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His Own Good Sword (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Traitor (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Silent Unseen (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
I'll Tell You No Lies (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silent Unseen (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amanda McCrina
Amanda McCrina was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She was home schooled all through high school and she graduated from the University of West Georgia with her BA in political science and history.

For three years she taught high school English and government at an international school in Madrid, Spain, and has worked as a bookseller in Franklin, Tennessee.

“His Own Good Sword” is the first novel in the “Cymeriad” series and was released in 2012. Tyren Risto (age 19) is a second son, one that is bound by long tradition to serve in the Imperial military. Normally, this would entail filling some stuffy ceremonial post in the capital city, however a rash misdeed has earned him the enmity of the powerful Marro family and the promise that he will regret it.

Now, rather than be posted to the capital, his first commission relegates him to some backwater garrison on the fringe of the hostile and rugged Outland, where this fiery young native leader is busy rousing his people to a rebellion against the Empire.

Quickly, the flames of war are spreading all through the mountain country. Rapidly outnumbered and unprepared, Tyren is forced to weigh his devotion to duty against his growing doubts about the justice of his own cause. Victory is not out of the question, however it’ll come at a rather steep price, and Tyren is no longer too sure that he is willing to pay.

“Blood Road” is the first novel in the “Blood Oath” series and was released in 2017. Torien Risto (19 years old) has seen dissidents dealt with in the past. He knows that the young local girl that just knifed him is going to hang for assaulting an Imperial officer, unless he is able to put a stop to it.

Somebody inside of the provincial government is abducting Imperial citizens and selling them across the desert into the salt mines, silencing anybody that attempts intervening. The girl’s brother is one of the ones that has been taken. Rejected by the corrupt courts, she is waging a personal war against the Empire.

Torien, who is determined to save her life, sets out to search for answers out on the Salt Road, the ancient trade route that runs deep into the heart of a desert, which is territory claimed by the hostile Mayaso tribe.

Torien is now no longer sure where his own loyalty even lies, or just how far he’ll go in order to break this cycle of tyranny, political bullying, and social injustice in such an empire which seals its borders in blood.

“Blood Oath” is the second novel in the “Blood Oath” series and was released in 2018. The aftermath of what went down in the capital has shaken Torien to his core. Battling against bitterness and self-doubt, he has to find his resolve since he gets sent back to Tasso in order to quell this violent uprising on the Road.

However Torien is going to need a lot more than just resolve to navigate this deadly path before him. His troops are inexperienced and his new adjutant is untrustworthy. This series of murder attempts leaves the entire camp on edge. While the threat of mutiny continues to build, the mission appears to be doomed before they can even reach Tasso, and Torien is starting to suspect that it was meant to be that way. He and his men are being set up to fail.

With his commanding officer refusing to negotiate any sort of peace treaty, his best friend in the hands of rebels, and his own men prepared to turn on him at any moment, Torien has to decide once and for all just how much he’s willing to sacrifice for an empire he no longer believes in.

“Traitor” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2020. This novel is a tightly woven YA thrill ride that explores deep-seated prejudice, political conflict, and the horror of living in a world where betrayal is a matter of life and death.

Poland in 1944. After the Soviet liberation of Lwow from Germany, the city is still a battleground between insurgent armies and resistance fighters, its loyalties torn between Ukraine and Poland.

Tolya Korolenko (age 17) is half Polish and half Ukrainian, and he joined the Soviet Red Army in order to keep himself fed and alive. When he not-quite-accidentally shoots his unit’s political officer out in the street, he gets rescued by this squad of Ukranian freedom fighters. They may have saved him, however Tolya does not trust them. He particularly does not trust Solovey, the squad’s scarred young leader, who has plenty of secrets all of his own.

Then one betrayal sends each of them on the run. And in a city where loyalty comes second to self-preservation, a traitor can be an enemy or a savior. Or sometimes both.

“The Silent Unseen” is the second stand alone novel and was released in 2022. A mesmerizing historical novel of intrigue and suspense about this teenage girl that risks it all in order to save her missing brother.

July of 1944 in Poland. Maria (sixteen years old) is making her way home after years of forced labor in Nazi Germany, just to find her village is now destroyed and her parents have been killed in a war between Ukranian nationalists and the Polish Resistance. To Maria’s shock, the local Resistance unit is commanded by Tomek, her older brother, who she believed was dead. He is now a “Silent Unseen”, a special operations agent with this audacious plan to resist this new and even more dangerous enemy that is sweeping in from the East.

When Tomek vanishes, she’s determined to locate him, but the one and only person that might be able to help is this young Ukranian prisoner and the last person that Maria even trusts, even while she feels this growing connection to him that she just cannot resist.

Relentlessly intense and tightly woven, this novel portrays an explosive entanglement of lies, loyalty, and love during wartime.

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