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Publication Order of A Garden Society Mystery Books

The Azalea Assault (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Begonia Bribe (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Keeping Mum (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alyse Carlson is the pen name used by well known American author Hart Johnson for writing her novels based on the mystery, thriller, and young adult genres. She is particularly well known for writing down the successful novel called ‘A Garden Society Mystery’. This series is a three book mystery series featuring the main protagonist Camellia Harris. Author Carlson is a social scientist by profession and spends her day time working for the same. She uses her evening time as well as the time during weekends for plotting intriguing conspiracies and murder mysteries in the form of mystery novels. Other than being an author, Carlson is also a frequent blogger. She says that she likes to write her novels from her bathtub and her blogs from her basement. Author Carlson maintains a personal blog which is known as the ‘Confession of a Watery Tart’. It is comprised of a lot of writing by Carlson based on her personal experiences about life and her day to day events. She says that she always looks to inspire and encourage people with the help of her blogs. One of other intentions of author Carlson in maintaining a blog is that she likes to get the attention of people and promote her books. She believes that there are loads of ideas and theories in her mind that she wants to share with people. Due to this reason, she runs a couple of other blogs as well, but they are not as popular as her first blog.

Besides these, author Carlson has also developed fan pages on Twitter and Facebook. She has used these social platforms to promote her recently published novels as well as inform the readers and fans about the latest happenings in her writing career. As a teenager, author Carlson was very much inspired to become a writer. She had more than a dozen stories already written during her grad school days. The first full length written by author Carlson was titled as ‘Confluence’. This book tells the story of a family that shifts to a college town as the father has to gain a position at the town’s university. The family has a 5 year old daughter who goes on to become the friend of a homeless man living in the woods at the back of her house. Without the knowledge of the parents, the daughter ends up getting involved in the teenage stuffs. Author Carlson says that she loved the story very much. Initially, she planned to develop it in the form of three different books and show the stories of three different female characters. These included Jessie, Trish, and Hannah. Author Carlson was particularly attached to the character of Jessie and she saw her own life story in hers. But, as she kept adding a number of events in the story, things started to get very much complicated later. Therefore, author Carlson had to drop the idea of developing the book in three different sections. She decided to wait until she came across interesting stories related to the 3 female lead characters. As time passed, author Carlson became busy with other literary works in her writing and blogging careers. Due to this, she went on to write several other novels and series. One such novel series written and published by her is titled as A Garden Society Mystery series.

The three books of the Garden Society Mysteries written by author Alyse Carlson were released between the years 2012 and 2014. The debut book of the series was published under the title ‘The Azalea Assault’. This novel was released by the Berkley publishers in the year 2012. The main character depicted in this book is Camellia Harris, who works as the promoter of exquisite gardens. As the book begins, it is shown that Roanoke in Virginia is the home of several of the most exquisite gardens in the country and the job of promoting them lies on the shoulders of Camellia Harris. But, when a person from outside the town is discovered dead during her duty hours, Camellia realizes that there is no other easy way to spin a murder. Camellia Harris seems to have achieved a respectable position in the world of PRs. One of the premier magazines for the garden lovers has decided to feature one of the spectacular and exquisite gardens of Roanoke in its front pages. Later, Camellia comes to know that the world famous photographer named Jean Jacques Georges has been appointed to do the shooing of the event. But, during the welcoming party of the occasion, Jean Georges insults a few guests. He also complains that the flowers in the garden are very boring. He even gooses at most of the women present in the room. The morning, a dead body is discovered lying across the azaleas, but very few people get surprised when it is learned that Jack Jacques is the victim. Camellia’s brother-in-law gets arrested as the prime suspect in the murder and her boyfriend Rob, who works as a reporter, covers the whole incident. She decided to take the matter in her own hands in order to solve the murder cases and help the police catch the real murderer. Luckily for her, she knows all the tricks of the trade about carrying out an investigation without others knowing about it.

The 2nd installment of the series written by author Alyse Carlson was published under the title ‘The Begonia Bribe’. It was released by the Berkley publishers in the year 2013. In this book, it is shown that a beauty contest is organized during the promotional event of the exquisite gardens Roanoke, Virginia, which goes on to take a deadly turn during the watch of Camellia Harris. At the beginning of the book, it is depicted that a beauty pageant called as the ‘Little Miss Begonia Pageant’ for little girls is about to be held in one of the garden parks in Roanoke. Camellia gets appointed to help with the details of the botanical garden, the cute and lovely contestants, and their mothers. During the contest, Camellia realizes that the drama happening on the stage is nothing compared to the one taking place among the judges. Later, she discovers that there is betrayal, jealousy, as well as a love triangle that involves a local newsman and popular Lothario named Telly Stevens. In the meantime, a mysterious saboteur tries to prevent the pageant contest from taking place at all. Soon, the drama takes a different turn when the dead body of Stevens is discovered from the park. The investigation reveals that he was poisoned with a typical plant drug. Now, everything comes to Camellia once again as she is required to dig through the various evidences and the suspects and find out the real culprit behind the murder.

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