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Ally Crew is a bestselling romance novelist that has become one of the most prolific in the genre. She published “Extra Hot,” her debut novel, in 2020 and has never looked back since. She now has more than twenty titles to her name.

The author was brought up in a very small town but in her adult years moved to the city where she still lives.

She has made her name writing instalove stories with curvy and sassy heroines and swoon worthy alpha heroes. As a great lover of cooking, her many recipes can be found in many of her novels.

When she is not reading and writing, she can be found gardening and looking after chickens. She is proof that you can take a girl out of a girl but you will never take the country out of her.

Ally Crew’s novel “Extra Hot” is a compelling romance story between Callie and Brody. When she met Brody, he had immediately recalibrated her hotness scale. But then she spilled hot coffee on his crotch and tried to clean it off embarrassed.

He seemed to take over her space with his blue eyes and winked at her as she tried to slink off to the safety of her office. She later learns that he is a new colleague that she has to show around the office.

She might just accept his offer of a date if she does not die first of embarrassment. She has always been cautious, but he breaks down her walls with his sincerity.

On his part, Brody had experienced some sexy sweet goodness getting his morning coffee. He never expected the shy woman to try to clean up his lap, but he did not exactly find the wiping unpleasant.

When he learns that she is an employee at the corporation he just bought, he could not be more elated. It is not long before he thinks she is too sweet and wants her to himself forever.

“Open Doors” by Ally Crew is a beautiful story of Dani and Mason. Dani’s plan to get into Mason Kenmore’s apartment worked when she never in a million years thought it would. He knows he is not a cleaning crew, but Dani needs to get closer to him anyway as he could be the key to a mystery involving her mother Lily.
When her mother died, she left her and her twin brothers with a mortgage and the mortgage company has been on their necks ever since. Mason is known for his friendship and generosity, but Dani is not so sure he will extend the same to him.

In the course of a few hours, she learns that he may just be able to explain the mystery of her mother and maybe even chart the course of her future. She doesn’t want to take his money since it may destroy the promise of what they have.

Mason thinks she is a striking resemblance of her mother and she takes his heart and breath away. She had arrived in a strange costume and he immediately knew she was not his cleaning company.

Once they met, he felt like he was talking to her mother Lily and the fact that he never got to talk to her before she died kills him. When Dani learns of the pain Mason is in, will she be able to understand why he had sworn himself to secrecy.

He has a chance to make her his and he is not going to let her go.

Ally Crew’s novel “Show Time” tells the story of Thatcher and Iris. Iris had run into the thickset man and the collision caused her to drop her phone in what was definitely not one of her finest moments. Her excuse was that she was having a bad day as she had just been fired by text.

Holding her phone hostage Thatcher demanded a date and she accepted even though she does not think he is Prince Charming. Her life is complicated by the fact that she needs to take care of her father and with no job it is going to be difficult.

She is cautious when Thatcher offers her a job as she does not know what kind of job it is.

Thatcher runs a massive theater chain and there all manner of important things that require his attention. He is used to meeting all manner of people in his work and social commitments but the young woman he met had disarmed him when she walked into his core.

Looking at him with her huge brown eyes had caused his heart to thaw. She had accepted his offer of a job but he has never been one to break rules and he is scared. She might just be the one that breaks his heart.

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