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Publication Order of Altered Books

Jennifer Rush resides in an exceedingly small town that is located on Lake Michigan’s shoreline, with her children and husband. As she was growing up, Jennifer Rush had always wanted to be an Egyptologist; however, she eventually realized that she hated deserts. It was at this point that Jennifer decided to declare herself as an author. Her first literary award came when she was in fourth grade, a Mickey Mouse Pencil. Ever since Jennifer Rush has continued to craft her stories. During her free time, Jennifer Rush loves to read, consume large amounts of caffeine and Photoshop. Jennifer Rush is widely known for the Altered Saga, which is a three book series. Her debut novel Bot Wars, which was released for middle graders, hit the market in the year 2013. Jennifer Rush penned the Bot War novel using her pen name, J.V Kade.

Altered Series


Altered in the first book in the altered book series. More than four years ago, Anna made the discovery that her father was keeping in their basement. Anna discovered that her father had been keeping four boys in their basement for quite a long time. Despite the fact that this may be every teenage girl’s dream, the four boys were exceedingly different. The boys were not only genetically, altered but they were also suffering from amnesia. The boys happen to be part of a bigger puzzle that Anna had been given small pieces to. In the four years that had passed swiftly, Anna had come to know each of the boys extremely well. It is at this point that we are introduced to Cas, who not only has a sharp wit but also loves food as well and is extremely funny. Trev is also another character that the author introduces. Trev has a myriad of quotes in his head, and he is always willing to share them with others.

He happens to be one of Anna’s closest friends. Nick is also another character, whom among the four boys, Anna does not feel quite comfortable to be around. Sam is the last character. He is not only intense but he is also sweet as well, and he is the only boy that Anna seems to have a huge crush on. From the very first page, Altered was filled with nonstop action and guessing. There are several twists and turns as well as secrets and murders. The book is also filled with moments when an exceedingly young girl discovers that she can be a bad ass too.


As the second book in the series, Erased picks up from where the first book had left off from. Anna has managed to run off from the Branch with Cas, Nick, and Sam. These four characters are more than determined to find answers. They are also trying to survive. Hence they follow extremely strict rules to ensure that they remain hidden. Nick, Sam, Cas, and Anna are also struggling with memories that they cannot make sense off. The tension inside the house is exceedingly thick, and Nick’s carefree attitude does not help as well. However, it does not take long before they get assistance from someone that they least expected. The assistance, in turn, helps them find someone that Anna had been looking for with the hope of finding answers and solutions of destroying the Branch.

It does not take long before the group realizes that they should split up if they are to make any progress. Due to unknown reasons, Nick has always been somehow hostile towards Anna. However, as the book progresses it becomes apparently clear why he acts the way he does when their pasts are revealed. With that said, Rush has done an excellent job of providing the readers with an excellent addition to the series. With lots of twists and turns, that the reader does not expect and an exceedingly riveting story, which will keep the reader turning the pages, you will want to read this story.


Reborn is the final book in the Altered book series, except a novella. Instead of using Anna’s perspective, we get Elizabeth’s and Anna’s perspective. It is not only different but also unexpected. The previous installment ended in such a manner that many readers thought that it was the last installment in the series. However, once Reborn was released, it became apparently clear that it was the end of Anna’s story. The author, Jennifer Rush decided that it was high time to give another character the limelight. Nicky is not only broody, but he also had an exceedingly rough life. Nick has begun to remember his life before the branch. Nick also remembers something exceedingly horrible that he may have done in the past. It is at this point that Nick decides to travel to an exceedingly small town of Trademarr, Illinois. His task is to establish whether the girl that she had met before was still alive.

Once the two meet, Elizabeth notices that Nick has not changed at all and Nick looks the same way he did many years ago. As the two characters get to know one another, Nick eventually gets to know that there was a lab that was located in their town and wonders what exactly the Branch might have done to Elizabeth. With shock factor and mystery, Reborn is an exceedingly wonderful finale. There are romance and action as well. The book is also filled some exceedingly cool science fiction elements. Reborn is filled with character from the previous books as well as new ones. Once the readers get into the book, they are going to enjoy this book.

The romance between these two characters was more gentle. Unlike the first book that uses Michigan as the setting, this book uses Illinois. If you are a fan of Maximum Ride by one James Patterson, Shatter Me by one Tahereh Mafi, then you are going to love this installment. With that said, Jeniffer Rush is an excellent author, who can create well-written books that capture the reader’s attention from the very first page to the last. Her writing style is exceedingly unique, while her ability to create well-developed characters is second to none.

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