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Ally James
Ally James is from Greenville, South Carolina. She is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of the “Danvers” series and the “Pierced” series of novels, which she wrote under the name Sydney Landon.

She has worked in accounting and operations for over twenty years. She is married to the guy of her dreams with a son and a daughter, with whom she lives in South Carolina. When she isn’t writing a romance or romantic erotica, she likes the beach, reading, watching a good movie, and swimming. Ally also likes being the mini-van driving soccer mom, and pulling pranks on her unsuspecting buddies.

As a reader, she has always loved a good romance from Heather Graham to Johanna Lindsey. She later picked up a fondness for vampire and suspense novels by the likes of Richelle Mead and Rachel Caine.

As Ally first got started in her writing career, an author named Elle Lothlorien was nice enough to give her some good advice and was a huge help in keeping her encouraged.

Ally’s ability to write has always been with her, and over the years, her teachers have commented about how good her writing was while in school. She has written off and on for most of her life, and is something that she has enjoyed doing to relieve stress of life. She feels she was born with a fantastic imagination. While she has always considered herself a writer in her heart, finishing her first book it felt official.

For months, she had the story bouncing around for her first Danvers novel for months. She would lie in bed at night and just think about the characters and where she wanted them to go next. The story became more interesting than reading somebody else’s book she knew it was time to take the story line and see where she could take it.

When she began writing the story, she never imagined it would ever get finished, as she only started writing it as a hobby. Quickly, it took over. She was engrossed in the characters, and hoped to give them all their time in the spotlight. Three months later, it turned into “Weekends Required”, and inside of a few months it made the Amazon and New York Times bestseller lists.

She quickly followed up with sequels that also made bestseller lists, with the third book also making the Amazon and New York Times’ Bestseller Lists.

She came up with the title of “Weekends Required” after having about ten different names for the book. While she was writing one part of the storyline seemed to just stick out to her and she believed that it would make for a good name. She felt that the title should blend in with a part of her novel.

Ally just begins writing and see where it takes her. Sometimes, she will go back and changing her direction later.

Ideas will just come to her and end up taking over completely. She is unable to get it out of her mind until she puts it on paper.

Although if she sits down to write and the words are not there, she will just write a tiny amount and try again the next day. Work she has to force is never the best work she is capable of. As a result, she never pushes herself.

One of the toughest things for Ally is finding the time to write. With kids and an extremely busy life, making time to write without any interruption is difficult. That being said, one of the best parts about being a writer is being able to write in your pajamas.

Had she not become a writer, she believes she would have enjoyed teaching at the elementary school level. Having kids that age has helped her come to appreciate the eagerness to learn everything they can about the world around them and the genuine ability they have to love and accept unconditionally.

Ally’s first novel, called “From Alaska With Love”, was released in the year 2020 and is from the romance genre.

“From Alaska With Love” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. A soldier has only six weeks to convince the one woman he has longed for to take a chance on life and love with him up in Alaska.

The only bright spot Gabe had during his devastating tour in Iraq was Sara’s letters. With every new letter he fell harder and needed her more and he wanted to be with her. After she initially rejected his offer to meet, she has show up at the door of his remote cabin in Alaska, although she is unsure why. Gabe is unsure what made Sara change her mind, however, he knows for sure he never wants to let her go.

Major Gabe Randall is everything that Sara Ryan wants yet is nothing that she feels she deserves. Sara, a modern day spinster, hides behind her obligations to her family as well as the safe and quiet life that she has resigned herself to living. She wants Gabe secretly, even though she might have stretched the truth about who she is exactly in her letters to Gabe. Will he still want her when he gets to know the real woman behind the pen?

Once they meet, Gabe asks her to spend six weeks with him in Alaska. Six weeks to spend getting to know one another. Then she will have to figure out if they are better together or apart.

Readers adored the connection that Gabe and Sara had with each other, with their awkward talks with their emails and letters. Fans liked seeing her grow over the course of the novel and the way she is able to break away from her ungrateful family and stand on her own. Readers found themselves being touched by the emotional parts and laughing out loud at other times. James takes on a kind of mashup of soldier pen-pal fantasy and “Cinderella” in a touching and sweet way.

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