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Carole Mortimer was born in a rather small village in Bedfordshire, England. She is the youngest in a family of three children (she has two older brothers). She is also happily marriage to Peter. Together they live in a small jewel of an island that is situated in the Irish Sea (that is between England and Ireland). They have six sons (though this may to a certain extent serve indication that she may be outnumbered by men In her life, it has not in any way affected her judgment, in fact, she has on several occasions claimed that it has helped her focus more and equally made her feel very protected and safe since they are always looking out for her.

Carole admits to dreaming of one day becoming a nurse. Unfortunately for her she was involved in an accident and sustained a back injury during her first year into her nursing training. This injury in turn forced her to make a hasty career change. She ended up becoming a supervisor of an office department serving in that capacity for a couple of years. Through this time she used to read many books. In fact, she admits to having started reading books at the tender age of 11. She however started taking writing very seriously when linked to Harlequin Mills and finally boon herself in 1978.

having already written more 190 books, you can deduce how much work she has done over the years. Carole writes modern present series as well as the harlequin series all of which she says are extremely fun being a part of. In addition to the above, Carole loves spending time with her family, her other interests include traveling and cross stitching etc. she is also fond of furnishing and decorating regency style dolls house which her husband bought for her a couple of years ago. Cross – stitch you may be wondering, well this comes in handy especially because Carole is always working on making carpets for her dolls house herself. Carole also happens to the proud recipient of the 2015 Nora Robert’s achievement award for the romance category. In fact, in 2012, she was also honored by Queen Elizabeth the II for her outstanding contribution to literature.

About the Series: Alpha

Having been a long fan of Carole’s work, I must admit that I am impressed at the manner in which her work has evolved over the years. More specifically, one of her latest series titled: “Alpha” really caught my attention. Taking into consideration the fact that Carole has over the years written more than 200 books, you must be so curious as to what might have caught my attention in the alpha series. First off, one of the things which caught my attention is the fact that this series is a romantic suspense series.

Carole’s book “Alpha” is slightly different from most of her previous releases in the sense that upon its release, she made sure it was available in both trade paperback and in eBook format. This means, the book will also be made available even to those fans who do not have an ereader including the countless who have continuously requested her to publish a complete physical copy of her 200th copy for their own “keep shelf”.

The feedback from readers to the alpha romantic suspense series has also been nothing short of overwhelming. In fact all of the releases linked to this series have all made it to the top 100 best sellers list. Carole admits to having lots of fun drafting the alpha series mentioning Lijah smith and the hero of Renegade Alpha as her favorites.

As strange as it may sound, Carole admits to having dreamt about the alpha series even before she sat down to work on it. The series has also turned out to feature sexier situations and language compared to her previous releases. Carole is also on record saying that after serious consideration and deep thought into series’ story line and making the decision to have the book released to readers soonest possible, she also reached the decision to have the series self published.

The process of writing the series however just like any other has not gone without its own set of challenges. Carole claims to have put in a lot of hard work and dedicated a great deal of time. Looking at the outcome, it is clearly evident that her hard work has not gone unnoticed taking into consideration the fact that her respect and admiration in the eyes of readers and fellow authors has only grown more following the release of alpha series.

In addition to her own efforts, Carole also worked closely with her support staff in the days coming up to the release of the alpha series. She attributes her amazing working relationship with her editor friend as one of the main reasons why the alpha series has been so successful.
When reading you will truly come to appreciate Carole’s prowess which is clearly seen in the manner in which she brought out the connection between Nikolai and Daisy in the Warrior alpha installation of the series. More specifically the author did such an amazing job in bring out the fight between the two as sexy. The drama scenes which follow are equally interesting and so is the rest of the installation and the series as a whole.

It is equally worth mentioning that this series is by far one of the best by Carole. Though some of the series installations can stand alone, you should try as much as possible to get the entire series and read them in order of their release. Doing so is very important because it will help save you the trouble of having to worry about connecting dots as a result of the appearance of other couples from previous series installations. If you are an enthusiast of romantic suspense series the make a point of getting hold of Carole’s Alpha series and read the already relapsed installments in order if you haven’t done so. One thing I an guarantee you is the fact that you will be completely hooked judging by the approach taken by the author coupled by the twists and turn as well as the suspense throughout the series.

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