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Philip Margolin was born in the year 1944, in New York City. After attaining his Bachelor’s degree in Government from the American University, Margolin served as a volunteer for the Peace Corps in Liberia. He later came back to the United States and joined the School of Law, New York University. Margolin worked for more than 25 years as a defence attorney, a line of work that he chose after being inspired by the renowned Perry Mason books. Philip Margolin published his very first story in the year 1974. He became a full time writer and author in the year 1996. In the year 1968, Philip Margolin married Doreen Stamm who was also a defense attorney.

However, Doreen passed away in January, 2007 after suffering from terminal cancer. Due to his exceptional writing abilities, Margolin received an Edgar Awards nomination in 1978 for the best original paperback. Margolin is one of the most successful crime thriller writers since all of his books have turned gold by appearing on the New York Times best sellers list.

Wild Justice

Among the numerous crime fiction’s cliché’s, none is more familiar than the innocent and unfairly persecuted homicide suspects. The woman or man who is only persecuted either due to the incompetence of the police force or conspiratorial connivance. Furthermore, this is the person whom the reader is supposed to not only connect with but whose rescue and release at the end of the novel is supposed to show that the justice system really works eventually. By deliberately playing against this common cliché, the author, Philip Margolin separates his work from the majority of today’s legal thrillers.

Many at times his defenders are not angelic but rather guilty as hell. This specific theme was officially established in the author’s second book, which featured a brilliant and ambitious Oregon lawyer who after successfully ensuring that several of his clients were acquitted of their charges, tries to protect a client whom this time around he believes is innocent. However, just like all of his other cases, he has his faith tested once again. In this installment, the protagonist returns to Portland so that she can not only shadow his father but also work in the same father that he did. While at Portland, Jeffe is attracted by an exceedingly talented, yet arrogant surgeon, Vincent Cardioni.

As the story progresses an unknown person sends a tip to the local police informing them that Vincent has been purchasing cocaine from one of the leading local drug traffickers and dealer in the illegal trade of human organs. However, despite the fact that everyone believed that Vincent was innocent including the police, the story takes another twist when the police discovered several severed human heads that were neatly bottled inside Vincent’s mountain retreat. As if that was not enough, nine corpses are also found neatly buried around the mountain retreat. Despite the fact that Vincent Cardioni insists that unknown persons are framing him, perhaps his wife who is also a surgeon, the case against Cardioni appears to be overwhelming. The local police also found a tape, which documents the slow torture of a woman.

Due to her relentless efforts to prove that, Cardioni is innocent, Vasquez together with her father are eventually able to overturn the cases, which their clients were facing. Once they are set free, the surgeon goes missing, thus leaving Vasquez and her father dissatisfied with the win. Four years after the disappearance of the surgeon, Jaffe is suddenly woken up with a phone call in the middle of the night. The call is from the estranged Dr. Justine Castle who wants the assistance of Jaffe Vasquez. It appears that the local police have found Dr. Justine Castle fleeing from a grisly scene, which was much similar to the one, which had landed her husband in trouble.

Just like the previous case, the evidence is overwhelming. Once more, the surgeon declares that she is innocent and claims that she has been set up. Dr. Castle claims that she has been set-up by her husband whom is believed to be dead. However, the question, which lingers in everyone’s mind, is whether there is a copycat killer or has Dr. Cardioni returned from his grave to finish what he had already started? Will Amanda be able to get into the bottom of this case, before Dr. Castle is prosecuted?

Ties that Bind

Ties that Bind is the second installment in the Amanda Jeffe book series. In this installment, Life has not been easy for the New Mexico attorney, Amanda Jaffe ever since she was almost killed in the last scene of the previous installment. It is more than one year ever since the incident and Amanda is still suffering from PTSD complete with spotty sleep and extremely intense flashbacks. Because of everything that she is currently going through, Amanda Jeffe is not yet ready to pick another murder case. The owner of an exceedingly highly priced escort service company is the main suspect in the killing of a United States senator, Harold Travis together with his attorney. Since the killings happened in a closed room door at a jail, the main witness in the case was the prison guard who was manning the door.

However, Amanda Jeffe is not entirely convinces that Harold was the killer because he is covered allover with defense wounds. However, as Amanda is just about to get the bottom of the issue, the individuals who were involved in the killings decide that the only way to stop Amanda is by killing her. While working on the case, Amanda discovers that she has strength reservoir, which she never thought existed.

Proof Positive

In Amanda’s third appearance in the series, she takes on a CSI technician who believes that he is God. Bernie Cashman is a forensic expert who works at the Oregon crime lab. Cashman not only loves his job, but he is awesome at it. The only problem is that he is mentally unstable. Bernie Cashman believes that it is all right to fake or alter evidence so that he can send the people he believes are guilty behind bars. Furthermore, he believes that if he does not do this, then he would not be executing his professional responsibilities.

For many years, he has been playing God and up to this point, he has been extremely pleased with his work. However, one day, one of his colleagues, Mary Clark catches him in the middle of it. It is at this point that a moment of clarity hits him. Immediately, Cashman makes up his mind that the woman must be murdered so that he can protect what he had been doing. This is an excellent read which will keep you engaged from the first page to the last.

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