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Sleep Toward Heaven (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Be Lost (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forgive Me (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Stories in This Town (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Close Your Eyes (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Same Sky (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Jetsetters (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lifeguards (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lovers and Liars (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Cat & Vivianla (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Sober Lush (With: Jardine Libaire) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amanda Eyre Ward is a mystery, romance, and literary fiction author from New York City. Born in New York City in 1972, she spent much of her childhood in Rye and it was only as a teenager that she moved away to Kent in Connecticut.

At Williams College in Massachusetts, she majored in American Studies and English. Ward would then study fiction writing under Jim Shepard, worked at the Public Library in Williamstown, and spent a few months during junior college in Kenya.

When she graduated from college, she proceeded to Greece, where she spent a year teaching at Athens College before moving to Missoula, Montana.
At the University of Montana, she studied fiction writing with Kevin Canty, Bill Kittredge, Debra Earling, and Dierdre McNamer and graduated with her MFA.
She would then work in the Inter-Library Loan at the Mansfield Library at the University of Montana.

In 1998, she moved to Austin, which is where she started to work on the manuscript for her debut novel. Amanda did this while she worked for several Internet startups even as she was a writer for the Austin Chronicle.

In 1999, she placed third when she submitted her story to the “Austin Chronicle” short story contest.

Eyre Ward’s writing career was significantly impacted by her childhood upbringing in suburban New York. During this time, she was quite the bookworm as she used books as a form of escape from the chaos of her parent’s divorce.

Alice her aunt from her mother’s side was then living with them in New York while David her uncle was a successful screenwriter. Every morning, David would have his breakfast and head to his office at West 90th Street to write.

During his lunch hour, he used to come back home and often talked about his work with Ward’s aunt. Amanda used to listen in on their conversations and thought her uncle lived the ultimate life.

Soon enough, she started talking with her uncle in his basement office. They talked about anything from New York, writing life, and plot structure, which got her even more invested in the life of writing.

She dreamed that she would one day grow up to become a successful author.

But it would take Amanda Eyre Ward a long time to write her debut novel “Sleep Toward Heaven.” Since she was still working a day job, she used to write on the weekends and at night.

During this time, she was working as a curriculum developer for an internet startup, a receptionist at a country music station, a babysitter, and a librarian.
She started going to “BookPeople” readings while trying to figure out how to make the transition from working as a babysitter to becoming a published author.
While working for Dazel, a computer company in Austin, she got an email informing her that “Miss Montana’s Wedding Day” her short story was the winner of a short story contest.

Her next story titled was then published by StoryQuarterly a few months later. It was from getting these short stories published that she garnered the confidence to continue writing.

She finally landed an agent named Michelle Tessler who worked hard to get her first work published. But the manuscript for her debut was rejected by a ton of publishing houses in New York.

Still, she persevered until “Sleep Toward Heaven” was published in 2003.

“Sleep Toward Heaven” by Amanda Eyre Ward is the story of three disparate women who are connected by an upcoming execution at one of the most notorious Tean prisons in Huntsville Prison.

“The Highway Honey” real name Karen has been condemned to death for committing a series of murders as she tried to ensure her young lover never ran out of heroin.
We also have Celia, an emotionally drained and lost widow whose husband was killed.

Lastly is Franny who had moved out of her Texas hometown to attend boarding school and ultimately ended up as a doctor in New York.

All the three women are emotionally fragile and disconnected as they each tell alternating chapters of the story.

It is a thrilling story of grace, murder, solitude, and desire as fate brings the disparate women together. It ultimately results in the revelation of the value of life, the possibility of faith, and finally the execution of a serial killer.

Amanda Eyre Ward’s novel The Jetsetters is the story of Charlotte Perkins, a seventy-year-old aspiring writer. When she submits an essay to a writing contest she hopes of reuniting her estranged brood.

Her children include an almost famous actress named Lee, a handsome venture capitalist from Manhattan named Cord, and a harried mother named Regan.
Charlotte is yearning for the old times when her kids were young children and she was the single mother they all loved to death.

She manages to win the contest and gets a cruise on which she invites her children. They spend ten days traveling through Barcelona with its tapas, through a sun-drenched Athens, and anywhere else the Splendido Marvelos a luxury cruise ship could take them.

As lovers old and new join the adventure, the Perkins family has to deal with some life definition choices even as long-buried secrets come to light. Can Charlotte and her children find the peace they have been seeking all these years in vain?

It is an intelligent and delicious story about the courage needed to reveal our true selves, and the perils and pleasures of family as we navigate the chaos of adulthood.

“The Same Sky” by Amanda Eyre Ward is a poignant and heartrending novel that tells the story of forty-year-old Alice Conroe.

She sees to have a perfect and successful life with a popular barbecue business but she cannot seem to be able to conceive.

She soon gives up on conceiving and tries to adopt only for her destiny to take a very different trajectory when she meets a young woman.

On the other hand is Carla Trujillo, a fearless thirteen-year-old that lives in Honduras under the care of her grandmother.

Her mother usually sends money from her job in Texas but when her grandmother suddenly dies, Varla decides to head north hoping to make it across the border with her younger brother.

Carla and Alice’s lives will be profoundly changed when their journeys intersect.

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  1. Phyllis Youngt: 7 months ago

    I just finished “the Same Sky” & thorougly enjoyed the story as it seems one that can be experiened by many, many especially here in Texas. Amanda Ward tells a storyvery well & leaves one thinking of so much thay is going on on our Southern Border. A very heartfelt story that I highly reccomend. Thank you, Amanda Ward


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