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The Edge of Belonging (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
He Should Have Told the Bees (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Between the Sound and Sea (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amanda Cox is a bestselling author of inspirational fiction author.

Aside from that, she also works for a national nonprofit youth leadership organization as a curriculum developer and blogger, even though her first love will always be communicating through stories.
“The Edge of Belonging,” her debut novel would become a Christy Award-winning work, that would open doors for her and make her into the author that she is today.

Besides that, Amanda has a bachelor’s degree in theology and Bible studies and a master’s in professional counseling.

Working with hurting families and studying them for more than a decade, she has amassed the experience that has made it possible for her to come up with highly relatable multidimensional characters.

Over the years, she has become known for writing stories with themes of relational restoration and healing. As her characters journey toward finding a better way forward and healing, they usually find a way to allow hope in Christ to shine through.

As for how she started writing, Amanda Cox has said that she has loved reading and writing ever since she was a child. She was just seven years old when she penned her first novel and attempted to publish it, even though she did not have much success.
Still, she never let go of that storytelling bug but for much of her later life, she found an outlet through journaling whenever life became too tough to figure out.

For Amanda, writing has always been a way to process her emotions and this has not changed for years. It was in 2012 that she decided to try her hand at fiction writing once again.

At this time, God laid a story on her heart which she believes was a love story meant just for her. However, it would take about four years before she completed the writing of her manuscript, which taught her a lot about storytelling.
After she was done writing that, she got started on the work for what would then become “The Edge of Belonging,” her debut novel. She has never stopped writing since.

Amanda Cox currently makes her home in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she lives with her husband and kids. She is happy that she gets to live the dream life of being a stay-at-home parent and author who does not report to anyone.
She is thankful that she gets to use her experience to write layered stories and characters, to help her readers have a sense of healing and hope, as they go on life journeys.

Some of her best things in life include the feeling of pen on paper, the great outdoors, pearls of laughter from her children, exploring new places with her husband, good coffee, and good fiction.

“The Edge of Belonging” is Amanda Cox’s debut novel that introduces the lead as a woman named Ivy Rose.

She has just come back to her hometown to oversee the sale of her grandmother’s estate when she discovers that she left behind more than a photo frame and trinkets.
In her belongings, there are clues to the truth behind her adoption and her past, even if a key piece that would tie everything together is missing.

More than two decades earlier, Harvey James had found an abandoned infant who had for the first time in his life given him a sense of human connection. There is nothing he wants more than to take care of the child even though he is homeless.
When he becomes entangled with two people who want to help him out of his troubles, he knows he has to keep his secret or else risk losing the infant and the only person he has ever loved.
It is a fascinating dual-timeline story that follows Harvey and Ivy the leads as they grapple with letting go, loss, and love.

Amanda Cox’s “The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery” is a riveting work that tells the story of Sarah Ashby.

Following a tragedy that plunged her into unresolved anger and grief, she is back home hoping to pick up her long-denied dream of working with her grandmother and mother to run the old Depot Grocery.
However, upon arriving, Rosemary, her mother tells her that the store will be shutting down.

Sarah and Glory Ann her grandmother promise each other to do whatever they can to save the store, even though her mother has worked hard to ensure Sarah does not follow in her footsteps.
While she has several reasons she voices, the real one has never been voiced.

In 1965 Glory Ann breaks the news to her family informing them that she is carrying the child of her deceased fiance.

To preserve the family reputation she is forced to marry a shopkeeper out of convenience even though she had vowed to never love again. However, it is not so easy to keep some promises as she has imagined it would be.
Just like in the other work, Amanda Cox expertly explores the intricacies of a daughter-mother relationship, the healing power of telling the truth, and how the secrets we keep shape our lives.

“He Should Have Told the Bees” by Amanda Cox is the story of Beckett Walsh, a beekeeper who is living the dream.

There is nothing she works better than working with her father at the apiary until her father dies unexpectedly, sending everything into a tailspin.

Out of nowhere, she discovers that she has to deal with a silent partner in the business who wants to sell the apiary. Beck does not know why her father would do something that would threaten everything they had built together.
On the other hand is Callie Patterson who is named in the trust of a stranger which leaves her at a loss on what to do.

Her fledgling business has been soaring, even as her mother has come back into her life asking for help since she has been abusing drugs for years and now promises to get into rehab and change.
But taking her mother in leaves her in a precarious situation, as she may have to sell the property left to her by the stranger to get the stability she needs.
As the two women navigate their present conundrum, they will stumble upon an entangled and intricate past full of secrets.
But in all this is the possibility of a brighter future for both of them.

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