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Allison Pataki
Author Allison Pataki was born in the year 1984 in New York. She graduated Cum Laude from Yale University, majoring in English and spent many years writing for online and tv news outlets.

Allison is the daughter of George E. Pataki, the ex-Governor of New York State and Libby Rowland.

She regularly contributes to, the Huffington Post, and is a member of The Historical Novel Society.

During her sophomore year at Yale, she met her husband David Levy, and they got married in June of 2012.

Allison’s debut novel, called “The Traitor’s Wife”, was released in the year 2014. She writes historical novels, and picture books. Her work has been translated into more than a dozen languages and is popular in over twenty countries. Her work has made the New York Times bestseller list.

“The Traitor’s Wife” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2014. Everybody knows Benedict Arnold, the general that betrayed America and fled to the British during the Revolutionary War, as the most notorious turncoat. Many also know Major John Andre, Arnold’s co-conspirator, who was taken into custody with Arnold’s documents in his books and was hanged upon George Washington’s orders. Few are aware of the integral third character in this plot: A charming young lady that actually orchestrated the whole thing.

Peggy Shippen, a socialite, is half Benedict Arnold’s age when she seduces the war hero during his time as military commander of Philadelphia. Blinded by the wit and beauty of his young bride, Arnold doesn’t realize she is keeping a secret: her loyalty to the British. Nor does he know that she is hiding a previous romance with the good looking John Andre, a British spy.

Peggy watches while her husband, who is in debt from his years of service to the colonies and crippled from wounds in battle, grows more disillusioned with Washington, who was his hero, and the cause of America. Together with her disaffected husband and her former love, Peggy puts together the plot to deliver West Point to the British. All in an effort to get fame and fortune for Arnold and herself.

Told from the point of view of Peggy’s maid, whose faith in the new nation gives her the inspiration to intervene in the affairs of her mistress despite the risk of it costing her everything.

This has taut characters and provides an interesting perspective into a well-known and yet apparently archaic scandal. This is one story about a real traitor that is told so well you will be flipping the pages well into the night.

“The Accidental Empress” is the second novel and was released in the year 2015. The year is 1853, and the most powerful ruling family are the Hasburgs. His empire reaches from Austria to Russia, from Italy to Germany, Emperor Franz Joseph is rich, young, and ready to get married.

Elisabeth “Sisi” the Duchess of Bavaria at fifteen years old, goes to the Habsburg Court with her older sister, who is already betrothed to the young emperor. Right after her arrival at the court, Sisi finds herself in a dilemma she didn’t expect. She fell for inadvertently and won the heart of the man her sister is supposed to marry. Franz Joseph reneges on the earlier proposal he made and declares intentions to marry Sisi instead.

Thrust onto the throne of the most treacherous imperial court in all of Europe, Sisi upsets familial and political loyalties to win, and keep, the love her people, her emperor, as well as the entire world.

This novel features some rich detail of the period, a bewitching and complex cast of characters, and offers up an absolutely compelling story. Allison tells an absorbing, captivating, and a beautifully told love story, with vivid detail that brings the castles, gowns, jewels, and hills to life. Sisi is a likable and relatable character from early on.

“The Queen’s Fortune” is a stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. While the French ravages the country, Desiree Clary is confronted with the life-changing truth that the world she knew and loved has gone. It has fallen on her to save her family from the guillotine.

A chance encounter with Napoleon Bonaparte, the charismatic and ambitious young military prodigy, gives her the answer. Julie, her beloved sister, marries his brother Joseph, it makes Napoleon and Desiree’s future linked for good. Quickly, they enter to a passionate and dizzying courtship of their own that leads to an engagement. They made a vow to each other to meet up in the capital once his career is secure. Her new plans with Napoleon quickly turns into a sudden heartbreak, thanks to Josephine de Beauharnais, the rising star of Parisian society. Once more, Desiree’s life has been turned on its head.

Swept through the glittering halls of the French capital, Desiree gets plunged into the new ruling class’ inner circle, entangling herself more with Napoleon, the new Empress, and his family. Her fortunes shift again, as she meets Napoleon’s star general and confidant, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte. While the two guys in Desiree’s life become military foes and political rivals, the question that pops up is: does she have to pick between the love of her nation and its Emperor and the love of her new husband?

From the raucous streets of Stockholm and Paris to the lavish estates in the French Riviera, Desiree finds herself in the middle of the rise and fall of an empire. All the while, navigating a constellation of political giants and shifting, dangerous alliances. Emerging from the impressionable young girl into a fierce woman, she finds that in order to survive in this world she has to learn to rely on her heart and her own instincts.

Allison’s meticulously researched and wonderfully imagined book sweeps the reader into the unbelievable life of a woman that almost got lost to history. It captures the uncertain days and the violent times and does a superb job of outlining the rise and fall of Napoleon.

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