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Publication Order of Alpha and Omega Books

Chronological Order of Alpha and Omega Books

Born back in 1965, Patricia Briggs is one of the most renowned writers in United States. She has written several stand alone books as well as book series. She has also received various accolades for her work as well as several bestseller spots. Patricia began her writing career over two decades ago in early 1990. Her first novel (called Masques) was published in 1993 although the sales were poor compared to later works. The second book (Steal the Dragon) did much better and gathered positive reviews. She later began writing dual and multiple-book stories. These were two different books that shared the same world as well as characters although they had complete distinct storylines. Some examples include Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood, Raven’s Shadow and Raven’s Strike.

Patricia began writing urban fantasy books when her editor asked her to and the first work in this category made it to the bestseller list. Some of her works have even achieved the bestseller number one spot in USA. One of Patricia’s achievements has been in writing book series. Alpha & Omega book series is a continuing work that has captured the attention of many readers.

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Alpha & Omega is a book series that Patricia first published in 2008 in the first story named Cry Wolf. There are three other books in the series including Hunting Ground (2009), Fair Game (2012) and Dead Heat expected to be released in the spring of 2015. This book series has a similar setting like her earlier series called The Mercy Thompson. Alpha and Omega begins as a continuation of a story published in a former stand alone novel (On the Prowl) in 2007. Anna Latham and Charles are the main characters.

Cry Wolf is the first book in the Alpha and Omega series. Anna is a waitress in an Italian themed restaurant and she is also a werewolf. Other wolfs in the pack mistreat and toast her around. She is abused, raped and beaten. The alpha of her pack, Leo does not care about her and lets other abuse Anna, who was changed into a werewolf three years back against her will. She manages to leave the pack and stop her mistreatments but an article reporting a missing person that was held captive by Leo returns her fears. She calls Bran who is a dominant alpha wolf of North America. Bran organizes a group of wolfs to deal with Leo. Anna meets Charles who is a forceful personality, dominant and Half-Native American. Charles is Bran’s son and enforces his father’s law. She realizes Charles is more dominant than Leo but Charles take longer to realize that Anna is also a wolf. He later discovers Anna is an omega werewolf, with special abilities that can calm dominant wolfs, an attribute she did not know of. Immediately, Charles is attracted to Anna and wants her for a mate. Anna still has reserved fear for dominant wolfs and this angers Charles although he controls it. They later fall in love and Anna gives in to his needs. There are various dramas in the book and Charles gets wounded in a wolf confrontation. They later travel to Charles’s luxurious home in Montana where Anna realizes her potential powers as an omega.

Hunting Ground is the second book in the series and basically involves a few adventures in the lives of Anna and her mate Charles in Montana. Anna learns just how dangerous a werewolf can be especially if there is a threat on Charles and his father Bram. A werewolf is killed and identified as one of those who oppose Charles’s father. The penalty for perpetrators is death and Charles becomes the main suspect for investigations due to his oppressive personality although he did not do it. Now he and Anna must hunt the real killers before the death penalty is enforced.

Fair Game is the third book in the continuation of Alpha & Omega book series. Although Charles and Anna are now in a serious relationship, there is no time that trouble ceases to surround them. Three werewolves, several half-blood faes and many humans are killed mysteriously. Patricia introduces a small story about Leslie Fisher who grows to become an FBI agent. He allies with Anna and Charles together with fellow agent Goldstein in finding the killers. Charles is experiencing a hard time focusing on his relationship with Anna as ghosts of the people he previously executed continue to haunt him.

Dead Heat is expected to continue from where Fair Game stopped. It will be released in the spring of 2015 (3rd March). In a synoptic description, Patricia posted that Charles and Anna are travelling to Arizona where he is planning to buy a horse for her birthday. Apparently the fae being and human war is about to heat up. The dangerous fae is replacing human babies with simulacrums. Charles and Anna are caught in the cross fire.

The Alpha & Omega series exhibits unparalleled imagination and fantasy. The setting, suspense and plotting is excellent. The storylines in each book are given sufficient background information and readers can follow through with heightened anticipation of what will happen next. Besides receiving various awards and bestseller spots, some of Patricia’s works have been made into graphical illustrations. Mercy Thompson Homecoming was made into a graphical novel in 2009. In 2012, another graphic novel Moon Called was released. Graphical novels encourage imaginative reading based on visual images presented and are different from movies. Readers and viewers will however be hoping to watch a movie based on one of Patricia’s many books.

Patricia Briggs is a popular paranormal fantasy writer who excels in her work. She has several stand-alone novels, multi-book stories and book series to her name. Alpha & Omega is one of the existing series that features a world similar to The Mercy Thompson series. Both books have sold incredibly and readers cannot wait to lay their hands on the next work. Another book collection called Shifting Shadows is expected to be released on Tuesday 2nd September 2014. The collection will feature short stories. With Patricia’s comments about Dead Heat, it can only be said that this will not be the last book in Alpha and Omega series.

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