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Stay (As: Allie Larkin) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Why Can't I Be You (As: Allie Larkin) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Swimming for Sunlight (As: Allie Larkin) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The People We Keep (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Allison Larkin is an international bestselling author of General fiction best known for her 2021 book; The People We Keep. She’s also the author of Why Can’t I Be You, Swimming for Sunlight, and Stay, which she wrote under the penname Allie Larkin.

The People We Keep is an emotionally rich novel that captures the essence of love, loss, and self-discovery. It’s a story that deeply engages the reader, creating a bond so strong that April Sawicki’s experiences feel deeply personal. This book is a heartwarming journey, akin to a balloon gradually filling with emotions. The final words are likely to bring tears to your eyes, leaving you overwhelmed by its sheer beauty. The narrative centers around the theme of finding and accepting one’s true self.

April Sawicki, at 16, is accustomed to solitude and self-reliance. Living in a motorhome on the fringe of a small town, she experiences a life of detachment. Her father, preoccupied with his new family, rarely visits. April’s boyfriend, dreaming of a future together in Little River, New York, fails to understand her feeling of disconnection from this place. A confrontation with her father catalyzes her decision to leave. With nothing but her guitar and a passion for music, April embarks on a journey to Ithaca, determined to forge her path and discover her true identity.

April Sawicki’s journey takes a transformative turn when she arrives in Ithaca. Here, she encounters a welcoming community that embraces her with open arms. April grows fond of the quirky charm of the town, the local coffee shop where she finds employment, and the small circle of friends she draws close to. This new environment offers her a sense of belonging, and she starts to consider the possibility of settling down. Yet, April’s past, marked by abandonment and loneliness, continues to cast a shadow over her newfound happiness. Haunted by the fear of repeating the cycle of hurt, April decides to leave, fearing she might cause pain to those she has come to care about.

As April continues her journey, her music and songwriting become her refuge and source of income. Performing at various venues, she encounters a myriad of individuals—some who seek to harm her, others who fail to comprehend her complexities, and a few who offer a kind of love she struggles to accept. This journey of self-discovery and healing is beautifully portrayed in the novel, which is structured into three distinct parts.

April’s character is a blend of wisdom and naiveté, making her both relatable and intriguing. Despite her sometimes-unlikable actions, her resilience and determination endear her to readers. Her music becomes a powerful tool for her to confront and process her traumatic experiences. It is through her guitar and songs that April’s true self emerges, allowing readers to connect deeply with her struggles and triumphs.

Allison Larkin’s novel ‘The People We Keep’ narrates the tale of April Sawicki, a young girl embarking on a journey of self-discovery and freedom. The story unfolds as April leaves her hometown, symbolizing a quest for independence amid struggles and emotional upheaval. While the storyline may seem straightforward, its execution is remarkably poignant and impactful, resonating deeply with readers often evoking tears and profound emotions.

The novel is notable for its in-depth character development. It introduces a wide range of characters, each meticulously crafted, allowing readers to understand and empathize with them intimately. Central to the narrative is the theme suggested by the title – the significance of people in our lives. The story intricately weaves the essence of human connections, emphasizing how relationships shape our existence, underscoring their strength and vulnerability.

April, the protagonist, is depicted as a complex character – resilient yet apprehensive about the world. The story begins with her struggling with trust issues stemming from her parent’s abandonment. Upon arriving in Ithaca, April begins to comprehend the concept of a ‘found family.’ She forges meaningful connections with her colleagues and patrons at the café where she works, experiences that bring vibrancy and learning to her life. These relationships, while enriching, also teach April a crucial lesson about honesty and the risks involved in relationships based on falsehoods.
As the narrative progresses, April encounters various characters, each contributing to her understanding of unconditional love. Although the bonds she forms post-Ithaca don’t seem as transformative, they continue to influence her growth. Exploring these relationships further would delve into spoilers, but they are pivotal in reinforcing the possibility of unconditional love in April’s life. The People We Keep is thus a richly layered story, emphasizing the transformative power of relationships and the journey towards self-acceptance and growth.
Published in 2013, Why Can’t I Be You revolves around Jenny Shaw. She believes her life is on the right track. She’s not passionate about her job but feels competent in her role. Things seem to be looking up when her boss selects her to attend a conference, although she realizes it’s only because her boss can’t make it. Jenny is also hopeful about her relationship with her boyfriend, Deagan, anticipating a significant advancement in their relationship.

However, her expectations are abruptly shattered. On the way to the airport, Deagan breaks up with her, confessing his interest in another woman. Shocked and heartbroken, Jenny boards the plane to the conference. Upon arriving at the conference venue, a case of mistaken identity unfolds. Someone mistakes her for ‘Jessie’ and enthusiastically greets her, believing Jenny to be an old friend attending a school reunion. This unexpected encounter adds another layer of surprise and complexity to Jenny’s already tumultuous day.

In the unexpected turn of events, Jenny, amidst her turmoil, finds herself inadvertently assuming someone else’s identity. This intriguing situation arises when she is mistaken for ‘Jessie’ by a group of friends who are reuniting after many years. Remarkably, Jenny and Jessie share a strong physical resemblance, convincing the group that Jenny is their long-lost friend. Embracing this case of mistaken identity, Jenny is warmly welcomed into this circle, offering her a unique escape from her reality.

Allie Larkin’s novel Why Can’t I Be You is an engaging and swift-paced narrative that delves into the significance of friendships. Following her first novel, Stay, which also explored themes of personal challenges and recovery after a painful breakup, Larkin continues to weave stories that resonate with readers. Jessie and Jenny navigate through difficult times, finding solace and support in unexpected places. What makes Larkin’s storytelling unique is her incorporation of a canine character whose comforting presence brings a sense of calm and healing. The author’s distinct humor and skill in crafting relatable, well-rounded characters make this story particularly engaging and memorable for readers.

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