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Publication Order of Space Beasts Books

Her Alien Beast (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
RAYER: Space Warrior’s Mail Order Bride (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hunter: Space Commander’s Fated Mate (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
BRENN (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Torture: Space Commander’s Fated Mate (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Alyssa Ezra writes the “Space Beasts” series, which began publication in the year 2016 when “Her Alien Beast” was released. This novel is also her debut as an author. The series is intergalactic romance, and are stand alone works.

“Her Alien Beast” is the first novel in the “Space Beasts” series, which was released in the year 2016. Simone goes to her and her boyfriend’s favorite picnic place while she is grieving for his tragic death. What she does not yet know is that she has taken a hunk of an alien warrior that would love to have her be his soul mate.

He uses his advanced tech to take her away to the bizarre planet he lives on, and he (named Storm Kar) declares his love for her. Simone is afraid of him, because although he has an Adonis’ sculpted physique, his face is that of a red eyed beast.

Storm Kar is desperate to show just how kind and gentle he really is and asks her to stay just a month in his world. It is so that he can prove how he feels for her. She is reluctant, but agrees to stay, knowing that she is only ever going to love her deceased boyfriend. Simone is also unable to imagine ever feeling the same way for a fearsome and brooding guy like Storm Kar.

What comes next is a steamy romance as Storm Kar takes Simone on a tour of his varied and odd world, showing her to all of the equally odd inhabitants.

Slowly, she falls in love with this world and starts developing feelings for Storm Kar, too. She struggles with the memories of her past and has to make a choice about having a new future for herself. Passions grow stronger and the desire consumes all. Simone will have to make a final sacrifice if she ever wants to have another chance at having some real happiness.

“Rayer: Space Warrior’s Mail Order Bride” is the second novel in the “Space Beasts” series, which was released in the year 2016. Coletta Harper (single, gorgeous, and curvy) is in need of a miracle. Anything that would promise her a way to get out of this hell that she is currently trapped in. Even if it should be as crazy as having an “intergalactic baby”.

In the beginning, she has her doubts about signing up as a mail order bride for an alien male, however, she is up for the challenge.

High Prince Rayer is far from pleased about having to pick a bride from planet Earth. He soon realizes that the woman that was picked out for him appears to have been made from some precious metals and given life to incite pleasure fantasies. Now, this fearless warrior is left on his own to figure out if there is any name that would suit her at all.

Right when it looked to be just your run of the mill intergalactic mating, she has to fight to escape from an enemy, one who is savage enough to put her very relationship at stake.

“Hunter: Space Commander’s Fated Mate” is the third novel in the “Space Beasts” series, which was released in the year 2016. Juliet Moore, a college student, is ready to do something interesting and leave her boring Earth life behind her. Her space shuttle crash lands on an unidentified planet, which leaves her the only survivor.

She is stuck on a strange planet with a lot of people, and all kinds of things that try to kill her. Juliet soon finds Zalgar Torgu, a savior and commander that have gotten away from his demons. She falls for him over time, after being drawn to this strong and attractive alien.

She is faced with a choice to make. Either she can go back to the boring life she came from, allowing her to play it safe. Or she can decide if she is ready to start playing dangerous with Zalgar.

“Brenn” is the fourth novel in the “Space Beasts” series, which was released in the year 2016. Mankind has reached the stars by 2650. travel back and forth through the galactic arm is possible in just days, and humans have been able to colonize many inhabitable worlds. They have been able to forge alliances with many different alien races; this has made marriages to start taking new forms. Like once, humans used to arrange marriages with people from foreign countries in bids for love, the current trend is to do that with citizens of other worlds. Even compatible alien races.

Moira Green (a schoolteacher) never thought a whole lot about this weird craze, and was highly opposed over it. Especially when her diva little sister, named Tara, wanted to make herself betrothed to an alien prince from the planet Temporis before she even met the guy.

One year has gone by, and there has been no word from Tara, and the prince, now the King of Temporis, is saying he is single and looking on his site. She is unable to get answers from the Temporans, or any assistance from Earth’s corrupt government. She decides to go off to the alien world by herself, so that she can investigate what happened to her sister. The only to do this, however, is to answer the King’s ad and go to Temporis as his new wife.

She realizes that she is in over her head when she gets there, and finds out that twenty-five years have gone by since Tara got there. This is due to some kind of temporal anomaly. There is no sign of Tara anywhere, and Moira has to look for her sister discreetly. There is just one problem. Brenn, the King, is quite attractive. It makes it hard to resist him, and he is determined to win Moira’s very heart. She would like nothing more than to give in to this temptation. How can she, when Tara is still missing, and Brenn could be the very one who is responsible?

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