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An ardent lover and follower of anything nerdy from star wars to Star Trek, Aileen Erin has an audacious fascination with anything that is out of the ordinary; supernatural to be precise. With a Bachelor’s degree in Radio and Film from Texas University and an MFA in popular fiction from one Seton Hill University, Aileen Erin is definitely a connoisseur when it comes to fantasy and supernatural. As a formidable force and figure in the writing business, Aileen is undeniably found in the upper echelons of any serious reader’s, authors list. Her technical prowess is beyond any reasonable doubt while her aptitude of creating a novel that is exhaustively intoxicating is something to be admired.

With her top of the line writing skills, Aileen was able to create a series that is not only spectacular but also brilliantly executed. Specifically created for the lovers of the supernatural, the Alpha Girl series by Aileen Erin is definitely a must read that will keep you interested from the first page to the last.

Becoming Alpha

As the first book of the series, Becoming Alpha introduces the reader to a supernatural world where things out of the ordinary do exist. Becoming Alpha is a book that follows the life of one Tessa McCaide, a teenage girl with a rather unique talent of getting into trouble despite the fact that she has some telepathic abilities. As time passes by, Tessa is unexpectedly turned into a werewolf, hence she must begin a new life that is totally different to what she had initially been used to.

Unlike any other supernatural novel or series, Becoming Alpha presents the reader with a unique opportunity of learning about the hierarchy between the were-wolves packs together with the main difference between the alphas and the Alphas. In addition, any reader will undeniably find the born vs bitten angle to be very intriguing. The secondary characters in the book are also quite enjoyable though not as much as the main characters. Meredith, who is Tessa’s new best friend is portrayed as someone any girl would want to be a friend with. Apart from being an odd ball, Meredith is able to guide Tessa to embrace her fresh start.

Filled with elements of insta love, some which have been magically explained, Becoming Alpha is undeniably a fantastic book that will keep you hooked all the way. As your average girl, Tessa is forced to fit in a rather peculiar and strange magical world that she is not used to. With her high end writing skills, Aileen was able to bring to life two main characters, Dastien and Daleen, who from any readers point of view are undeniably well written and their connection is just on another level.

Avoiding Alpha

Avoiding Alpha picks up from where Becoming Alpha left off. Tessa is now settling in, in her new life as a werewolf. She is still seeing Dastien while Meredith is still her best friend. But along the line something unfortunate happens, Meredith’s curse becomes deadlier than before which in turn starts to kill her. As her devoted best friend, Tessa is more than determined to ensure that her friend is saved from the curse even if it means that she will have to negotiate with unstable leader of the pack called Bruja Coven. Since this is more of a continuation to the previous installment, it is rather difficult to begin from the second book because most of the things are not going to make any sense.

In order to save her friend’s life Tessa has to go to the Coven and strike a deal with Luciana. As a good friend, Tess was willing to do almost anything so as to save her friend’s life. So as to go to the Coven, she was going to need Dastien’s help because they were a mated couple. His work was going to protect her and also keep control her when she was out of control. But as luck would have it, Tessa ran into a blockade while at the coven. Luciana was still undecided as to whether Tessa should join the coven or let her use her spell. It was during the argument that Luciana gave Tessa an idea involuntary on how she might save Meredith. Tessa and Dastien left in a hurry.

Tess asks Dastien to call the school so that all the werewolves can assemble into the courtyard. So as to save, Meredith Tess was going to employ witchcraft and her own Alpha powers so as to prevent Meredith from dying. Is it going to be a long shot? With only a few hours left, Tess has very little time left to save her friend. Is Tess going to get into Meredith’s head successfully this time around? Is Meredith going to survive the ordeal? Is her curse going to be broken?


Presented as a strong character, Tessa has the aptitude of keeping it cool even when the odds are against her. The commentary on her side, be it the things she might have said or the conversation inside her head is absolutely captivating while the repartee between Tessa and Dastien is equally swoon worth and hysterical. Despite being a werewolf, Tessa is somewhat reluctant to go fury which in turn affected Dastien and her rightful place in the pack. As a character who is willing to go to the extreme, one can only hope that she is able to make the right decisions especially when she appeared as if she was going to sacrifice herself to the witches.

Apart from being a strong character, Tessa has all the qualities of a leader but first she has to accept herself. On the other hand Dastien is presented as someone who is not only strong but also powerful, a very good example of an Alpha male. In addition to his Alpha Male traits, Dastien is very romantic, sweet, protective and very caring. Throughout the series, he is very patient with Tessa, though one might argue that he is the main reason why she is in that mess.

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