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School of Fortune (With: Janice Weber) (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown was born to parents that were both successful lawyers, and she graduated in 1993 from Arizona State University.

Then she proceeded to study at Stanford Law School, where she compiled funny stories and letters based on her experiences into a first manuscript that wound up becoming “Legally Blonde”. “Legally Blonde” was the basis for the 2001 film that starred Reese Witherspoon and the 2007 musical of the same name.

She never actually received her JD degree, having left law school after just two years. Amanda was glad she went to law school, because it helped her decide what she wanted to do: write.

Amanda was sitting in tort class when the novel just popped into her mind. She wanted to do a parody of law school.

The school actually wasn’t that hard. It was the people, they were the most loathsome dose of antisocial disorder. It was like an anthropological study of the law school species, and since no one would talk to her after her “ovester” moment where she laughed at a group of women trying to get “semester” changed to “ovester”, she had a lot of time to watch people and write letters. She was just writing letters to her friends to just amuse herself. And by the end of her first semester there, she had around 300 pages.

She wrote all of it on pink paper, with her pink furry pen. She found an agent that picked it up out of a slush pile since it was written on pink paper. It went out to publishing houses and studios on the same day, and overnight there was this bidding war. MGM bought it. However it was rejected by everyone on the publishing side of things.

The backdrop of “Family Trust” is the blood sports of preschool admissions process and play dates. Amanda had just gone through the preschool process when she began writing the novel. Her daughter was just about two weeks old, and she called to ask for an application. She was told that she should’ve called months before, and there was basically no hope for her. He hung up on her. She called her mom and told her that her daughter’s life was ruined at just two weeks old, because Amanda didn’t call on time.

She was born in Phoenix, Arizona on October 6, 1970 and was the youngest of four siblings to Jack E. Brown (a lawyer) and Suzanne J. Brown (an art gallery owner).

“Legally Blonde” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2001. Elle Wood (University of Southern California sorority president and sociopolitical jewelry design major) is spoiled, blonde, creative, and desperately in love with Warner Huntington III, her college sweetheart. However when Warner announces that he is off to Stanford Law School, and that while there he aims to find a girl that is ‘more serious’ than Elle to marry, Elle and Underdog (her pet Bichon Frise), hatch this plan to follow him so that he’ll marry her like he is supposed to.

Elle’s misadventures while at Stanford are distinctly unpromising right from the outset, and it would appear that the one and only place where blondes definitely do not have more fun is at law school. However she is then made an intern on the Murder of Malibu case, defending Brooke Vandermark (the one-time fitness queen and apricot blonde) from the charge of murdering her billionaire husband. Elle, in a courtroom triumph, is able to vindicate Brooke and all that are blonde at heart with a tip that any Cosmo girl should know.

This is a wonderfully rendered, almost surreal, and darkly humorous book about the birth of American hype.

“Family Trust” is the second stand alone novel and was released in 2003. Becca Reinhart loves her life. Firmly planted on the Wall Street fast track to success, she has got no desire to get married and raise a family. That goes for Edward Kirkland, who is a charming playboy that has never known what it means to work for a living, and hopes that he never has to find out.

Enter Emily, who becomes Edward and Becca’s common denominator when this quirk of fate gives them joint custody of this high-spirited little girl. All of a sudden, these two people that have never met find themselves being immersed in the trials and tribulations of domestic life while they navigate the rocky shoals of parenthood, from playdates to naptime, psychological fitness screenings to the life-or-death preschool admissions process. And amid all of the daily demands of raising a young kid, Edward and Becca find something else: that they are made for one another.

“School of Fortune” is the third stand alone novel and was released in 2007. A fresh and fun frolic of a book that stars a spoiled yet lovable Texas heiress that is out to reclaim her fortune.

Pippa Walker’s wedding was set to be huge (Texas huge) complete with a dozen bridesmaids under contract from Pippa’s mom to stay long-haired and lean, A- and B-guest lists, and gondolas flown in from Venice. However once Pippa learns that her handsome husband-to-be is not at all what she thought, she bolts from her own wedding, shocking society and getting herself disinherited in the process. The only way she is able to get a piece of the family fortune back is if she earns a degree from a school. Any school. This is a tough assignment for a girl that dropped out of SMU after she pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma and shopping at Neiman’s for a whole year.

However Pippa is nothing if not up for a challenge. Attracting a hilarious misadventure after another, she attempts to earn her sheepskin at: matchmaking school, driving school, and even a circus academy. It is just when she has hit rock-bottom: The Mountbatten Savoy School of Household Management, that things start to look up. However can she really be falling in love with a valet?

This is a great and silly fun read that is guaranteed to be seen at a beach near you.

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