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Publication Order of Kate Haywood Elizabethan Mysteries Books

Murder at Hatfield House (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Westminster Abbey (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Queen's Garden (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Queen's Masquerade (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Whitehall (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Fontainebleau (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amanda Carmack is one of many pen names used by one multi-published author. Amanda Carmack has written a number of books which have been nominated for and won a number of awards.

These awards include the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Holt Medallion, the RITA Award, the National Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers Best.

Amanda Carmack is an Oklahoma resident. She has been charmed by the Tudors from the time when she by chance saw the “Anne of the Thousand Days” on TV as a child.This could be viewed as the inspiration to her books.

Other names she uses in her titles are Laurel McKee and Amanda McCabe.As Amanda McCabe, she has also been nominated for numerous awards such as the Romantic Times BOOK Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Holt Medallion, the RITA Award, the Booksellers Best, and the National Readers Choice Award.

As Laurel McKee, she has written books in the historical romance genre.

Below are the titles in the Elizabethan series written by Amanda Carmack. These books fall under the subgenre of historical mystery. There is a lot of murder and a lot of deception and a lot of mystery within these books. They are set in the era of Queen Elizabeth (hence the name Elizabethan Mysteries) and star the Queen’s personal musician, Kate Hayward.

Amanda Carmack Books 1. Murder at Hatfield House
England is in hubbub under Queen Mary and that Spanish man she is married to. The young Princess Elizabeth, at Hatfield House kerbed to house arrest, is the greatest hope of the nation. Far from the court machinations, Princess Elizabeth finds comfort in the simplest of things: the quiet country and its peaceable leisure, as well as the songs of her principal artiste Kate Haywood.

Kate will ascertain herself to be a lot dearer when an emissary of the monarch who has been directed to rinse out“the wrong kinds of people”from the princess’s household, is found murdered on the Hatfield grounds. Acting as the eyes and ears of Princess Elizabeth, Kate is told to go out on the hunt for a killer whose sole mission may well extinguish her family and the future of the nation.

2. Murder at Westminster Abbey

Life at the brand new imperial court is lively with spirit and gossip. This is very unlike the life in the peaceful countryside where Kate had served Elizabeth during the Princess’s exile. Kate soon becomes friends with Lady Mary Everley as she mingles with the hangers-on who constantly compete for the new monarch’s goodwill. Mary is very good friends with Elizabeth. They even have similar features; red hair and pastel skin.This makes Mary’s senseless murder even more frightening.

The revelries carry on in spite of the dark cloud hanging over them. However, when a second girl with red hair and whitish skin is murdered, Kate discovers a let halmesh of drives beneath the civil court repartee, and goes on the trail of a killer whose complaint can seemingly only be solved with the spilling of royal blood.

3. Murder in the Queen’s Garden

Kate Haywood is the Queen Elizabeth’s private musician. She has been busy playing her music for a joyous round of summer time festivities where celebrated sooth sayer Dr. John Dee and his eccentric horoscopes are in style. On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth’s much-loved astronomer fails to forecast the finding of a skeleton in the sovereign’s garden, and that the casualty’s identity will cast doubts over his very own guiltlessness.

When the good doctor’s acolyte is the target of another senseless murder, the worried queen enlists none other than Kate Haywood to clear the alleged killer of the crime.

4. Murder at Whitehall

Notwithstanding evenings of feasts and fun, the European representatives attending the queen’s holiday merriment are less concerned in amity than they are in nurturing distrust. Kate, the Queen Elizabeth’s personal musician, is hopeful that she can keep the stately visitors distracted.

However, Queen Elizabeth gets a most unwelcome gift; an unsigned note that portends to reveal problematic advances from Queen Catherine’s latter spouse, Thomas Seymour. Charged with discovering the coercer, Kate Hayward has hardly started examining when a visiting lord from Spain is found dead. With two whodunits to disentangle and an upsetting number of questions to deliberate, Kate gets caught between an unprincipled extortionist and a pitiless killer.

5. Murder at the Queen’s Masquerade

Charged with establishing the profligate arrangements, Kate, Queen Elizabeth’s personal musician, is ecstatic when her darling friend, Lady Violet, comes to the court, enthusiastic and prepared to help. Escorted by her difficult mother-in-law, Lady Violet takes any chance that will liberate her from the attention of her mother-in-law.

Then,only days prior to the masquerade, one of Queen Elizabeth’s guards’ murdered body is discovered in front of the hall that houses the queen’s most valuable trinkets. With no indication of criminal action, the court accepts as true that the man died of natural causes, although Kate believes the opposite. When an heirloom from Anne Boleyn (the queen’s mother), a pendant necklace, vanishes that night of the ball, Kate Hayward must once more play Sherlock Holmes to discover the culprit’s identity amid the blue-blooded masked carousers.

6. Murder at Fontainebleau

Kate Haywood, by now a lot more than an amateur detective, inspects deadly conspiracies taking place surreptitiously in the outstanding French court.

The year is 1561. Queen Elizabeth’s place atop the monarchy is in danger as Mary, Queen of Scots, under pressure by virtually all disparate and influential forces, asserts herself as the lawful Queen of England. To determine her adversary’s next capricious move, Queen Elizabeth sends a group of reliable people to the court of Queen Mary at Fontainebleau. Principal among these people is none other than Kate Haywood, who discovers that the splendid balls and amiable feasts hide a series of pestilential ambition that very quickly becomes deadly.

When a fine-looking and boisterously flirtatious associate of the visiting cohort is assassinated, Kate Hayward believes that the man who has been accused of the crime has actually been set up to disrepute Queen Elizabeth. She pledges to find the true murderer, though she also discovers that the French court is a mazenot like any she has ever seen before. She realizes that almost everywhere she goes, there are more and more deceptions and traps waiting for her.

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