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with Christine Lynn Herman
All of Us Villains (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
All of Our Demise (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Accidental Apprentice (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Weeping Tide (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ever Storms (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Compass (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Daughter of the Burning City (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amanda Foody is a bestselling American author of fantasy and young adult novels. She has always considered imagination to be man’s best strive at magic. After living her childhood moments longing and wishing to go to Hogwarts, she is now a passionate writer who loves to write about characters dealing with invincible destinies and immersive settings. Amanda Foody holds Master’s degree in accountancy and a BA degree in English Literature.

Currently, Foody resides in Philadelphia where she works as an accountant, surrounded by her many books and beautiful and loving siblings.

Amanda Foody debut novel is The Daughter of the Burning City which she started writing for a Writing Children’s Literature course that she took in college. The dark and lush fantasy novel is set in a traveling festival of debauchery known as the Gomorrah Festival. Sorina, a freak show, and illusionist manager must investigate and determine the person who is killing her illusions and the reason behind it- and most importantly how the killer is capable of killing those who do not indeed exist. It is an epic murder mystery story combined into a single account, carnival style, amid a very lush setting.

In many Young Adult today, a lot of the heroines are warrior-types who do not care about their overall appearance, who are prepared to lay down their lives and defend what they believe in. However in creating the heroine for The Daughter of the Burning City, Amanda Foody admits that she wanted to create a heroine who could be compared to an average girl, one who is unaware of how to hold a sword, and one who does not cut out to lead a revolution.

Amanda Foody’s creation, Sorina is an insecure, immature, brash. The author’s most significant source of inspiration in the Gomorrah Festival came from the typical attractions from our world that you might find at a carnival such as fire eaters, charm sellers, fortune tellers, and others were inspired by other places.
Foody had also written a series known as The Shadow Game which debuted in 2018 when Ace of Shades, the first book in the series was published. Amanda Foody, another greatest source of inspiration for this series, was Shikamaru’s ninjutsu in Naruto.

The Daughter of the Burning City

In The Daughter of the Burning City, Amanda Foody introduces readers to Gomorrah, a traveling city, one that travels information- it is a festival city and a circus of the strangest kind. The city began 20 centuries back, and what the readers learn of its history, they learn through the eyes of the main character, Sorina.
Sorina is a sixteen-year-old performer and the heir to the proprietor; she has been raised up within the fiery borders of the Gomorrah Festival. Even surrounded by those who wield all types of magic Sorina still stands out.

Both Gomorrah Festival and the Daughter of the Burning City are all built on magic. All the magic types come together, but still, Sorina is an exception, she is the girl who sees without her physical eyes, and she is the only illusion worker to be born in thousands of year. Her abilities as an illusion worker enable her to create a family to surround her, a family of illusion that other people can see, touch and feel and who makes up the cast of the Gomorrah Festival Freak Show.
Illusions, formed in the mind of Sorina appear real though they may appear still just those illusions. These illusions may also seem very lifelike, but the fact is that they are not real. However, if that is the case, how is it that someone is killing her illusions?

Sorina is desperate to protect those whom she loves the most, and so she sets out to investigate the person killing her creations and mostly importantly race against time to solve the situation before more and more “people” are killed.

There is a lot to love in Daughter of the Burning City. The world building is quite impressive, and the storyline scope is massive with the development of an entire world, a case of different magic workers and a history that pieces clues together. The main character, Sorina is a capable and strong woman. In the story, she creates her own a unique family out of her imagination and gives them life even though they do not turn out the way she plans. Sorina is destined to take over the festival someday. The magic workers of every caliber, religious fervor, and political powers unite together in a captivating narrative that ties up the climax quite convincingly.

The secondary characters are fantastic and the main character of the story, Sorina, is a blind teenager with a unique gift that has never been seen for thousands of years. Even though this gift makes her unique, Sorina is not your typical Young Adult protagonist. She is real and flawed at the same time and so applies to the secondary characters.
The heart of this narrative is a murder is a murder mystery, expertly written, one that will leave you guessing right to the very end.

Aces of Shades

Aces of Shades is the first book in The Shadow Game series by Amanda Foody. The narrative takes place in New Reynes, a town that has been split in two and more so, all the events in the novel take place in the North side which is usually a crime den with many gangs and mafia families.
The setting boasts a combination of modern elements- in that they have a subway system, electricity, cars and showers- and traditional traditions and history.

The small town is unstable because there has been a recent uprising, approximately two and half decades before the events in the book and the monarchy has been overthrown, the royal family murdered, and a republic took over. Even after the fall of the monarchy, there exist many supporters who are forced to live in secrecy and write under pseudonyms. On the other hand, on the North side of New Reynes- crime and corruption prevail, and the territory is divided into three gangs- the Doves, the Irons, and the Scarhands.

Amanda Foody has integrated magic fully into her world-building- basically, everyone in the small town was born with some sort of talents. The characters, plots are brilliantly done with some bits of romance to keep the story going.

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