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Amanda Geard is an experimental chef, amateur gardener, geologist, enthusiastic restorer of old houses, and most important of all a historical fiction author. She has lived all over the place from the Arctic and the Equator, but now makes her home in Ireland where she lives with her husband.

As for her day job, she works as a geologist and loves to explore the most remote places in the world. Over the years, she has lived on all five continents and spent months exploring the wilds. Amanda loves her job for that reason and has found that writing novels provides a similar sense of discovery and wonder.

Moreover, she has the perfect excuse to regularly put her feet up and read as an author while saying she is doing research. When she is not at her desk, she can often be found in the Atlantic wilds and even the wilder Kerry Mountains, planning her next project while getting rained on.

She sometimes shares photos of her adventures on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.

Unlike most of her peers, Amanda Geard never thought of herself as a writer and did not even write at all. Back then, she believed that authoring was just something that other people did and did not have the sniff of a manuscript for years.

She used to think that writing was something that involved spending time in trendy cages with a comforting cup of coffee. They would be dreamers decked out in oversized jumpers made of wool who loved to quote Joyce, Proust, and Woolf at dinner parties, where they would drink expensive wine.

In 2019, she stumbled upon a flier for “Listowel Writers’ Week” while she was in a Kenmare pub. With a desire for an outing, she traveled to the deep north, up to Aldi the hometown of John B. Keane.
She was not too certain about what she wanted to achieve there but six hours later, she moved out with a tingle in her fingers. By this time, Amanda was convinced that she was going to pen a novel.

For years, Amanda Geard and her husband had been living the nomadic lifestyle as they sought out adventure and excitement from Norwegian islands to houseboats in London.

Working very demanding jobs, they had not had a place to call home for ages. On a holiday to Kerry in 2014, they turned a corner and espied an old derelict house near Castlecove. It was a massive Georgian house from the early 19th century that was being sold, as the family that owned it could not maintain it.

They took the plunge and bought it to make it their base, while still working as geologists. They would then renovate the entire house and fill it with more friends and family as the seasons rolled around.
It was while they were doing these extensive renovations that they found some very lovely stories. The inspiration for her debut came out of the rafters of the home on which was scribbled a cryptic message that transcended time.

Moving to Kerry brought to Amanda Geard not only a sense of community but also sparked her novel writing career. Growing up, she had loved writing stories and reading but as an adult geology had taken center stage.
It was not until she was in Kerry for a while and was done with much of the renovation that she started writing down ideas in her notebook.

Still, it was a 2019 trip to “Listowel Writers’ Week” that proved the catalyst. At the literary festival, one of the attendees put up her hand and said that her manuscript had received some interest from an agent. She was so impressed since she was very normal-looking.
That very night, she went home, got the books she loved from her shelves, and started writing. Amanda published “The Midnight House” her debut work of fiction in 2022. The novel whose prologue was inspired by her house has been a Judy and Richard Book Club pick.

Amanda Geard’s novel “The Midnight House” is a fascinating work of fiction that is a dual timeline story set during the Second World War and the early 21st century.

We are introduced to Lady Charlotte Rathmore a beautiful, young woman living in South West Ireland in 1940. She is pronounced dead when she goes missing in mysterious circumstances by Blackwater Hall Lake.

In London, just before the Blitz, Nancy Rathnore is full of grief over the death of Charlotte, when she gets a letter that has a secret she has to swear to keep. It is this secret that will change her life forever.

In 1958, Nancy moves to Blackwater Hall but Hattie her daughter soon realizes that nothing below or above the stairs is as it seems. Fast forward to 2019 where Ellie Fitzgerald has to leave Dublin heartbroken and disgraced. She abandons her career as a journalist and goes back to Kerry to weather out the storm.

But when she finds a faded old letter in the pages of an old book she is intrigued by a long-buried secret. As she begins to unravel the mystery, it is clear that the letter could be the key to more than the disappearance of Charlotte.

“The Moon Gate” is a mesmerizing story of mystery, war, and love that moves between Kerry, London, and Tasmania and takes in three generations.

In 1939, Grace Grey is a young English heiress who is traveling with Rose Munro her impossibly distant and strikingly beautiful companion to stay with her eccentric uncle.

She had been living in her shell in the wilds of Tasmania and it was only by the coaxing of Daniel McGillycuddy her Irish neighbor that she learned how to live. But when the man is called to fight in the war, he leaves behind a horrible secret that unexpectedly binds them together forever.
In 1975 Willow Hawkins becomes the heir to a house on the treacherous and remote coast of Tasmania left to her by an anonymous benefactor.

Ben and Willow could not be more delighted even if they are confused and set out to find out the identity of the previous owner. In doing so, they stumble upon a mystery that will forever change their lives.

Fast forward to 2004 and Libby Andrews who is Willows’ daughter has been sheltered from her grief over the death of her father. But then she finds a faded photograph of a house named “Towerhurst” and this unearths a long-buried memory.
Determined to complete the investigation her father started, she soon unearths some even darker secrets.

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