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Publication Order of The Casquette Girls Books

The Casquette Girls (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Romeo Catchers (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cities of Dead (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gates of Guinée (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alys Arden is a young adult fantasy author that was raised by tea leaf readers, street performers and the less disreputable residents of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

She would later on get more lessons about life in New York and since then, has been all over the world.

She is quite a two sided character and has said that she either does not talk at all or talks too much. She is also obsessive about documenting things.
Arden started writing one dreary morning in London when she got bored and was missing home. She wrote and published “The Casquette Girls” in 2013 and has never looked back since.

Her debut work would go on to get more than million downloads online before she was approached by Skyscape who bought it.

Arden’s writer journey began when as part of a New Year Resolution, she signed up for a Gotham Writers class. She wanted a new creative outlet and given her heavy work schedule, she knew it was never going to work trying to do it by herself.

With the structured setup at Gotham, she finally got going on the manuscript for “The Casquette Girls.” Since she feared that she could start missing assignment deadlines, she started posting the novel online to make herself disciplined on a writing schedule.

Alys never expected that anyone would read her work but more and more people were reading it until she got more than a million reads. With twelve thousand fans signed up, she finally published her debut that would go on to become an Amazon bestselling title.

Still, she has said that the coolest thing about publishing are the letters and comments from readers across the globe. She is thankful to her Gotham instructors for giving her the direction and encouragement to write.

When Alys Arden told her mother that she had published a paranormal work of fiction, she was hardly surprised. According to her mother, she had always been a huge fan of the paranormal genre as a child.

As a two year old, she had once been in the living room while her mother was in the kitchen. Her mother heard her making some noises and when she came in to check on her, she found that she was laughing while watching “The Poltergeist” movie.

Naturally, she felt bad that she was watching such a movie given her age but Alys seemed to be enjoying herself so much. Her mother could not just turn it off as she was laughing and smiling and having the time of her life.

In her later years as a child, she was introduced to fantasy and science fiction through the novel “A Castle in the Attic.” She still retains a copy of the work, which was gifted to her by the school librarian.

As such, it is no wonder that attics are a critical component in many of her current novels.

Alys Arden’s novel “The Casquette Girls” introduces high school student Adele Le Moyne. She lives in a New Orleans that has just been devastated by the hurricane of the century. She had been spending some time in Paris with her mother but now wants to go rebuild her home with her father.

She arrives to devastating destruction as her school has been shut down, and most of her friends are not around. She soon has to deal with teenage issues given that her father enrolls her in a new school.

At the private school where most of the elite in the city school, the only hope of getting accepted are her designer duds her mother bought for her in Paris. After school hours are no better, as she has to deal with an annoying guy that happens to be an art student studying with her father.

The silver lining in everything is that she recently met some gorgeous Italian brothers in town to look for lost family.

Things get very interesting when she goes to the old convent and a bizarre incident leaves her telekinetic.

In “The Romeo Catchers” by Alys Arden, Adele is rummaging through a devastated New Orleans. She hopes she can find the truth regarding the magical powers her family seems to have. It is what had finally banished her mother and forced her to tell all manner of lies to cover up the secrets.

But every hint points to Niccolo Medici, a man she was determined to forget. She had placed all manner of encumbrances but not even the many enchanted locks on her attic door can keep Niccolo away.

His presence has attracted an older enemy to the city who jeopardizes the relationship with Isaac , tests the friendships between the witches and brings her boyfriend’s past back to the fore. Her paranormal ride continues at breathtaking pace with shocking revelations and much bloodshed.

Meanwhile, Isaac is dealing with nightmares as he used to be a first responder who is still committed to recovery efforts, the coven and Adele. But Adele is torn between her compulsive attraction to Medici and her love for Isaac.

As ties that go back centuries are slowly revealed causing much danger, Adele is increasingly pressured, even as Isaac tries to save her from her obsessive compulsions.

Alys Arden’s novel “The Cities of Dead” opens to the old world witches in collision with the strange denizens of the French Quarter.

This event sets off something that could tear the fabric of the supernatural and natural worlds. The only person who can stop it is Voodoo Iwa, a mischievous and elusive character.

Even as Adele is struggling, she is drawn even closer by Nicco, even as her boyfriend questions Nicco’s intentions and will not let her go just yet.
Meanwhile, the coven is working hard to protect the city from Ghost Drinkers. The latter are a family of vampires with links to Nicco who are prepared to break the old age curse plaguing Nicco. In doing so, they also hope to settle a feud that has been active for centuries.

To save her cherished city and her loved ones, Adele needs to find the best kept Voodoo secrets in New Orleans, in addition to historical fragments that go back to sixteenth century Spain.

If she fails in her quest she may lose everything she holds dear never to get it back.

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