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Publication Order of Alpha Force Books

Alpha Force series is based on the story of a special group, a section of the military, which is mostly composed of members with shape-shifting abilities. The supernatural humans are mostly elite, and using their knowledge and powers to be of great help to the military department.

The series is focused on several of the Alpha Force individuals, who represent the activities of the whole group. The shape-shifting individuals are able to change from the human form to the werewolf form during full moon nights. The werewolves usually have no control over their form, and can only change into werewolves during the full moon. They have wild thoughts like those of common wolves while in that form, their mind completely changing along with their body form.

However, some members of the camp who are able to research and invent medicine and drugs are doing their best to help the supernatural beings have more control over themselves. Major Drew finally comes up with an elixir, which is more advanced, in that it can help the werewolves maintain the rationality that human mind has even in their changed form, with their knowledge and decision making under their own control. The elixir is also excellent in that it enables the shape-shifting members of the Alpha Forces to shape shift anytime they feel like.

In order to shape shift in this context, an individual has to take the elixir, get rid of all the clothes on their bodies at the moment and the process begins, having them growing fur all over their bodies, changing the jaw structure including growing longer canines and developing the sound of the wolf. They are finally on all fours. During the process, an aide is usually by their side, shining a torch on their bodies. The aide is also on the look- out as the werewolf changes back to the human form, to ensure that they are not in danger while in their vulnerable human form, since the changing mostly happens in the forest or bushy areas where the werewolf form was operating.

The werewolves avoid the people, seeking to walk in solitude and even opting to be among other wild animals. They feel perfectly comfortable in the parks and bushes, not to mention the comfort that comes with the form while walking through the night, bathed in the moon light. They moreover enjoy the silent and quiet environment, which a normal human being would find queer and chilling.

The shape-shifting individuals are an essential part of the defense forces in the United States, helping investigate major and mysterious murders, explosions and other felony crimes. This duty is perfect for them due to their nature, which ensures that they can venture into more dangerous places that normal human beings would risk lives venturing. They also have increased senses, with both the human and the wolf senses functioning well.

The series incorporates romance, which makes it more interesting and captivating. This incorporation also sees readers anticipating for the next book in the series, just to see the love between couples grow as the supernatural features and functions are intertwined. This feature comes out especially from the third book in the series, ‘Guardian Wolf’, where Simon Parran, a shape-shifting young man who never disclosed this to his former girlfriend Dr. Grace Andreas finds out that Grace also has similar powers. He also finds out that Grace works with the undercover Alpha Forces that accommodates the shape-shifting humans as a lieutenant. He finds Grace most attractive especially as she changes from the werewolf form to the human form, bringing out her full beautiful femininity on board. He spies on her every mission, and though Grace sometimes suspects a familiar being, she does not get to learn about the spies on her by Simon.

As he had anticipated, the love between them is cultivated when they start working together for the Alpha Force, and the fourth book in the series, ‘Undercover Wolf’, brings their marriage into context. They have a gracious wedding that sees Grace’ aide, Seargent Kathrine Norwood, as the best maid and Simon’s brother, Quinn Parran as the best man. The story brings the second couple that are interested in each other, Kristine and Quinn on board.

When the newlyweds go for their honeymoon, Quinn, who was also recruited into Alpha Forces for his shape-shifting abilities rather than training, gets Kristine to aid him in his preliminaries. Kristine is already attracted to him, and seeing him nude during the shape-shifting heats her blood, creating fantasies and day dreams about Quinn and herself.

This is heightened when the newlyweds disappear in their honeymoon, and they can neither be tracked through phone calls nor physical contact. Tension gets its place in Alpha Force as murder cases emerge exactly where the newlyweds were supposed to be spending their honeymoon. Quinn, who is more than worried about his brother, is ready to go to the place as an undercover to get the root of all this, and possibly rescue his brother.

Kristine is the best escort he can have, as she was closest to Grace and they need to be of opposite sex to act as newlyweds for the plan to work. During the mission, Kristine and Quinn get closer to each other, each wishing they were on a real date rather than a professional duty.

These examples lighten the professional mood of the series about investigations, making it great and enhancing the anxiety it leaves behind.

The call of duty of all the members of the force is evident in the whole series, where every character is ready to uncover the mystery that they are called to, keeping all their personal interests at bay. As with the characters already discussed, though they were conspicuously in love, they put that behind first in order to accomplish their mission. In one of the first books, ‘Alasken Wolf’, another member, Patrick Worley is worried that his mission might backfire due to the presence of the female naturalist in the Alaska Glacier region who was with him, and wishes he was alone so as to cover his mission successfully.

The books are captivating, especially when incorporating both the supernatural and human beings working together. The characters are brought out so well that the context seems real.

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