effect, she has taken this into her material under the Brooks name, implementing them both on the tropes of the cozy mystery genre. Knowing and understanding them both, she has worked at amplifying her own ideas through the conventions, creating something entirely new and wholly unique to her in the process. This should, in turn, translate over to the reader, as her stories and grounded characters resonate with the reader, keeping them hooked right until the very last page.

A master of the craft of writing mysteries well, Marilyn Levinson is a writer whose career is growing rapidly. This is expected to continue the same for her career as Allison Brook as well, as she will continue expanding on this brand as well. With a far planned for the future, she isn’t stopping soon either, as her career as an author grows from strength-to-strength.

Death Overdue

This was originally brought out in 2017 upon the 10th of October to much anticipation and excitement, it being the first title under Levinson’s pseudonym of Allison Brook. Released through the ‘Crooked Lane Books’ publishing label, this was also to be the first in the series of ‘Haunted Library Mystery’ titles. Setting up the ongoing franchise, it would establish the premise, as well as provide an exciting and compelling self-contained mystery too.

Starting out with Carrie Singleton in the lead role, it follows her as she’s offered a position working within a spooky local library as their head of programs. Set in Connecticut, Clover Ridge, this library even has its own ghost, all the while Carrie is being presented with her first major case. When a retired homicide detective, Al Buckley, keels over and dies, he manages to impart the information that Laura Foster was bludgeoned to death fifteen years prior. Who poisoned Al though? Is it the same man that killed Laura all those years ago? Can she find the murderer, or is death long overdue?

Titles As Marilyn Levinson

Largely known by her real name Marilyn Levinson, she is well regarded as a writer of mystery novels, along with children’s fiction too. With a gift for romance too, she is able to give life to her characters relationships, something which can be seen reflected within her work. Whilst this may also be the case for her new work as Brook, she also has an impressive body of work behind her too.

Series of hers includes the ‘A Golden Age of Mystery Book Club Mystery’ novels, along with ‘The Twin Lakes Mysteries’ books as well. She also has a gift for writing romance, but it is her gift for crafting well told mysteries that really draws attention, such as her book ‘Murder a la Christie’, which is a notable title. Along with this she also has her many children’s books too which, all in all, make-up for an extremely well rounded career as a writer.

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