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Amanda Carlson is a born and bred Minnesota girl. She lives with her husband, the father to her three kids. As strange as it may sound, she started writing from a very young age mostly writing about stories of teenage girls and their social missteps during their high school lives. She has more than ten years writing experience. She however made a small switch in her writing after welcoming her second of her three children by starting to write more about fiction in earnest.

One of the many things which make Amanda’s books completely different from the work of other authors is the fact that most of her books were face paced and completely filled with action and adventure. The fact that she has associated most of her work to high profiling publishers such as ORBITUS & UK (a Hachette book imprint) for most of her writing work such as the case with the “Jessica McClain” urban based fantasy series is equally a major contributing factor to the uniqueness of her work.

Amanda has also over the years mastered the art of writing extremely captivating stories for her audiences. For instance, her sin city collectors’ series came out as a perfect depiction of her foray into paranormal romance. She equally thought well to make the series very hot and action filled.

Below is an overview of some of Amanda Carlson books. They include:

After living under close scrutiny for close to twenty six years, Jessica is unexpectedly thrust into her first ever change ten years later than expected. Being the only female in an all men race, Jessica is brought out not only as being different, she is also feared. She wakes up amidst a storm and is forced to figure out her next step by herself. Things get interesting after she realizes that she is the only female full blooded werewolf in town and that the entire supernatural world is clamoring to take a bite off her. As a result of this, her new pack must rise to the occasion and provide her with the much needed protection.

Not everyone on the pack is on board with this plan. The set of werewolf’s rights of laws are missing text plus the superstitious wolves have a strong feeling that Jessica only showed up to end their race. A mercenary is hire by the vampires to extract information about Jessica a couple of days after her change. As strange as it may sound, they both find themselves caught up in the middle of a war and are forced to run away together. Interesting thing is, when time finally comes for Jessica to negotiate her release against her father’s direct orders, she opts to take an offer for assistance instead. As a result, Jessica is forced to swear an oath which seemingly might end with her paying with her dear life.

Seems like it has not been Jessica McClain’s best week, all this is clearly evident from the fact that her newly found friend has been nabbed by one goddess looking for revenge. Jessica however is optimistic that she can save him. Since she is the only female werewolf in the town, she has certain privileges, set of unique rules to abide to and access to less known powers. If only she understood them everything would be different.

Thing get interesting when aided by two vampires, one very reluctant human and two loyal pack members, Jessica sets out to rescue her man in the process coming to terms with what it actually means to be a werewolf. What follows is a string of action and adventure prominently featuring an angry goddess alongside several monsters demons and a couple of newly risen beasties.

This third installment is characterized by endless magic, madness and mayhem as Jessica sets out on the run once again. Later on she is reunited with Rourke and sets out to find her friend taken by kidnappers. Even though her father has completely vanished, the supernatural sects (demons, witches and sorcerers) can’t wait for her to unpack in order to attack.
Though she is already slowly mastering how to use her powers, being the only female werewolf seems like won’t be enough to save the day. Thrown together in a shaky ceasefire with the vampire queen, Jessica is forced to showcase to the entire different sect what it actually means to be an enemy of the enemy as the life of her father solely depends on that.

Upon settling the fragile truce between the witches, vampires and werewolves, Jessica is forced to face the demon solo. Things take a turn for the worst when the prince of hell kidnaps her brother consequently setting into motion a series of events which even Jessica did not have the power to stop.

Following this unexpected turn of events, Jessica is forced to set out into battle again in hell where there is a completely different set of rules, extremely dangerous demons and is entirely a foreign realm. From the look of things, Jessica seemingly was dropped into the underworld too soon. With absolutely no form of assistance from her friends, she must struggle to figure out exactly how powerful she potentially can be as this is the only way through which she stands the slightest chance of making it out alive from her present predicament.

In addition to all of the above series, Amanda Carlson wrote the sin city collectors, a series which features characters who make the three installments that is the : Ace wild, Ante up and all in fun an exciting read. she also set up a strong, active and highly interactive online presence to help make it easier to interact with her fans and audiences. In fact, she is active on most popular social media sites such as twitter and facebook. In case you are interested in finding out more about her books then such platforms would be the best place to start from.

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