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Publication Order of Tales Of Alvin Maker Books

Alvin Maker is the main character in a series of fantasy/alternate history books written by bestselling American author Orson Scott Card. The series publication ran from 1987 to 2003 and explored the experiences of a young man, Alvin Miller who discovers his incredible abilities to create & shaping things around him.

The stories in the series take place on the American frontier during the early 19th century, a setting that is based on the old American superstition and folklore set in a world where the characters have a limited “knack” to undertake some task to near perfection or a limited supernatural ability.

The stories also involve some historical figures and historical events; however, this is a creation of alternate history. What was once known as the Colonial United States is divided in the novels into some different countries including a smaller United States? The series features a much stronger American Indian influence in its society and culture, between Virginia and New England and extending to Ohio. Then there is a monarchy on the Eastern seaboard that was founded by the House of Stuart while in exile. Furthermore, many of the historical figures in the story are either presented as pure imitation or only bear some superficial resemblance to the historical persons. Some of the historical figures are also accorded some supernatural abilities, for example, Benjamin Franklin, who is not featured as a character but frequently mentioned in the series, is considered to have been a Maker. Then there is Napoleon who is deemed to hold the abilities to make others obey him and adore him and also capable of seeing other people high ambitions.

There are some famous Native American Indians such as Tecumseh, whom the books refer to him as Ta Kumsaw. His brother Tensquatawa is also known as Tenskwa Tawa. These two characters in the series bear a resemblance to the two famous Native Americans. Furthermore, the battle of Tippecanoe, in which the two brothers were involved, is also included in the books even though its outcome is different from the historical one we know.

Alvin Maker made his debut in Seventh Son in 1987. He is the seventh son of a 7th son and discovers that he possesses abilities that surpass that of everyone else. He is capable of changing both the non-living and the living matter by force of will and hence his title, “Maker.” However his power comes at a cost, not only that does he feel a great responsibility to use his abilities for good, but there are also evil forces that want to see him dead. Thus he must learn on how to use his powers and use them for a good while trying to survive and evading those against him. Along the way, Alvin is helped by people whose their skills are not high but who see in Alvin Maker a way to use their abilities, wisdom and contribute to a greater good. However, some people try to either misguide him or exploit him to use his super abilities for their selfish gains.

There are several themes discussed in the series such as Race, Conflict, and Mormonism. Alvin possesses characteristics that which are similar to Joseph Smith- the Mormon founder. Some of the events featured in Seventh Son are akin to that of Smith’s Childhood. Alvin experiences visions of building a Crystal City, similar to the Mormon settlement of Nauvoo, Illinois. Furthermore, Alvin had a premonition that he could probably die after creating the Crystal City which also suggests Smiths death in Nauvoo.

Human race also plays a significant role in the series, more so in the way that it shapes the abilities that people of different cultures develop. The Whites have cultivated skills or knacks that appear to have been derived from traditions and folklore of Western Europe and Colonial America. The “Blacks” use their objects of power in a manner that is similar to Voodoo practices. The theme of conflict recurs in the books, more so between the Destroyers and Creators.

Seventh Son

Seventh Son is the first novel Alvin Maker series by Orson Scott Card. It is set between 1800-1810 in what would be Indiana and Ohio and describes the birth and the significant growing up of Alvin Miller. He is uniquely gifted and born into a frontier America in which the magic works and play a crucial role in people’s lives. However, this is not the only single difference between our world and the world that Card has created. The story also features Oliver Cromwell who lived to be 97 years, and due to this, England’s Puritan Commonwealth never fell. Even though the Puritans were able to maintain a grip on New England, neither could the English group dislodge the Swedes, or the Dutch or the French from the New World- and so, Alvin’s world is different from the real one.

In the story, France is still a monarch while Canada is still under the French influence and there was no French revolution since there was no American revolution to initiate it. Scott Card quality of writing, characterization, and world-building in this first installment are all top notches. The author’s narration and the dialogue are leavened with humor and entertaining.

Red Prophet

Red Prophet continues the story of Alvin Make in an alternate American history and this time largely from a Lalawasike viewpoint which is known to many readers of the American readers as The Prophet.
As the story begins, we are introduced to the governor of Carthage City, William Henry Harrison who is dealing with the Native American in his versions. He purchases Whiskey and sells it is to the Whiskey Reds, and since many of the Reds have a low tolerance to alcohol, many of them eventually die.
Tecumseh discovers that the alcohol is killing people and knows of Jackson’s plans. He then decides to lead his people against the Whites. Alvin Maker on his way to apprenticeship comes across Tecumseh, and by this way, he too becomes involved in the war. Not only Alvin is instrumental in influencing the outcome of The Battle of Tippecanoe, but with the aid of the Red Prophet, Alvin can see the visions of the future and discovers more about his powers.

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