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Publication Order of Alphas Books

Alphas (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Movers & Fakers (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Belle of the Brawl (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Top of the Feud Chain (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Alphas series is a series of popular books in the young adult genre written by bestselling American-Canadian author Lisi Harrison. The Alphas series is a spin-off from Harrison’s other popular young adult series “The Clique” that first introduced the characters in the Alphas. The debut novel in the series was the 2009 published “Alphas”, which was followed by three other titles culminating in “Top of the Feud Chain” in 2011. The novels are about an academy founded by a billionaire business woman known as Shira Brazille called the “Alpha Academy”. Housing up to a hundred girls, the academy aims to train the best investors, musicians, writers, and dancers and will eliminate anyone that does not make the cut. The three lead characters in the series include Skye Hamilton from Clique, Allie A. Abbot a pretender to the school, Charlie Deery a beta girl, Shira Brazille the owner of the Alpha Academy and her sons, and Alliue J. Abbot, a proud environmentalist and singer songwriter.

Lisi Harrison owes much of her excellence in writing the young adult novels in the Alphas series of novels to how she was raised. Harrison was born in Toronto, Canada to Shaila and Ken Gottlieb the younger of two siblings, one of who she references in “A Tale of Two Pretties”. Lisi went to Hebrew school, then to a public high school before attending McGill University to study film. She quit after two year after realizing that her true passion was in writing and not film. She enrolled in Emerson College in Boston where she got her Creative Writing Bachelors degree. Before she became a bestselling writer of young adult novels she had been a Senior Director of Development for MTV in New York. It was at MTV where she learned about the things that most appeal to teens. She learned about how young adults crave acceptance and to fit in, which was the major inspiration for her getting into writing her novels in the “Pretenders”, “Monster High”, “Alphas”, and “The Clique” series that reminded her of how life was in middle school. After selling more that 9 million copies of her first series the Clique she quit her MTV job to become a full-time writer. With more that four bestselling series to her name she can only get better.

“The Alphas” series was spun off from the idea of the Clique novels that had the Octavian Country Day School, that was ruled by Massie Block. In the Alphas series the lead protagonist is Skye Hamilton, a girl uprooted from her home in Westchester New York and taken to the private Alpha Academy run by Shira Brazille. Shira is an eccentric Australian billionaire who runs a sci-fi survivor like school that intends to produce the next generation of powerful women. Shira is a mix between Emily Weiss, Sheryl Sandberg, and Oprah Winfrey as she runs a cosmetics like and is host to several female empowerment seminars. A hundred girls from across the United States were chosen to attend the exclusive skill, who were then whittled down to one depending on their proficiency in balancing the rigors of education with their social lives. The academy is a combination of evil and fabulous with its own biosphere, temperature gauges, and private planes for the girls. The girls had access to top of the range resources ranging from studios, labs, motivational, style, and social classes provided free. Harrison creates a rigorous and intense lifestyle that is fascinating as well as interesting as getting into one of the Harry Potter Houses, Yale, or Harvard.

“Alphas” the first novel of the series is an intriguing novel that introduces three roommates of the Shira Academy competing to become the ultimate alpha in the mold of Shira their benefactor. Sky Hamilton intends to become a world renowned dancer to impress her role model and idol Shira, while Allie J, Abbott pretends to be eco-friendly/songwriter and singer Allie A. Abbott. Allie is hot for Devlin Brazille and will do anything including acts of cruelty and ostracization of his ex. Charlie Deery is a beta girl that was the last one to get her acceptance letter into the Alpha Academy. However, she only got in on the condition that she would drop Devlin Brazille her boyfriend. Charlie lives in constant ridicule from her classmates though what they do not know is that she also spies for Shira. With backstabbing, mean girl tactics and petty fights galore, it looks like the typical junior high school novel. However, an introspective look shows a novel full of life with wry humor, romance, adventure, crazy midnight rendezvous, cool technology and loyal friendships that may last a lifetime.

“Movers and Fakers” is the second charming novel of the Alphas series by Lisi Harrison. The three girls still have their goals of becoming a success at Alpha Academy and getting one of the Brazille boys for a romantic partner. One is hoping no one would find out that she is not who she is at the academy; another needs to show her worth to Shira the school proprietor by proving that she is no longer an item with her son; and another is out to prove that no one can dance better than her and getting the Brazille boy while at it. But then the real Allie J. Abbott reports to school and Allie A. finds herself without a boyfriend or any friends. Skye hates the real Allie and will do anything in her power to get her expelled from Alpha Academy. Charlie comes up with a plan to disable the island’s cameras but the big question is will she remain true to herself, win the competition and get the guy she loves? She tries so hard to be friendly with everyone but finds it hard to reconcile with the fact that one she believed was her best friend was never one. Charlie believes that by disabling the security cameras on the island she can outperform the proud and arrogant Allie J and mend the friendships torn by all the rivalry. While seemingly a perfect plan it remains to be seen if Charlie will help her roommate out by giving up her boyfriend and forgiving Allie. It is the ultimate test of friendships, romance, loyalty and honesty as the race to stay in the Alpha Academy heats up.

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