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Alma Alexander Triads Books In Order

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Publication Order of Alma Alexander Triads Books

Haunted (1911)Description / Buy at Amazon
Plaisir d'amour (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of This World (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Weight of Worlds (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sense of Love (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alexander Triads series is a collection of short stories written by Alma Alexander. The series consists of seven primary works. Book one in the series Once Upon a Fairy Tale was published in 2011. The second book in the series is Cat Tales published in the same year as the first novel in the series. The last installment in the series is A Sense of Love published in 2013.

Once Upon a Fairy Tale

The first book in the Alexander Triads series is a collection of three short stories, and the original versions of these short stories were first showcased in the classrooms of schools in the UK and Commonwealth. However, these stories were not initially written for children.

They were grown up fairy stories intended for the readers who would cry over the Oscar Wildes stories of magic, sacrifice, cruelty and the transcendent thing that was half joy and half grief.

The author of this incredible series Alma Alexander admits that her debt to the twists and dark fairy tales of Wilde and also to the pathos and the drama of Hans Christian Andersen’s work. The first novel in the series comprises of short stories is not the type of fairy tales that you might want to read to your children at bedtime. They are the kind that you ought to have a glimpse at before you go to bed and be sure that your reward will come in dreams that are rich, strange and that you have traveled for a while on the roads paved with some real magic.

Cat Tales

The Cat Tales is the second book in Alexander Triads series. In this book we get to learn that humans originally domesticated many animals from the wild, thus bringing the bests into the barn and the house to serve them. The people chose them.

However, for the cats, it was a different case. The cats chose the humans. They came into humans’ life of their own free will, and in exchange, they were to be fed and adored, and since then the humans have been at their regal beck and call. What the cats bring to us (humans) are mystery, magic, stories, purrs, and secrets. If you look into any cats eyes, you will understand that the cat knows far much more than its telling. In this second series installment, you will get a chance to peep at what lies behind the closed curtains, the Cat tales. This collection of cat stories written by the bestselling fantasy author, Alma Alexander is quite charming and engaging as well- the stories featured range from the science fiction to Young Adult to fantasy, and each of them is a delightful read.


Ghosts have been showing up since time in memorial, since when human beings began keeping records. There some friendly ghosts who will cling on to the humans because neither they or the living can bear to let go. However, there are the resentful and the vengeful ghosts or in other words those which have some unfinished business here in our world. Ghost serve many distinct purposes; they can either protect, warn or even hurt the humans.

However, in most cases, ghosts are the very essence of memory, carrying different moments of frozen time with them and with this the both move and scare us. There are millions of types of ghosts- ghosts of the spirits of the innocent and peaceful dead, ghosts of regret and horror and the ghosts of those who are yet to be born and Haunted novel narrates the stories of these three types of ghosts.

Weight of Words

In this fourth series installment, Alexander, the master storyteller provides a collection of enchanting and breathless tales of cruelty, magic, and sacrifice. These stories are like a connoisseur’s box of chocolate- they are dark and bittersweet as well which should be nibbled, savored and not devoured like fast food.

The cover story provides an insight of the several worlds and their millions and millions of souls lost in the game a chance. However, in another tale, we encounter the soul of one sinner who is locked into a stone gargoyle and serving out his time in purgatory.

The author narrates the story of an angel giving an entirely whole new life to a distraught woman, however at a bitter price. Furthermore, you will get to witness a cat battle an evil spirit and subsequently offers a safe house for a troubled child.

Plaisir d’amour

The quote “it is better to love and lose someone than never to have loved at all” was probably coined by someone who did not have their heart broken. However, most of the people who live and love in the real world indeed end up putting their hearts on the line, and in the process, they get bruised or even damaged.

In most cases, having loved someone and lost is a bitter and the grief is typically hard to accept. However, as the folk song says, love’s pleasures last for a short time but the pain of love endures for eternity. However, still, we as humans would not live without love, without the ability to love and to be in love simply because love is what provides us with strength and gives us courage. Love is what keeps us, the humans alive and finally it all comes down to love whether you have it or not, whether your value yourself worthy of it or whether you feel that you will never know it.

However, love is surprising, playful and cunning and it comes most often when one is not in search for, and it is very good at hiding when is sought for. Moreover, in the end, there is little that you can do other than offering your heart and believe all will be okay.

A Sense of Love

Love does not exist in the rational world nor is it constrained by the laws of logic. It is impossible to stand apart from it and analyze it from a secure distance such that you do not get hurt by its sharp edges.

Love resides in the heart and the senses and it is impossible to experience it without closing your eyes getting inside it and letting is close above your like an ocean. Read A Sense of Love and have a glimpse of the real nature of love.

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