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My Scot, My Surrender (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Amalie Howard is the writer of numerous critically acclaimed novels such as the Almost Girl, Waterfell, and Bloodspell. Howard’s debut novel, Bloodspell, claimed the number one spot on Amazon, while its sequel Bloodcraft became a Children’s Moonbeamer Award and a national silver medalist. Howard was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, a country where she spent the most of her childhood, running barefooted or with her nose buried deeply in a book. Currently, Amalie Howard resides in Colorado with her three children and husband.

Amalie Howard Best Books
Bloodspell is the first installment in the Cruentus Curse book series by author Amalie Howard. In Bloodspell, author Amalie Howard takes two elements that readers are used to see in hundreds of ways in different young adult books and then breathe life into these elements. Amelie Howard decided to stay true to the darker aspects of vampires and witches, while in the process adding her own signature spin to the mythology. For centuries, the relationship between witches and vampires has been forbidden. In Bloodspell, the readers are introduced to Victoria, a normal girl, whose parents were murdered when she was only nine years old. After Victoria’s parents were brutally killed, she was taken in by a woman, whom she refers to as aunt Holly, who happened to be one of her grandmother’s closest friends.

Victoria was admitted to one of the best prep schools in Maine. When Victoria turned 17 years, things began to change drastically for her. Victoria discovers that she belongs to a line of witches, whose strength lies entirely in their blood. During her senior year, Victoria is transferred to a different school. At the school, Victoria meets with the enigmatic and handsome, Christian Devereux. From the moment that these two characters met, their attraction was instant. However, the two have been forbidden from falling in love. Will Victoria be able to gain control of her magic or with her blood magic gain control over her? As author Amalie Howard’s debut book, Bloodspell is amazing. Readers are definitely going to be enthralled by the story that they will be reading.

The various struggles and challenges that Victoria goes through while trying to control her magic and equilibrium speaks volume about the person that she is. Despite having all these gifts, Victoria was still very human. Her blood was very dangerous, craving not only spilled blood but also sacrifice and death as well. It also sang of dark pleasures and dark desires as well, infusing Victoria with its rather evil nature. Because Victoria does not want to be like her predecessors, he does all she can to ensure that she gains control over the blood and also to prove that she is the blood’s master. Christian and Victoria’s relationship was a very difficult one. Apart from being forbidden, both of these characters were experiencing the tension between them, as each of them struggled with their demons.

The moments that Christian and Victoria spent together were extremely sweet, such that it will definitely make the readers smile. Despite the fact that Christian always craved for Tori’s blood, he always ensured that he did not slip at all and had to ensure that the beast inside him stayed there. With that said, the action in this novel has been brilliantly written. Apart from being savage, it is also inhuman and magical just like the characters in the novel. Readers will definitely appreciate how the various scenes reflected the true nature of witches and vampires. The author also showed the aftermath of each of the fight scenes. During the fight scenes, the author explored the emotions of the various characters including Victoria’s deeply. With that said, Bloodspell is an extremely captivating narrative of forbidden love, danger and bloodlust. Overall, Bloodspell is fast-paced deliciously dark and beautifully written. If you are a fan of paranormal romance narratives, then you will definitely fall in love with Bloodspell.

Waterfell #1 The Aquarthi
In Waterfell, author Amalie Howard introduces the readers to Nerissa Marin. Nerissa might look like your day-to-day teenager due to her ability to blend in seemingly. However, what many people do not know including the readers is that Nerissa is not a normal girl, but rather she is a sea creature known as Aquarthi. Aquarthi is a sea creature that has similar traits to a sea serpent. After Nerissa’s father was brutally slain, Nerissa had to run away from the wrath of Queen Ehmora. Thus, Nerissa came to the surface and began to act like a normal school girl, residing with her best friends family in San Diego. However, ever since she ran away, Nerissa’s life has never been simple at all. All Nerissa thinks about is how she will be able to eventually take back her rightful place on the throne.

Nerissa is still unsure, whether she wants to become the queen or not and from time to time battles with herself, whether she should claim back her birthright. Due to the fact that Nerissa is sixteen years old, she does not believe that she is quite fit for the throne. All Nerissa can do at the moment is to prepare herself for the ultimate battle with Queen Ehmora. At school, Nerissa performs extremely well such that she even becomes an A student. Furthermore, she is also an extremely fabulous athlete. Nerissa is more than determined to become a fabulous student, which she believes will assist her in overlooking her birth rite. However, things do not go as expected when the bad boy surfer, Lo comes up and messes everything for Nerissa. On the surface, Nerissa believes that she is still not safe because spies are sent all around the corner to check on her.

With that said, Waterfell is an entirely unique premise that has a rather unique mythology that very few readers have ever come across in a Young Adult novel. With that said, if you are looking for a book that is not only filled with secrets but also betrayals and true love, then Waterfell is definitely a must read. All the characters, in Waterfell, are all-round and despite the fact that they are fictitious, they are quite realistic.

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