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Allison Campbell Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Allison Campbell Mystery Books

Wendy Tyson is a novelist, lawyer as well as a former therapist who has written her mysteries stories and thrillers basing on her background. She has authored 4 published books centered on crimes. The novels include Dying Brand, which is the 3rd installment in Allison Campbell’s Mysteries Series that was released in 2015.

Killer Image, which is the 1st novel in the Campbell’s Mysteries series, was ranked as the best novel for clubs in the year 2014 by Besides, Wendy Tyson has also authored the Greenhouse Series, the 1st of which, A Muddied Murder, was released in 2016. She is an active member of Sister in Crime as well as The International Thriller Writers. Moreover, she is also a contributing and active member for Big Thrills, International Thriller Writers’ online magazine. Wendy Tyson lives on a small farm in the outskirts of Philadelphia with her hubby, 3 sons and 3 dogs. Currently, she is excited to be capable of giving voice to her
imagination. Fiction is a great way for a lot of people to unite and at the same time share the human experience and Wendy enjoys being part of it.

The Allison Campbell’s Mysteries Series by Wendy Tyson is one of the top selling series. As Philadelphia’s best image consultant, Allison Campbell assists other people to re-discover themselves. However, her most fruitful task was her own transformation. 10 years ago, her promising career as a psychologist crushed when she allowed motherly feelings for an ill-treated teenager to influence her judgment. She left her job and the resulting scandal behind and swore never to allow her feelings to interfere with her judgement again. This book is sure to keep you glued to the pages till the end.

Killer Image

Killer Image is the 1st book in Allison Campbell’s Mysteries Series. Killer Image is Wendy Tyson’s debut novel. The novel weaves a fascinating multi-faceted story of mystery and love intertwined with a psychological thriller twist that will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. The fast paced story is set in the classy Main Line section of Philadelphia and it follows the undercover adventure of Allison Campbell. Campbell is an image consultant turned amateur detective, who tries to clear her teenage client, Maggie McBride, who is suspected for the ritualistic killing of a local divorce attorney.

An image consultant Allison helps other people to feel good about themselves. Her helper is Vaughan who is also her right hand man. She has many secrets, one of them being that when she was beginning as a therapist she had a task of helping a desperate girl known as Violet. Allison Campbell is haunted by the fact that she was never able to help Violet and she blames herself for her death.

This book is filled with an interesting cast of characters who have skeletons in their secrets, evocative pasts as well as top secrets. The book features some dysfunctional family drama, a delicate romance; as well as thrilling twists and turns that will keep you drawn in and also guessing how the murder mystery will be eventually solved. The writer draws from her hometown knowledge to offer a detailed depiction of Philadelphia’s Main Line as well as the surrounding areas. The book has a complex and edgy storyline that features many layers which will take you on one heck of a thrill ride.

Killer Image is a very exciting mystery book that is very hard to put down and it will leave you with the desire to know what will happen in Allison Campbell’s next adventure. This is an interesting novel that you can’t miss!

Deadly Assets

Deadly Assets is the 2nd book in Allison Campbell Series. The author excels at writing thrillers that are well grounded in real
life situations. You will never get the feeling that her tales are completely fictional, and you might even be frightened while reading her books because many of her characters might be the people you know very well. she also populates her books with different characters for example Allison, Allison’s former mother-in-law Mia, who’s dating Christopher Vaughn who is Allison’s assistant in her image consulting company, and his computer mastermind brother who happens to be quadriplegic – these are only a few. This makes you to believe that the novel takes place in the modern version of Pennsylvania.

Allison and all her friends are back and they have a fascinating mystery to solve. Two clients of Allison’s First Impressions image consulting firm have gone missing while on a trip with Vaughn who is Allison’s business manager. Although there is no way that it could be associated with Allison and her firm, it happened on their watch and it’ll cause great trouble for Vaughn if they are not found. One of the clients is a sixty year old Italian wine heiress while the other is an 18 year old upcoming pop star who have
nothing in common. Allison Campbell, Vaughn and Mia, begin searching for the two women but the path gets more dim and dangerous as they continue with the search. There are shady family secrets, mob connections, mysterious private investigators and connections back to Italy.

The two novels, particularly Deadly Assets, are very well plotted. Although it is true that you might be able to solve each character before Allison did, it is only because as a readers you get a bigger picture than she does as a character. Nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed by any of the twists or turns that take place in the book.

Whereas Killer Image incorporated the mandatory 1st -novel-in-a-series description of character backstory, Deadly Assets mainly on the existing story. However, this does not make the second novel hard to follow, since there was adequate backstory about each recurrent character. Actually, the book can be easily read as a separate novel without feeling as if anything is missing. Nevertheless, reading the novels in the correct order will increase your enjoyment.

If you are looking out for a great mystery series that features believable characters, credible storylines as well as a great mix of characters and action – particularly if you are looking for a series that features women as the crime solvers, then you ought to read this entertaining series by Wendy Tyson.

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