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Alpha Force (Chris Ryan) Books In Order

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Publication Order of Alpha Force Books

Alpha Force is a series of books that depicts various scenes with a central and focal theme. These books tend to be very educational for many people and therefore they are much viewed to be moral as well. Some of the early books in the Alpha Force series include the survival novel, Rat-catcher and eight other books. Basically, there is a great amount of humor and a display of technicality of survival skills that humans need to be equipped with at all costs.

The first and the earliest book in this series, “Survival,” is a book that describes the survival skills of some young teens as they journey through the world. The teens sailed in a ship in the Indian Ocean as they surveyed everything around them, such as plants, and as they dived in the coral reefs. I love the author’s presentation in this first book. The characters are not in good terms with one another and everyone behaves very strangely on the ship, raising the curiosity of every individual towards each other. The characters are constantly fighting and quarreling among themselves and this made them be on tense terms with each other. To punish them, the crew leader ended up sending them off on their own, without any form of survival and even no dinner for them. This is a punishment to help them think of what they have done. Unfortunately, these kids did not go away and they hid themselves in the ship’s tender after stealing some food from the crew leader. The tender is the small boat that always follows the main ship and this becomes their living quarters during the voyage. This is, unfortunately, another plan to make the crew leader think that they have all gone missing. It is very sad that all this plan did not work for the teens, and another disaster comes. The five teens have found themselves very much set adrift in the ocean – a sad experience is present indeed. This makes them wash up on a very small and uninhabited island and they now have to battle it out. In the island, there is no water, not food, there are illnesses, some dragons and also sharks. To make it sadder, there are modern day pirates. This means that the teens will have to use all their skills as to survive – this is tough and difficult for them but they have no choice but to do it. Much is in the story and this indeed teaches us to learn survival skills more so when it comes to human survival skills to deal with calamities like illnesses and starvation.

The most interesting this about this book “Survival” in the Alpha Force series in that the author has all the first-hand information and knowledge when it comes to jungle survival skills and therefore he brings them all into play in this story. Everything that these teens do, beginning from how they raised their shelter, how they treated their wounds and even how they chopped the open coconut and other skills surely look realistic and they can teach us much when it comes to surviving in some areas. Ryan even goes further when he provides all the tips that are needed to survive in the tropical conditions at the end of this book. All these make the survival strategies that we encounter in our endangered situations to be very much life-like. I wonder, had it been that these teens landed somewhere different, how the outcomes would have changed. “Survival” also brings up a series of important questions to the reader: What is the importance of friendship? Is friendship more important than survival? How much should one person be willing to take from people he loves in order to assure that his life is safe?

Taking a look at the other books in the series, one will find the novel “Rat-Catcher.” The book explains a lot about the mission that the five teens took after they were brought together and stranded in the island as described in the “Survival” book. These teens have found something that best suits them and they have begun a mission to work as a team in under covering and fighting injustice. Will this make a difference? The exact answer is in the book. The elite team is set in a South American operation to catch a drug baron. Their individual skills are tested to the brink and this shows another survival technique as well. One of the teens’ dad is in the team that works towards catching this drug baron. This makes the whole team at the watch when it comes to completing their mission and goal, though faced with various challenges. The series, however, moves on and in other books, it is discussed much on the teens moving to other parts of the world like Alaska with a specific mission to undercover. They are still mobilizing their skills as to survive in every place to which they move and this firmly makes everyone focus on the main theme of the series, which are skills and survival. They move to Australia still to fight injustice around the world. Surely the series seems to be interesting and should be read by everyone. In many senses, this action packed sequel to “Survival” answers many of the questions that its predecessor asked. Recurring themes such as the importance of self-sacrifice and the dire need for friendship. The overarching theme of the series as a whole is that when friendship is unbreakable, the impossible becomes possible.

There are some movies of the series’ books that have been published. For instance, The Rat-catcher film which basically illustrates much of the series’ two events. The movie gives the book a more visual aspect. Another movie is the Survival film that gives many illustrations on the five teens and their actions when it comes to using their skills in surviving. The movie shows that these two earlier books are important and they prove to be essential when it comes to understanding the series.

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