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Publication Order of Always Satisfied Books

Delayed Satisfaction (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Satisfaction Guaranteed (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Instant Gratification (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Delayed Gratification (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Have I Ever (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Overnight Service (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Special Delivery (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
P.S. It's Always Been You (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lauren Blakely is an American published author of novels in the romance genre.

She loves anything when it comes to clever jokes and things like toast. She also loves when novels have good guys and includes them in her own writing. Lauren shares the opinions of her female character, the heroine of Caught Up In Us, where life ought to be full of things like movie kisses and things like coffee drinks.

The author is married and shares children with her husband. Together they reside in the state of California. Lauren is often busy writing stories that are true and fictional. She is a best selling author on the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as well as Audible. Lauren is most often recognized for writing in the contemporary romance genre. Her writing can be described as witty and sweet (and sexy). She has had over a dozen of her books make the best sellers lists of multiple publications and she is officially a best-selling author, as Blakely has sold millions of her books and established herself as one of fiction’s popular romance authors.

Lauren Blakely is the creator and the author of the Always Satisfied series. This series of fictional novels first began in 2019, with the publication of the debut novel, Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you have been searching for a romance series to read that is red hot, be sure to check this one out and see what you think!

Satisfaction Guaranteed is the first novel in the exciting Always Satisfied series by Lauren Blakely. In this romance novel, readers get to meet the main character of Sloane and her love interest Malone.

Malone is a vet that wants to have his own practice one day. When it comes to love, things are a little complicated for him. Sloane will forever be to him the one that ‘got away’. He knows in his heart that she is the only one for him. But when another chance comes around, is Malone ready to take it and risk other things in his life too?

She may have gotten away, but now things are different. Sloane is back in his life and they are working together. The only problem with this is that she’s the daughter of the boss. The first thing that you know to do is avoid going with the boss’s daughter. Don’t fall in love with her and don’t date her. Particularly when you have plans to try and buy the business from the father.

Sloane is hot, and she’s constantly around Malone every day. They’re spending hours together, and she’s just as smart and attractive as she ever was. Malone is having a tough time resisting the temptation, which arises a lot considering they’re always in proximity of each other at the office. The girl’s off limits if he wants his work world and future plans to go well.

They flirt and even talk here and there, and have kissed. But when she gives him a challenge, can Malone rise to the occasion? Read this book to catch all of the romance for yourself! This is a stand alone novel as part of a series where all books stand alone and can be read chronologically, in any order, or as you come upon them.

Never Have I Ever is the second novel in the Always Satisfied series by author Lauren Blakely. If you loved the first novel or love romance stories, this may be the right book for you!

A single father meets a woman that might end up being his match. Zach has gotten used to being a parent on his own. He’s available and handsome and smart as well as charming. Piper is starting to get irritated by this man who is busy working just down the hall from where she is. She thinks that he’s doing it on purpose. A divorce attorney trying to bother a wedding planner.

Zach Nolan is handsome, but Piper sees him as the enemy. They’re opposites that clash every time they come together. She sees red when she speaks to Zach. She can’t help but be infuriated by him while at the same time wanting to kiss him. When they start planning a party for friends, she starts to see that he has good sides to him. She also worries that she might fall for him.

They’re spending a lot of time together in close quarters, but will their proximity lead to a love connection? Or is Zach too focused on being a dad and his clients to have time for this outgoing wedding planner to come into his life? Can Piper steal some of his free time? Will seeing her get along with his daughter make the difference? Read this romance novel to find out what happens between the two!

Instant Gratification is the third novel in the Always Satisfied series. If you liked other books written by this author or love romance novels, check this steamy one out for yourself!

Piper plans weddings, while Zach is a divorce lawyer. When Zach needs a date to go with him, and Piper needs his expertise on things when the sun goes down. The two just have to ignore their chemistry if they can.

Zach serves as a best man for the hiring, serving much of the Manhattan area. As such, he always delivers discretion. He has plans to go to a wedding or a few and needs someone to go with him. Who better than to ask the sister of his best friend? She’s pretty and clever enough to stay on her toes. They’re already friends. So what if Zach is totally into her?

They’ve gotten together in the past for one hot night, and they kept it a secret between them. That was months back, and Zach is certain that they’ll both be able to maintain the professionalism and keep on target. The last thing that he needs is to be caught up with Piper in a limo or somewhere else and not doing his job, but it’s the first thing that he wants.

Can Zach and Piper attend these weddings without blowing it big time? The two have such great romantic chemistry that it’s making it difficult. Read this fun romance book to find out!

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